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Posted 2/19/09 , edited 2/19/09
Toradora 20
Rough RAW (Might be unreliable but for Fan's out there)

Starts with year - (think tiger stops blushing in front of takamura because she released her love for riuji), she decides to stops visiting riyuji's place to stop causing further misunderstanding them as lovers and minori's sake. She thinks that minori's actually love him but she's holding back due to tigers stake, & asks him to make sure what her true feelings for him in the up coming school trip to okinawa. Unfortunately the trips cancelled as the home teachers burned the oinawa's stuffs (ticket and it's prepared stuffs "actually i think she purposefully burned herself" as she's single) so it became trip to ski resort (2days/3night). By now everyone release takasu's now not with tiger. Ami' says that she hate riyuji as his so thick headed and stupid. Tigher mentions that the trip to okinawa's cancelled and says that he was dumped by minori at christmas eve but she thinks minori actually likes riyuji but she's holding back due to various circumstances, so mentions she' shouldnt be around riyuji in ski-trip as he 'll take his chance to find out her true feelings for him. Ami replys that "if you are fine with that" and he' must be hurt (actually refering to tiger too.). Ami grap riyuji says "it would been fine if you were the only one who had been emotionally hurt" RIYUJI "What? the hell are you talking about" "You'll never understand cause you'r so thick headed". Ruyuji asks tiger why she's doing so much to suppost their love (Ruyuji-monori's), replys it's because she trust him that he's most suitable candidate to make her happy. <Nice shy scene takes place between minori and riyuji.. and it was unexpected> and they have a small talk till the school (and not so sure wat happens after this at tigers home for why they were researching on okinawa further.) minori says she's looking forward for the trip, Minori thanks takasu of taking care of tiger as she'nt visited tigers home for 1 year after the first tiger-father incident. So all ends in the bus (on their way to ski-trip) with riyuji thinking of finding her true feelings for him. (minori's)

God! love ami's new look

"it would been fine if you were the only one who had been emotionally hurt"

That was really unexpected

LOL, tiger move

Luv her glamorous look
Dora mod
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Posted 2/19/09
This is a great idea! If you could load a preview to new episodes on here that'd be great!
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