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Posted 2/20/09
I followed the Black Kies to a dark alley. I was surprised Ji Won wanted to take me along, considering I was one of the weakest members. I thought I would get to work with the White Kies in businesses.

“Hey kid,” said Jae Duc to me.

“What is it?”

He handed me a gun. “Use this to protect yourself.”

My eyes widened as I held the cold metal. Please don’t let me use it, I prayed silently.

Ji Won walked over to Min Sung. “Okay, the coleaders of Black Dragons are meeting around here. You’ll recognize them by the dragon tattoos on their arms. If you see them, just shoot them as they come out.”

“But Matthew hyung, I—“ but my words were cut off the sound of gunshots.


“Get down!” yelled Ji Won as he covered me. Then he started firing. I covered my ears and watched Ji Won in disbelief. He had shot 4 people and killed 3. Ji Won stood up smiling. I couldn’t believe it. I was in love with a cold-blooded killer. Jae Jin and Jae Duc killed some other members and JW told them to kill every single Black Dragon member.

One Black Dragon member laid hurt on the ground. Ji Won pulled him up by the collar of his shirt and pointed a gun to his head. “Tell me who’s your leader punk or else I’ll blow your brains out.”

The young boy was whimpering. I felt sorry for him. “Please don’t kill me. My leader is Eun Tae Won.” “Who the hell is that?” asked Ji Won angrily. “What the hell does he have against me?” “He’s the godson of Mr. Eun, who’s one of the heirs of the Eun Hotel Empire and he came to get the inheritance back from you.”

I listened to what the boy was saying. I never knew that Ji Won’s uncle had a god son. From what I had heard, Ji Won’s uncle had passed away 2 months ago and he had a heir. The heir is the leader of Black Dragon, I figured out.

“That bastard,” said Ji Won. “He’s dead and he still has someone after me.” When Ji Won wasn’t looking, the Black Dragon boy had pulled out a knife, ready to stab Ji Won. I didn’t have time to think so I reacted instantly. I shot the boy. He fell back in pain but managed to get up and run away.

Ji Won looked at me surprised. He gave me a smile. “Good job, Min Sung,” he said walking over to me and patted me on the back. I was appalled at what I had done. I couldn’t answer him so I just handed him back the gun.

Just then Jae Jin and Jae Duc came back to us. “Got them all hyung,” said Jae Jin smiling as he did fancy handwork with his gun.

“Good,” said Ji Won. “Min Sung here just saved my life. I knew it was a good idea to bring him along.”

“Really?” asked Jae Duc. “Nice work kid.” Then he punched me lightly on the shoulder.

When we made it back to the hotel, I ran into my room using my respirator and swallowed a pill. Afterwards, I took a shower. I felt so dirty because what I had done. I knew this was going to be only one of the many dirty work I would have to do to stay with Ji Won.

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