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Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/20/09
DEATH kingdom

one of the eldest of kingdoms this kingdom has lots of ruins and cemerarys the main inhabitance are angles of death and shinigami's

death vampire kingdom

is can be a dangerous place to be its full of bautifull vampires how ever the scenery is decomposed and the inhabitance are vampires only

Haunted kingdom

this kingdom is full of creppy scary manshoins and castles its has there are more ghosts there than in the whole world
the inhabitace are either ghosts or humans haugthed by ghots

Rugaru Empire

its full of old castles the inhabitace are Rugaru's only

most people arent familar to what a Rugaru is so i will explaine in Old English Folklore rugaru's dates back to the 16th century in an area which is now modern day Peterborough ((i live not far from there hench why i know the story)) the creature appears as a normal human for many years the person is unaware of the Rugaru gene inside of them , then the gene would suddenly activate causeing The creature's bones to move under its skin and its hunger increase so much that it would eat anything, but what it craved was raw meat. The rugaru would not change its apperance unless it took a bite of human flesh one bite would complete the transformation and its skin and eyes would seem to rot.
Posted 2/21/09
There is also a academy here where children are taught many things about death....
Posted 2/22/09

this is kust one part of the school...
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