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Posted 2/20/09 , edited 7/7/09

Aitono Family and Second Fight for Ironoside

Friday 20/02/2009

Kora - where are the trees?
Otara - I can’t believe this, where the trees gone?
(Kora saw Ren that covered with ice)
Kora - princess look over there.
Otara - ....
(Otara and Kora moved there)
(They reached to Ren’s body which was caver by ice)
Kora - oh my god what happened to the little princess?
Otara - what have they done to my sister?
Kora - the one who done that must had ice power
Otara - ice power?
Kora - the only family that can use ice power in earth is Aitono Family.
Otara - Aitono?
Kora – yes, Aitono family, and the strongest one in their family is Brast and as much I know he is one of the ten strongest people in earth
Otara - one of the ten powerful in earth?
Kora - yes he is one of them, my master Fire told me about the ten strongest people in the earth and Brast with ice power was between them, and before we came here you said there was a man and woman so I am sure it was Brast and his wife Nora
Otara - so why you think he done this?
Kora - he and her wife are not from our country they are from Oshitira area .
Otara - Oshitira area? The area that have no rule and no king so they come here to steel our princess? Or killing her? But where they disappeared? What happened here?
Kora - I don't know where they gone, but if they wanted to take our princess’s life they could do it so fast and easy hmm yet why they left her like this I don't know why??
(in other side of forest)
(Ironoside was walking and he was carrying Nora and Brast)
(Ironoside saw a cave so he went toward it, when he reached the cave he put Nora and Brast inside it)
Ironoside - hmmm.. now maybe they won’t find you here {why I am helping this man? because I feel responsible for killing his wife? ...}
Brast - ...
(Brast was hurt so badly especially his hands; because darkness power touched his hands in that attack)
(Brast couldn't talk or move he become like dead body and he looked like he is going to die)
Ironoside - hmmm {this is the only thing that I can do...}
(Ironoside come out from the cave)
Ironoside - hmmm which way I have to use now? hmmm.....?
(The place that the fight happened)
(Otara was so mad and upset)
Otara - kora can you do something about the ice that covered my sister?
Kora - I will do my best but this ice is from Level 3’s User and my fire is Level 2 so it will be a little hard
Otara - I can't do something to help her?
Kora - don't worry I will do it princess
(Otara went near a tree and touched it, she was analyzing the forest so she felt someone is moving)
Otara - I feel the boy that was with Shino
Kora - a boy?
Otara - yes at first Shino was with him
Kora - so what to do now?
Otara - you stay here and help my sister, I will go to catch that boy and I will make sure that he will tell me what happened here
Kora -be careful princess maybe he is the enemy too
Otara - i know.
(Otara started to move toward the place that she felt Ironoside)
(Ironoside’s place)
Ironoside - hmmm now I think I lost again in this forest {hmmm how I can get out from here, who I must ask, where I must go?}
Ironoside - {hmmm I wish I had a power like Ren that I can see all over forest }
(Ironoside went near a tree and touched it, then he closed his eyes and he took a deep breath [he wanted to do as Shino did] so he heard a voice in his right hand)
(Ironoside opened his eyes and he looked at his right hand’s side and said)
Ironoside – I find a way it’s from here
(and he saw there is monkey)
Ironoside - hmmmm... I think I did something wrong
(Ironoside wanted again to try that and this time he heard a voice from his back that say)
????? - There you are kid
(Ironoside turns back and opened his eyes and he saw Otara)
Ironoside - huh? Who are you?
Otara - this is my question kid. What you done to my sister?
Ironoside - sister? {Hmm I think she is Ren's sister that Ren was talking about it}
(Otara picked her arc and arrow and she targeted Ironoside)
Otara - answer me what have you done to my sister? What happened there? Answer me kid
(Ironoside know she is so mad and upset but he couldn't tell her the fact what happened there)
Ironoside - and if I said I can't tell you?
Otara - kid do you recognize who you are talking to?
Ironoside - I think you are princess of Sora country
Otara - so inform me now what happened to my little sister
Ironoside - I am not interesting to waste in talking, I must go see you later then
(Ironoside turned back and he wanted to move)
(Otara shoot the arrow toward Ironoside)
(Ironoside turned back and he cought the arrow )
Ironoside - you really wanted to kill me?
Otara – just to know.. I won’t let you run like this.
Ironoside - in another word I must defeat you if I want to go right?
Otara - ...
Ironoside - as you like.................................

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter10

Writer : Ironoside
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 2/22/09
i like it till now and can't wait 2 read the next chapter
Posted 7/4/09
wo0ow great chapter of this fabilous story ..yah man go go . ..oh it's really becaming better and better know Mr :ironoside..because you was so kind with Brast and Nora ..i will not kill you. (ops i may said something wrong he may kick me out) oh no i got it back ...because you was so great with them..i will tell you mini secert..i think i got use to your story so please don't stop . .
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Posted 6/10/10
wao .. cool..dont do any thing to her ironoside u r pretty good Yami-chan keep going ^^
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