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27 / F / Konoha heden village
Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/20/09


i spent three years with u & yet u r leavin' me with only 52 chapters .... our beloved manga is already over with a pleasent endin' "kinda satisfied me" ... after i red da last chapter my chest hurt me alot .... i started ma H.S with this manga & now i'm endin' it with it " just like haruna" ... i know that many ppl feel da same as me ... but we can't help it "just keep lookin' 4 new mangaz ^O^" ......
i hoped that haruna would change a litle bit at da end but she still bad at pickin' clothes ..... n other hand yoh opened his heart & had a warm smile ..... so wut do u think ibout da endin'? & how long have u been affected after readin' it?

Posted 2/22/09 , edited 2/22/09
I coulden't believe my eyes when I saw the word "completed" TT~TT... well, yeah, it was a nice ending, but I still wanted more ... I discovered it last summer, and I remember that I has a marathon of maga reading: I finished all those chapters in 2 days ...oh, man...I'm gonna miss it

Posted 2/25/09 , edited 2/25/09
the last chapter was so touching specially the part when haruna was reading the draft of her speach to yuh and how his face reacted,and then his good bye kiss in the airport^_^ was so cute,but still haruna is haruna she will not change and that is her charming point ,but i thought that they will give more space for asaoka and mami,i hope there would be omake or special chapter for them
Posted 2/27/09 , edited 2/27/09
I know right?! The ending was sweet. Yeah, especially the kiss part but still I want more! Like, 'til they get married and Asaoka and Mami would be together then Fumi and Haruki! That would be a reallly sweet ending. More more more! T3T
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28 / F / Unknown dimension...
Posted 2/27/09 , edited 2/27/09
It is so~ sad. My favorite manga. I love it so much. The ending was appropriate and funny, they didn't change a bit (especially Haruna and her clothes )....finally, they are together after one year of a long-distance relationship. It was a good ending.
And suddenly I feel empty inside it's over
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Posted 5/23/09 , edited 5/23/09
i just finished reading just last night
actually. lol
and i have to say i was a bit
disappointed at the fact that there wasn't
a sequel or anything. :|
imma miss this mangaa so much.
yoh && haruna are just too
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