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Posted 2/18/09
Who's seen the anime?
Posted 5/25/09
Hm, so I'm guessing noone else has seen it, lol. I wish there were more anime series based on the games.
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Posted 6/2/09
hmm I've seen only up to episode 2 so far...but its good ^ ^
Posted 6/3/09
It's totally awesome.^^ And the second opening song is one of my favorite songs done by FLOW.
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Posted 6/4/09
oh so is it really good who are the characters
Posted 6/5/09
Jun, Shin, and Ryou are the three brothers, I don't really remember any of the other characters names at the moment. There aren't any characters from the games in it (as far as I'm aware).
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Posted 6/20/09
i love it! ive only seen 3 episodes and now its on my waiting to watch it again list XD
Posted 7/2/09
This is something I didn't know when I watched the series, because I played P3 afterwards:

Tōru Inui (戌井暢?)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki
Caretaker of the student dormitory. He keeps an old dog although pets are prohibited in the dorms. He had taken footage of Personas in action with his camera. He also knows a great deal about persona users saying that there were a lot of them around him many years ago. He also carries a gun in his jacket which he never uses. He could possibly be Ken Amada from "Persona 3" under an alias.

Returning Characters

Akihiko Sanada
Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa
He is seen talking with Ryō on the phone in the beginning of the series. He knows about the Persona and Reverse cases as they are usually the conversation topic. He is currently working with the police force after prior events 10 years ago from Persona 3. He was one of the main character's companions in Persona 3. As of episode 14, Akihiko has officially entered the universe of Persona: Trinity Soul, seen entering the elevator of the police station behind Shin and then later talking with Inui as a member of Marebito loses control of his persona in the city square.

Igor (イゴール, Igōru?)
Voiced by: Isamu Tanonaka
An old man who appeared to Shin and Jun as a fortune teller. He is a major character from Persona game series, as the one who fused the main characters Personas.

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