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Posted 11/27/09 , edited 11/28/09

umm..... i dont really know if its alright...
well, i made one (please read with expressions)

Third theme: Shiki x Rima ..

Rima: hey Shiki, you want some snacks?
shiki: yeah...
Rima: then lets go
Shiki: what do you mean "lets go???"
Rima: didn't you say you want snacks?? i'm asking "can you buy"
Shiki: ...why don't you "buy" it if you want it the most??
Rima: i'm broked... your rich
Rima: lets go!
Shiki: fine, fine, fine
Shiki and Rima walking
Rima: where you going? the place is there.
Shiki: i thought you wanted to go to the store
Rima: are you ok? i didn't say i wanted to go to the store, i said i want snacks...
Shiki: what do you mean by that??
Rima: sucking bloods!!! :)
Shiki: oh... no... i'm not paying
Rima: but you promised!
Shiki: i never did, i said "ok"
Rima: vampires don't pinky, they say "ok!"
Shiki: so???
Rima: get for me
Shiki: fine...
(few hours)
Rima getting bored
Rima went to store

(after few minutes)
shiki came back with a container with blood
Shiki: Rima!! Rima!! where are you? i brought it!!!
Rima already home
Shiki waiting and waiting
Shiki stare at blood...
Rima came back

Rima: aww... you waited for me?
Shiki sleeping
Rima: thats so romantic!!!
Shiki woked up soaked with tears
Shiki: achoo! achoo! i think i got soaked by the rain...
Rima: its me_
Shiki: oh, here
Giving = taking
Shiki: happy thanksgiving!!!
Rima sitting next to Shiki
Rima "kisses Shiki at cheek"
Shiki and Rima blushes...

Shiki: will you marry me???
Rima: this is so not romantic, but yes!!!

wait theres a little bit more!!

sleep darling...says Rima
Rima and Shiki fell asleep at the street next to the steak place...
Rima: i can smell the ribsss "says while sleeping"

Kaname walks by...
Kaname: what in the world are you doing???


Posted 12/26/09 , edited 12/27/09
this is fun to read!!!
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Posted 2/23/10 , edited 2/24/10

xpeachigox wrote:

Oooh. cool contest! I wanna join! I've been thinking about writing a fic for vampire knight, too bad i had a hard time searching for theme. Bd-chan! Tell me there is more theme for the month of May!!! or if there won't be any, please help me come up with a theme instead!

hi there xpeachigox! sowie for the very very very late reply.. i've been too busy with school.. well.. i'm still going to have more themes coming up.. but i'm gonna work on the requests first and the magazine.. i'll be doing my best to work on all stuff i've missed here.. see yah around! ^__^ mwuah!
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