Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei
Posted 2/22/09 , edited 2/22/09
This game was created back in 1996 on the Sega Saturn platform


Jean-Luc Lundi lives in a superstitious village where mutant coolias are killed, but when Lundi discovers a mutant coolia with wings, he decides to keep it and let it live. Lundi names the coolia 'Lagi'. Lagi has a strange green glow in his throat. After a few years the coolia begins to grow wings. Lundi takes the coolia out to try to get him to fly. On one occasion when Lundi takes Lagi out a huge ship called 'Shelcoof' controlled by Sestren destroys Lundi's village in an attempt to kill Lagi, who is possessed by the Heresy Program. Lagi's green glow grow's brighter and Lagi fires arrows of light from his mouth, the trademark attack of dragons from the ancient age. The lasers do not reach Shelcoof and Lundi begins to chase Shelcoof on Lagi's back. The ultimate goal of the game is to take down Shelcoof.

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