layered hairstyle for round face?
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Posted 2/21/09
Well as you can tell, I need opinions for a haircut. . .I wanna get my haircut done most probably next week or 2-3 weeks from now. I want a layered haircut, kinda like asian mullet? Like short layers at the top and long layers at the bottom of my hair. . .But the problem is I have round/heart-ish shaped face, but I would most likely go for round but I have kinda pointy chin? Well that's what most people told me anyway. . .

So basically this is how long my hair is right now and obviously my FACE XD. . .it would be a big help if you lot tell me what my face shape is. . .that would be very helpful ^^ and well my hair is kinda silky. . .i can curl it but den it wnt last for a whole day :/. . .it goes straight agen after about 7-8 hours. . .and well i want a haircut dat looks like dis.. . .
or like dis
but i dnt kno if it would suit me or not. . . .i hope u lot can help me? and links of images of hairstyles dat would probably suit me would be helpful too!
thanks in advance
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