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Post any gazette interview (full/ parts/ links). Try not to post a duplicate.
(sorry just posting a part of this interview.... to read more go to the link below.)

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omg..well i guess this isn't as popular as i thought it was going to be .. well.i can't delete it .. not a mod..

well i'll just post this up..(i do not own this)

Gazette Neo Genesis Vol. 33 Interview

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Gazette 31 Questions Interview - Neo Genesis Vol. 21

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Oh wow, thanks for posting these I really enjoy reading Gazette interviews....they are my favorite band after all. I had not read the last two before. The Gazette is so funny

Well as for posting an interview, there is one of Uruha I found (Arena37C Special vol. 48 - Uruha 100 Q&A) at

well here are the Q&A

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OMFG THANX FOR THAT LMAO AT Q. 60 and Q. 88 XD reita's bike and an afro?~*giggles*
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