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How is a word bad or good?
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M / ~Monterey~
Posted 7/27/09
It all depends on the context by which the word is used. Using possessive adjectives instead of contractions is bad. (i.e. YOUR full of shit)
Posted 7/27/09
Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck.

Thats what most people are like, I dislike people who can't say a sentance without including at least six fucks. It just spells 'careless, arrogant asshole'.

^_^ not nice.

Posted 7/30/09
Posted 7/30/09
I think of curse words as strong poetic words.
They are not bad, they just show your true emotions.
(I think..) -,-
Posted 9/4/09
thw words become bad because of the people who use them purposely to hurt the feeling's others.
Posted 1/2/10
OP has nuked
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