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"Your Crunchyroll Anime Membership is expiring in 2 days!"
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22 / F / on my pc watching...
Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/21/09
and u dont need to wait 7 days or pay for it or even get ur favorite series deleted
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28 / F / somewhere.....-.-"
Posted 2/22/09 , edited 2/23/09

ps2xgmr wrote:

pandacub wrote:

? huh? i dont get it...why would anyone want to "leave" a site (how do you leave a site anyways..?)...i mean, crunchyroll still has some updates and a huge anime fan community with do they just never come back again..? .. but then that'll be kinda stupid since crunchyrolls still has some great stuff ^^....

btw, how is a site "not worth it" ?? ........ confused

In a nutshell, whenever you close your browser...or a page with a website, your leaving that site. However what i mean is actually not visiting that site for good (i edited my post with "permanently" leave). Keep this in mind as im gonna use that terminology to answer your questions.

Crunchyroll still rly isnt as good as it used to be, when fansubs were on here as well as alot of the other content which made this site shine. This made people want to visit this site. However now that alot of the content has been removed, technically its not worth it to visit this site at all (since alot of the content that used to be on here is offered at different sites) and people are leaving this site, alot permanently leaving.

Now do you get it?

lol, good point, and yep, i get it ^^ thx btw
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