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The Venetian Council (VC)

The Venetian Council is responsible for organizing in-game and forum-related events, as well as reviewing applications. It is responsible for creating and changing laws in the god/goddess alliance and is also responsible for the overall administration of the said alliance. The Venetian Council acts as the alliance's representative body. It is the authority on in-game marriages and divorces (see the official Venetian Council thread for details). It is composed of 2. The Venetian Council is led by the thread's starter, kinoa099.

The Corinthian Oracle (CO)

The Corinthian Oracle's main responsibility is to help other players, both in-game and within the forums. It is the alliance's media and support group. Its secondary responsibility is to promote and maintain order within the forums, along with the support of the Thessalian Court. In concordance with the agreement between this alliance and its sister-alliance,, the Corinthian Oracle only holds jurisdiction in the Gameplay Discussions section of the forums. It is responsible for approving (or rejecting) and implementing (or removing) most laws created by the Venetian Council. The Corinthian Oracle is composed of 3. It is led by __________.

The Thessalian Court (TC)

The Thessalian Court was organized to maintain order in-game and within the forums, under the supervision of the Corinthian Oracle. As such, the Thessalian Court acts not just as the judicial system of the gods and goddesses, but of all players as well, and, therefore, have the right to exercise its jurisprudence within its limitations. Its responsibility primarily is to interpret laws. It is composed of 4. The Thessalian Court is led by __________.


Version 1.0.0

Nomehdam Kinoa - He is the king of the arrows who can control the arrows without the use of bow..He who Lead and protect the Elven Throne of the Earth Clan.He is The President of the GODS AND GODDESSES Council..
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