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Known for her “love for handsome guys” and since her underground romance with Baron Chen failed, ELLA recently has an opportunity to rekindle love with Wu Chun. Both artistes will participate in GTV’s new serial “Ai Shi Bai Hui” to continue romancing. According to sources, ELLA has actually forsaken chances to partner with Mike He, Eddie Peng and Blue Lan Zhen Long in order to relive the old romance with Wu Chun.
With the end of her latest album promotion activities, ELLA is giving due consideration to acting in idol serial again. Meanwhile TVBS has also made big plans to enter into the idol serial market and has enthusiastically invited for ELLA to act in their new serial – “Shao Nu Obasang”. In addition, they have been making changes to the male lead candidate – from Mike He, to Eddie Peng, and to Blue Lan. However ELLA has yet to give her consent as she is also contemplating to collaborate with Wu Chun in another serial – “Ai Shi Bai Hui”.

3 Handsome Guys; Nonetheless Still Not Wu Chun

ELLA seemed to be very happy when working with handsome artistes and their onscreen chemistry will be very exciting. Hence “T-station” has made special efforts in the selection of their male lead. Their 1st choice was none other than their No.1 handsome male artiste – Mike He. But as Mike has earlier accepted another role in a serial co-starring Ah Sa, hence ELLA and Mike were unable to work together.

Subsequently “T-station” then selected Eddie Peng, with his adorably boyish good looks, to partner ELLA. This is not the first time both artistes will collaborate as both of them had filmed and surfed together in an MV last year. However during the filming period, as both artistes had other people in their hearts, there was little chemistry then. Thus the intended collaboration in the new serial did not arouse much interest for both.

After much changes and adjustments, it appeared that Blue Lan - the newly affirmed No.1 actor, who had just completed an enjoyable filming experience with “T-station”, would be the best candidate to partner ELLA in the new serial. Touted to be “Little Takeshi”, Lan’s good looks would definitely meet ELLA’s criteria.

Despite the arrangement, ELLA has not given her consent to participate in the serial. According to sources, ELLA is unable to make up her mind as she is also contemplating to act in another serial offered by GTV – “Ai Shi Bai Hui”. Furthermore the proposed male lead for the serial is none other than Wu Chun. But as the storyline and filming schedule has yet to be finalized; ELLA is in a dilemma. While ELLA is still waiting for more details from “Ai Shi Bai Hui”, she is unable to make up her mind to accept the invitation from “Shao Nu Obasang” immediately. It was speculated that she has intention to rekindle the romance with Wu Chun once again through the serial “Ai Shi Bai Hui”.

During “Hana Kimi”, there were tales of ELLA being exceptionally caring to new-comer Wu Chun. The “juniors” acting along with her then, include Wu Chun and Jiro Wang. But reports claimed that she only let Wu Chun sit in her nanny-vehicle to chat and rest, hence giving rise to romantic rumours between both artistes.

Wore Gifts of Love Secretly to Express Affections

As artiste management companies are always against idols being in romantic relationships, both artistes’ romance development has been hindered. In addition, when Wu Chun subsequently filmed “Romantic Princess” with Angela Zhang, and caused to romantic rumours to stir, this resulted in ELLA being heartbroken and even cried till she lost her voice. Thus, this was the reason she had turned to Baron Chen during May last year. Many people have witnessed ELLA and Baron going out with each other. However, Baron Chen and ELLA’s underground relationship ended quickly as he was supposedly a playboy and was also in the company of the F-cup girl then.

Despite the objections of the artiste management companies, according to sources, ELLA and Wu Chun were “serious / steady” once. ELLA especially was unable to forget about Wu Chun. Our magazine received tip-off from readers that ELLA and Wu Chun have many “gifts of love” – such as Tiffany 1837 ring and bangle, the lover-pendent worn during the Reaching For The Stars’ times etc. ELLA has also given a pair of sports shoes to Wu Chun. But the couple’s relationship has come to a standstill until November last year when Fahrenheit released their latest album. Wu Chun was once again wearing his Tiffany bangle as if to express his affections for ELLA. Recently he also went house scouting with the boyfriend of ELLA’s sister in hope of “settling down” in Taiwan. This gesture seemed to make ELLA very happy and the couple’s relationship left little needed to be spoken.

Partnership Once Again To Regain Foothold in Acting Scene

(Can’t see clearly due to reflection but seemed to say something about Wu Chun’s progress in serials after “Hana Kimi”)
…… “Hot Shot”… viewership is just fair. Subsequently he ventured into movies and acted in “Butterfly Lovers”, but the box office response was less than satisfactory. Hence this year, he would shift his focus back to idol serial in attempt to regain his foothold as No.1 male lead in idol serial. Based on the extent of ELLA’s dedicated feelings and concern towards Wu Chun, it would not be a surprise for her to be willing to accompany him to regain the lost grounds he had within the idol serial scene.

TVBS expressed, “We are still in the midst of liaising with ELLA’s artiste management company. ELLA’s artiste management company places much emphasis on the casts of the serial, the main and supporting artistes, the production and telecast etc. They are still giving due consideration to all these.” Meanwhile Wu Chun’s artiste management company expressed, “As Wu Chun’s serial is still being telecast, they are not at liberty to disclose further details.”
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NOTE: Translation by sy of AF ELLA Thread. Please credit source at all times and quote the translated article in its entirety. Thank you.
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I really really hope this is all true.....I want to see Wu and Ella act ..but if they can't then I want to see Ella come back into acting . I miss her acting and I hope she can do more dramas. I will be keeping my fingers cross . Thanks for the information.
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