Asian cast of your favorite Hollywood movie
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Posted 2/20/09
For me, my favorite movie is twilight.

I made this cast without thinking if the couples look good together or not
I just went with their personalities

Edward - Mike He

Bella - Annie Chen (she's not that well known though, i just went with her looks)

Alice - Rainie Yang

Jasper - Danson Tang

Emmett - Ethan Ruan

Rosalie - Coco Jiang

And Jacob... hmm... haven't thought of that yet...
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Posted 2/20/09
mhm my favorite hollywood movie is......Fast and the Furious! xD
Brian O'Connor

Dominic Toretto


Mia Toretto

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Posted 2/20/09
my fave is movie is evening..
and all angelina jolie movies(angie is my fave h. actress!!)
so i have random choices gor that movies of angie..
my list:
maki horikita
yoon eun hye
moon geun young
fukuda saki
keiko kitagawa
shida mirai not included bcoz she is tooo young to be in a daring movie..
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Posted 2/20/10
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