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Lisa_kong: okays I got the Microsoft to work dis time .I was just doing a faniction call nerd x nerd beautiful x beautiful but I realize it was too gay so I’m starting dis new one. Okay let me tell u a little about the faniction I’m making NOT. Just read and find out. PLEASE COMMENT.(Sorry If the chapter is too short. It’s Only my first faniction.I think.)


Down the road to Seiyo High School were two people walking. One girl with pink hair in two braids and golden honey eyes with glasses on was walking on the right side. A Boy with cat figures, blue midnight hair and sapphire

eyes was walking on the left side. In the girl’s hand was a letter but to who?

Amu’s POV
I took all night to write this letter I must give it to him today.


“EVERYONE SIT DOWN. “Nikaido-sensei shouted.

“Today we have a new student. You may come in.” I looked up to the new student . He had dark brown hair and light

green eyes. He was probably as tall as Fujisaki Negahiko. Fujisaki Negahiko was a boy with loooong purple hair

and golden eyes.

“This is Souma Keiki” Naikaido-sensei said.

“Your seat is over there by Mashiro-san.” Naikaido-sensei said. Mashiro Rima a cute girl with long curly wavy hair

and light brown eyes. She’s also my best friend. Souma-san sat down.

“Hi Mashiro-san. I’m Souma Keiki. Keiki is fine” Souma-san said introducing himself to Mashiro-san.

“Rima is fine Keiki-kun.” Rima said to Souma-san.

“Oh. Okay Rima.” Souma-san said back to Rima cheerfully. When it was lunch time I had lunch with Rima.

After School

I started walking home and I tripp. I wonder what I tripped on?

“Are you okay Hinamori-san.” A familiar asked me.

“Yeah.” I replied as I was looking up to see who was talking to me. I was surprised to see Souma-san. I picked

myself off the ground and stood up.

“Hey Hinamori-san can I call you Amu.” Asked Souma-san.

“Then I get to call you Keiki. Okay.” I said to him.

“Okay Amu.” He replied smiling. I blushed at the cuteness of his smile.

“Okay.” I said back to him also smiling. After that me, Rima and Keiki were best buddies. We did

everything together. Before I knew it I fell in love with him. I spend the whole night writing a love letter to him.

Tomorrow I will give it to him.

End of Flashback

“I will tell him today after school.” I said to myself. Somewhere close around me I felt a smirk.

After School

“Keiki Hh..e…rrr…eee…” I said nervously.

“Stop it Amu. I don’t like you.” I was shocked at his words. How did he know I like him???

“I never even liked you. I just used you to get close to Rima. When I saw you eating lunch with Rima I knew I could

use you. You’re soooooo dumb.” Tears were gonna fill my eyes I fought them back. I stood up straight… PLACK!!!!!!!

I slapped him across the face. He deserved it for using me.

“Hehehe. Nice show I found here.” Said a voice out of nowhere…

Lisa_kong: Soo how was that? I bet it was better than nerd x nerd beautiful x beautiful. Well PLEASE COMMENT
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