Is it just me?
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Posted 2/18/09 , edited 2/18/09
i remember a few months ago when shinji was messing around with video formats and stuff
most of us lost the video controls (pause/play, seeking, and volume)

its happen again i dont know if its just me but its so annoying! i cant rewind anythign i watch i have to start over from the beginning if i miss something..
and thats annoying as HELL cuz at the moment im watching Someday..
and there 1 hour long eps ~__~''

but anyway if u have this problem also and/or know how to fix it msg me ploxx and put it up on this form xD
Posted 2/19/09 , edited 2/19/09
Please use the site support/help thread.

There are some problems with the player. It will take some time for it to be repaired

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