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Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/21/09
This is a story!

Naruto POV
Naruto approached his prey, waiting patiently to strike. Careful, careful...
Sakura POV
The pink haired bi- I mean, ninja (if you can call her that xP) was picking flowers in beautiful sunshine. "Sasuke is soooo mine, like, my friendship and dignity is nothing compared to him, I like so love him! Even though we only talked like once, we're in love!!!" Sakura thought
Mother-Nature's POV
Sasuke POV
The black eyes never left the target, completely transfixed on the goal.
Kakashi POV
"She puts the "suck" in teamwork " The red eye twisted in preperation for the kill.
Normal POV
In a flash of green, orange, and blue, 6 kunai, 8 shuriken, and 4 needles flew at the pink haired nin who had been so careless as to forget to always be alert and ready for battle. But it was a flash of bright blue with a pale hand that struck her down.
Hinata's POV
Normal POV
The pink hair sprawled across her face, blood spurting from her nose and mouth, but even more wonderful, the bleeding that they all know was deep in her heart, slowly but surely killing her.
Mother Nature POV
Normal POV
"Sasuke! I LOVE YOU!"
Sasuke blushed and Naruto ran to him, "Marry me?!"
"O-of course!"
Hinata cried at the loss of her love, Naruto, and Kakashi smiled knowing Jiriya-sama would have more porn for his book.

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HAHAHHA!!!! thats awesome!!!!!
Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/8/09
awwwwwwwwwx3so cute!my fav couple got 2gether & the pink haired beast died!!!!!!!:DDDDur stories r the best!!!!!!!
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Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/8/09
Lol mother-nature is forgiven for her mistake.
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Hiougi City, Unov...
Posted 3/12/11 , edited 3/13/11
XD when mother earth said "THANK THE LORD" i was like "ROFL Dam. total pwn."
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