Post Reply U.S. Bancorp corperate office
Posted 2/18/09 , edited 2/18/09
U.S. Bancorp corperate office

U.S. Bancorp is the parent company of U.S. Bank, the sixth-largest bank in the United States. Although this is a banks corperate office they aren’t actually a bank. Inside, a number of executives and CEO’s moderate the exchange of money as well as keeping on top of debts and loans. The entire ten story structure looks like a maze of cubicals, each with a computer used for crunching numbers. Down below, in the basement is the archives where the old banking information is held in the form of paper documentation. Though it is odd to see BOW’s acting co-operatively, this building seems to be the home of several Hunters. Watch your step in this building. Though it’s dangerous, finding Umbrellas banking information might prove useful to bringing them down and into the public light.
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