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Posted 2/22/09 , edited 2/22/09

Just as one group of Japanese mature socialites left Taiwan with their spoils of victory, another group made up of Japanese and Korean married ladies arrived to Taiwan. They all had the same goal in mind – which was to see the pop group Fahrenheit in person. At three o’clock this afternoon, Fahrenheit held a fans meet-and-greet, [The Fahrenheit Premium Event], at the NTU Sports Center and attracted over 4000 fans to attend.

The Tourism Bureau indicated that based on the cost of staying in Taiwan three to four days, this event would bring in approximately $1.3 billion dollars of tourist revenue.

The Director of the International department from the Tourism Bureau, Liu Xi-Lin pointed out that in the two years when F4 was the spokesperson for Taiwan Tourism in Japan and Korea, they successfully attracted the attention of 35- 45 year-old mature female fans. The effect was very satisfactory. Last November Fahrenheit took over as the new spokesperson and their target would be 18-25 year-old young female fans.

The appeal of Fahrenheit was truly amazing, said Liu Xi-Lin. Originally this Fahrenheit International Fan Club Meet-and-Greet Event planned to accept only 1500 online registrations but because the number of registrations went way over limit, it was increased to 2000 with another 2000 registrations from various Fahrenheit fan clubs. The fans attending this function came from various countries including Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

This morning a number of fans already arrived early to the NTU Sports Center in order to get a good seat. Some also brought large signs and said in excitement: [Wu Chun is so suave!] This time they were determined to see their idols in person.

Liu Xi-Lin said that in addition to organizing this [Fahrenheit Premium Event], other activities such as [One-day Around Town], [Group Tour with Celebrities] are also being planned for this summer. These activities will have Fahrenheit acting as tour guides to bring their fans to all the tourist must-see locations in Taiwan. This way, fans could also become ambassadors for Taiwan Tourism and introduce their friends to vacation in Taiwan.

The amount of revenue generated through pop idols was also quite amazing. Liu Xi-Lin pointed out that based on the calculation of each tourist spending US$230 per day and staying three to four days, it was estimated that this fans meet-and-greet event would bring in over $1.3 billion worth of revenue for Taiwan Tourism
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