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If Japan made a drama version of Skip Beat, who would you want the actors to be?
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Posted 3/9/09 , edited 3/10/09
President Takarada: Takeshi Kaga! you know..the host of Iron Chef who also acted as Light's dad in Death Note. Abe Hiroshi is a good choice too, but i think takeshi kaga can probably pull off the eccentricity (eccentricness?) of President Takarada!

Kyoko: at first i thought Aya would be perfect as Kyoko...but now I think Tanimura Mitsuki is a much better choice! She looks rather plain without make-up and has that 'dark aura' that kyoko needs in order to play Mio! in fact, she'd be a perfect Mio! Plus, she's about the right age for the role.

As for Ren and Sho...i have no idea. But Ren has to be played by a really good actor, since that's exactly what Ren is!

As for Moko, she has to look really sharp, like a model and has to be a good actress as well. Sorry, but I don't think Aibu Saki is a good choice...she's too...hmm...cute?

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Posted 3/10/09 , edited 3/10/09
Kyoko - Ueno Juri

Mogami Kyoko the country bumpkin aka Sho's servant

Mogami to play Kuon

Kyoko in LME (Love Me Entertainment)

Ren - Tamaki Hiroshi

Shoutarou - Oguri Shun I think he can pull it off

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Posted 3/10/09 , edited 3/10/09 I think is still a strong choice as Moko-san. She can act really cold on the outside, but warm aunderneath it. She can be sarcastic too.

Let's review the choices and objections thereof... and what the role requires.

Requirements: She has to be able to play double faced... genki, and very dark. She has to emit auras and make one shiver. Make one think they can play Mio. Also "plain without make up" type has to fit to this role, because otherwise the "shock" that she's actually pretty won't fit with the angel video.

Aya- Not enough diversity of roles (at least not proven). She needs a serious side too.
Anna- doesn't take dramas... hasn't played the sweet type. - She may not be able to play Genki, but she can emit dark auras alright... O.o;; Boy can she.
Maki Horikita - Not enough diversity of roles. She has played angelic most of the time. No dark Auras.
Ueno Juri - Too Kind...
Tanimura Mitsuki- None launched yet...

He has to be tall, and a good actor. It can't be a brat off the street because if his acting falls short, then it'll be hard to believe the role. So he must have experience. He should be in his twenties or later in looks. At lest relatively older than the cast.

Tamaki- He's been sick lately. He'd have to get healthy to take the role. Too short?
Hayami Mokomichi- Can he play that sort of type?
Shota Matsuda - More of a Sho type.
Shirota Yu- Wrong type.

Should be able to sing and be willing to sing rock songs, be able to play outward arrogant rather than intorverted arrogant and make girls hate him if need be. Acting experience must be arrogant first, and perferably manipulative second. Not shy of playing to like older women.

Yamapi - can he take second string and have outgoing arrogance instead of quiet arrogance? Upside he can sing...
Makoto Koshinaka- No proof he can act.
Mizushima Hiro- Objections because he'd have to be an "evil" type.
Oguri Shun- Too nice to play this role. He can't play the edge.
Sato Takeru- Doesn't sing.
Matsumoto Jun- No Objects raised yet...

Someone that the audience feels sympathetic with, smiles about and is gentle, can act feminine, in his 30's perhaps, an willing to play a married man. The kind that wins hearts despite any happenings. Also the supportive type.

Yamapi- too young. I'm nominating him for the role. He's played the gentle and soft type, the quiet supportive type, and somewhat prying. Hotaru no Hikari and Prop Dai should be evidence enough that he can play a Yashiro type.. but will he be willing to wear glasses for the role? He wore them in Prop Dai, I think... but not for extended periods of time.

President Takarada-
Abe Hiroshi- None really launched...
Kaga Takeshi - He has fewer roles in eccentric than the previous, but it is possible. If one is ousted, I think that the other can play Sawara-san. ^_^

Sawara-san- ?? No one nominated...

Dark Moon Director

Requirements: Must be able to rise above the expectations of his father, yet soft and weak, so has to start soft and weak but rise and find his place in the world.

Oguri Shun. (He can play soft and feminine). He's played roles where he's in the shadow of someone else too. ^_^ I sooo notminate him. He's not adverse to dying his hair, and I think he has the right feel for the role. He's done this before... No objections has been raised for this.

Sada Mayumi- May be too mature? Moko-san started out Petty...
Aibu Saki- too cute and too soft.
Mizukawa Asami- She's staying away from school drama roles lately...
Iwasa Mayuko- No objections raised...

Shoko Aki- ?
Maybe Yukie-san. ^_^ She can play that type. No objections raised... I'm also nominating her. Pretty, and has played a variety of roles, she'll be good support. She's not adverse to wearing glasses occasionally too. I'll take her also as the director of the PV.

Cute.. can act innocent and naive, but underneath it has a hard side too... <-- I strongly vote for her. She can sooo do it. If not that role, then young Kyouko... but her as Maria is my first choice. No objections raised....

Ruriko- ??? I think a newbie could do this role... It's not that labor intensive. Show Jealousy, etc. So I call for open cast calls.


Yamapi - No objections raised.

Screenwriter: Etou Ren (Nodame writer. Kept close to the source material and managed to outshine the anime despite the anime being good too.)
Director: Takeuchi Hideki ^_^ His resume is good. (Though they tend to have more than one PD... he's a good start).

Anything anyone want to add to this? Have I missed anything? If we did indeed get this cast... God, it would be eye candy and probably exceed the popularity of Hana Kimi and HYD Who could object to those faces and that acting and the writing. I think I would die of happiness.

Most contention, interestingly enough over Sho... rather than the other leading roles.
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Posted 3/10/09 , edited 3/11/09
I think Maki Horikita could pull of Kyoko. True, she hasn't really played alot of dark type roles, but she has done a few diverse ones. I mean She was in Nobuta wo Produce in a role that was a stark contrast to anything else I've ever seen her in. I'm not saying she's perfect for it, but she could probably do it. I'd be most worried about her really looking the part.

I'd just like to reiterate that a Skip Beat drama would be seriously sweet.
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Posted 3/10/09 , edited 3/11/09
well i don't have specific ppl to play the roles, but the person who plays kyoko has to be extremely outgoing and spunky! the actor for ren HAS TO BE UNBELIEVABLE! really hot and really sweet! haha...
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Posted 3/12/09 , edited 3/12/09
I don't know much about japanese actors!!i have seen some movies of course but can't remember names^^
but Rens actor must be the most hard one i believe!!he MUST be a good actor to be able to make all these Ren faces
and attitude^^and to combine this with "tall" and looks such as his before fans go crazy...i just don't know!!!
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Posted 3/12/09 , edited 3/12/09
I think yamapi should play Ren and Toma should play sho, i'd loce Maki as Kyoko, but i dont think she'd suite the part.
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Posted 3/12/09 , edited 3/12/09

DarkFrinda wrote:

I don't know much about japanese actors!!i have seen some movies of course but can't remember names^^
but Rens actor must be the most hard one i believe!!he MUST be a good actor to be able to make all these Ren faces
and attitude^^and to combine this with "tall" and looks such as his before fans go crazy...i just don't know!!!

Really, I thought Kyoko was the hardest one since she switch her personality back and forth more frequently than Ren.
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Posted 3/12/09 , edited 3/13/09
I think for Kyoko it should be Aya Ueto, Aya can play both sweet and angry . For Sho, Yamapi would be the ideal choice no doubt. he has that cockiness and also looks kinda like sho when he has blonde hair.

AS for REn I think Oguri Shun or kaname jun would look good.
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Posted 3/12/09 , edited 3/13/09

Shibuyaxpress wrote:

Really, I thought Kyoko was the hardest one since she switch her personality back and forth more frequently than Ren.

Kyoko has her issues but usually women are easier to express this kind of acting like Kyoko^^
Kyoko acts from her feelings!she feels angry.....she seems angry.....feels sad...she show it.......
Ren acts holding inside his feelings.and we that we watch them we see it but Kyoko doesn' the actor Ren must act
showing his feelings only from his eyes!But of course both of them are hard i guess!!
that's what i think at least
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Posted 3/13/09 , edited 3/13/09
what do u think of miura haruma as shou? he's pretty good with bad boy roles and looks good blond.

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Posted 3/13/09 , edited 3/13/09
man... i thought i'd be able to decide who i'd want to cast after reading everyone's comments, but...............

I'M CONFUSED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

each actor and actress i see has half of something and lacks another....... like... i forgot her name but the one who played nodame in nodame cantabile, she'd be great in doing the cute kyoko in my opinion, but not so much for the scary part. horikita maki looks to be the most similar to kyoko in terms of looks(but i do know that there are many other actresses who can look like kyoko too. :D). i just have a bias to like horikita maki. anyways. she'd be a great evil kyoko, but not so much the cute side.... no actually, nevermind. i think horikita maki, other than the fact that she always looks so pale, would be really nice for kyoko.

the problem i'm having is with the casting of the guys. Ren is such a complex character to pin down to one actor. even right now, i can't think of an actor in particular because i don't htink anyone really fits his image perfectly.

and just a side note, but there's a taiwanese version, right? I don't really like the guy that was casted for the role of ren, because i don't htink he's really that Ren image, and the girl looks too cute to be able to turn into the evil kyoko.......... was it just me that felt this way?
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Posted 3/13/09 , edited 3/14/09
Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri would fit Kyouko and Ren. Ueno Juri FYI made a serious role in a one-time episode of Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi that made me think that she would definitely pull off kyouko... Hands down to Tamaki for all who voted for him. Peoples' choice for maria would be seconded by me. Yoshida Riko seems perfect for the job eventhough i have yet to start "oh! my girl!" yet.

Other Recommendations:

Shirota Yuu - Ren or Sho

Reason:* Ren- he's hot, tall(188 cm), from Prince of tennis' Tezuka he can definitely act serious. A lot more roles was given to him (though supporting), was justified. Doesn't look like a Japanese at all and I can pretty much imagine him blonde already.what more can you ask?
*Sho- He is a singer, he can act arrogant from his role in hana kimi. he can totally do both

Yamapi - Ren

Reason: He has acted serious in Kurosagi which requires versatility in order to deceive the persons he should. That in itself is sufficient. Not to mention he has countless roles from good guy down to those seemingly cold-hearted ones. He is Handsome and tall too (though only 175cm, it is still tall

Miura Haruma - Sho
Reason: in his previous roles it clearly portrayed and screamed "SHO!" his height is 178cm, hot(incredibly) and his age is younger than my potential rens. Takumi included of course

* i could've add:

Ikuta Toma - Sho

if he is tall he is such a great actor that it would be hilarious to see him like that. (173cm)

Wentz Eiji - Sho

he acted as kitaro, he also acted lot of dramas as well ( nodame, rondo, gokusen though minor parts he made an excellent job), he is a singer too + half german+hot (170cm) but he is eve shorter than Ikuta Toma!

Erika Toda - Kyouko or Moko

Reason: *Kyouko - she is a great actress. she can act intimidatingly freaky and too honest to boot. just can't imagine her hair short but i think it would suit her.
*Moko - a good actress like her will be able to pull it: beauty, body, attitude and most of all can also act the part & the very heart of Moko.

Yamada Yu - Kyouko or Moko

REason: *Kyouko - if you've watched her dramas (Particularly Seigi no Mikata), you can see why. although it seems hard to picture if short hair suits her
*Moko - slender beautiful girl not to mention great actress who can act intimidating really counts.

Ayase Haruka - Kyouko or Moko

She acted funny and witty(Hotaru no Hikari), dark and deceiving( Byakuyakou), and totally makes you cry( tatta hitotsu no koi).

Nagasawa Masami - Kyouko

Okay i've never seen her doing an evil role but she is just a great actress i can't not include her

Horikita Maki - Kyouko
Reason: not because of her popularity and beauty but because of her ability: she acted in a movie called "Tokyo Boy" which I believe she acted as bipolar, or worse, schizophrenic. now that is scary for you guys. just having multiple personality sends a shiver down my spine.

Mizukawa Asami - Moko

Reason: she is also a great actress with iryu 1 and 2, nodame, and last friends. she is pretty intimidating too with beauty and bod.

If you are looking for the right age brackets: which is a freaking 16...

Shida Mirai - Kyouko

Reason: I've seen a lot of her shows: 14 sai no haha, Detective School Q, Seigi No Mikata and she is great promising young actress. If age is a problem I would recommend her

Narumi Riko - Kyouko

Reason: she acted mean first in 1 litre of tears before turning good, she also acted innocent hagu in honey and clover, she made me cry in Kimi ni shika kikoenai, she is also talented.

Fukuda Mayuko - Moko

Reason: she became a friend of shida mirai in queen's classroom sa why not? she is a great actress who also made her own name and a reunion wouldn't hurt. i sort of like her with mirai as a package as much as possible. she can be casted as kyouko but short hair only made her look more like an elementary student.

Mukai Osamu - Yashiro

Reason: not only does he look good in glasses, he is also talented too. I made notice of him in honey and clover in which i really hated the role he portrayed in anime. but in the drama, i just can't do it. i just got irritated. he is that irresistable.

Fujiki Naohito - Yashiro

Reason: he made me aware of him in proposal daisakusen and he is just so great! i followed him to hotaru no hikari and he totally exceeded my expectations from him.

Koide Keisuke - Yashiro or dark moon director

Reason: * Yashiro - good looking, can be mature in his role(Koizora the movie), and definitely a good actor
*dark moon director - he acted as a gay once(nodame) before so being a little bendy wouldn't be a problem. also good looking too.

Ninomiya Kazunari - dark moon director

Reason: i find him kind of weak and fragile + a very very good actor, it made me think of him as soon as the dark moon director is concerned. though if he don't show his teeth, he would be a great man...good looking i mean

Toyohara Kousuke - LME director or Sawara-san
reason: *LME director:though he is not slim like abe tsuyoshi, i believe being extremely eccentric would suit him. plus his age should fit the role perfectly.
*sawara-san - being a loser manager easily submitted to kyouko's dark aura seems funny and very interesting to watch

*I still have to see more of Ueto Aya before i judge her. as for anna tsuchiya, i still didn't see her act even once! but i know she is a great singer with her edgy voice. her counterpart, nana the movie 1 & 2,
Nakashima Mika

is good at acting. just don't know wich part would be good for her
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Posted 3/13/09 , edited 3/13/09
I would go with Gackt , as Sho Fuwa
I would go with Ogiri Shun as Ren
I don't know about Kyoko.
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Posted 3/13/09 , edited 3/14/09
Kawaii 03, trying to make my life hard, huh? You have a drama education... huh? dramacation... huh? I'll swap info with you... ^_^ I'm glad someone watched more dramas than the popular ones before picking candidates.

"Ueno Juri FYI made a serious role in a one-time episode of Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi that made me think that she would definitely pull off kyouko..."

Do you happen to remember which episode for my dramacation?

Yamada Yu was nominated by me, but then also shot down by me... she has age issues. If Ren had an ex-girlfriend show up, I'd choose her. She makes a great Luchia-sama too.. you should watch Mei-chan no Shitsuji

Tanimura Mitsuki <--- people are overlooking her... BTW. She'd make a great Kyouko. I swear. Looks the part, looks good in short hair and has played all listed needed roles. From rebel, to soft type, to double faced, to devout... Name a role Kyouko does, and she's got it. PLUS she knows Kansai ben because she's from there... was born in Osaka. Kyouko is from Kansai!! She was born for the role. She also fits the pretty with make up type...

14-sai no Haha - Friend role. Critical for the Moko-chan relationship. another friend role, but a different flavor...
Pandora - plays a punk on the wrong side of the tracks. Her mother abandoned her and her new father ignores her. She has cancer in this role. Anyone? Mio... Duhhh... she SOOO could do Mio based on this drama.
Cat Street- This one she plays an introvert that is afraid of the world-- a shut in. She manages to have a sweet romance with the lead actor in it. She plays an actress trying to become an actress after lots of hardships. Does that sound familiar, like Kyouko?
Mei-chan no Shitsuji - She plays a double-faced person with Osaka-ben she plays outgoing at first and carefree... like Kyouko, but harbors a super dark side, like Kyouko which comes out of devotion, like Kyouko and tends to overly worship people, like Kyouko. She definitely sends chills and it's not from the writing alone.

She's got all the parts down... just that people don't seem to recognize her, but I think if you put her in the right role, she'll snap and crackle and people will recognize her as much as Ueno Juri-san and the others listed thus far...

Yoshida Riko
She was in Hotaru no Hikari as the young Hikaru.
She was in Oh My Girl which is compelling enough to say she can play an actress playing an actress and I think nail that critical scene where she doesn't understand about her father. She also has shown she can play haughty.
She is in Mei-chan no Shitsuji and does an excellent job in that as well playing a girl genius.

This kid will go far... Thus I think she can play Maria-chan easily and hold her own without people thinking of her as just a cute kid.

No one has listed roles for Aya to convince people she's perfect for the part... This would be kind of problematic... where is Dark Aura Aya? Could one of the Aya fans do me a favor and list out all the roles that make her fit the part?

Haha... I propose to make it a bit more interesting... that people list roles that support that the given actor could play the part. Like more than the popular dramas, but like a real show of acting chops.

New Nomination I nominate him for Kid Sho. Energetic, played the outcast, a cute kid, I think he could play Sho. I can't see him as Kuon though. Edison no Haha and Uta no Oniisan should prove that he can play an arrogant young Sho.
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