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Jan-di: “Why are you doing this?”
Jun-pyo: “I’ve started to wake up to reality, that’s all.”
Jan-di: “All right, I understand now. Then you really did intend to act like you didn’t see me, and to avoid meeting me. To you, I’m—”
Jun-pyo: “A stain I want to erase.”
Jan-di: “That’s cruel of you, Gu Jun-pyo. Really cruel.”
Jun-pyo: “No. I’ve always been this kind of guy. I just pretended I wasn’t.”

***this scene hurted me soooo much..poor JANDI
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Ep 1

"If everything works out by saying sorry, then why would there laws in the world and why would there be police?" - Junpyo

Ep 2

"Why is he so amused?" - Woobin
"She actually dared to pull a spinning back kick on the Great Gu Jun Pyo. It has been a while since our school's life were so fun.
But, don't you think she reminds you of someone?" - Yi Jeong
"You're right. I was thinking of that too. Who is it?" - Woobin
"Jun Hee noona!" - YiJeong + Woobin

"Ahh, what a nice fragrant. Just like a garden full of flowers.
Warm and gentle. And someone is making my body... My body...
Someone is massaging my body!" - Jandi (thinking..)

"The moment I see your face, it feels like bugs are crawling all over my body" - Jandi to Junpyo (after remake)

"W... what is it you hate so much about me? What are you not satisfied about me?
I'm good looking. I'm tall, I'm smart, I'm rich. How...How can you hate Gu Jun Pyo? Are you really stupid?" - Junpyo to Jandi

Ep 3

The worm that wakes up early dies first - Junpyo (it was supposed to be: the early bird catches the worm)

Ep 4
"Since I was with you for one whole night, tell them that I'd take responsibility of you." - Junpyo to Jandi

Ep 5

"Noisy, How can a tiny and skinny person have such a loud voice? Did you eat a train's heart?" - Junpyo
"anfoiAJFOAENF" - Jandi
"what?"- Junpyo
"It's not heart. it's the trains smokestack!" - Jandi
"How can that be? Hey, look at it from a logical perspective. How can a person eat a train's smokestack?
If person's going to eat anything of course it's going to be the heart". - Junpyo
"(O__o;)" - Jandi

"Would you look at that? Picking up a 500 won coin could make you that happy." - Junpyo
"What are you doing here?" - JanDi
"You threw such a fit complaining about how you hated the furniture and electronics,
But with one coin, you're grinning so big your lips can't even close." - Junpyo
"That's because it's a lucky... What? Did you drop this?" - Jandi
"As a reward for your efforts, I threw one to see. Pretty good results, no?" - Junpyo
"Take it" - Jandi
"You keep it. Didn't you say it was lucky?" - Junpyo
"From the moment I saw you, my luck has gone bad" - Jandi
"No,Your luck is good. Extremely good" - Junpyo.
"What?" - Jandi
"Let's go." - Junpyo
"Throw them all out." - Junpyo
"Young Master. Doing this without prior notice is a bit..." - Mr Jeong
"If you have to get permission and beg for understanding in everything, what kind of leader are you? Cut the crap. Clear out the place." - Junpyo
"They'll close before 6pm. Please wait three hours." - Mr Jeong
"Are you asking me to wait three hours?" - Junpyo
"I'll make other arrangements." - Mr Jeong
"Forget it. I'll take care of it myself~~ Where is it? - Junpyo
"What? Are you talking about... that? But that is...?" - Shinhwa worker
"Do you not even know what that is?" - Junpyo
"Please wait just a moment, sir." (looks at Mr Jeong for help) - Shinhwa worker
"Fire her immediately." - Junpyo
.. (keep walking and Junpyo takes a shoe from one of the "stores"
"Sir, sir!" - another Shinhwa worker
... (keepon walking..and finds the firelarm..and sets it off! - THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT YOURSELF)

Ep 6

"Don't move..stand still" - Jandi
"Why? what's wrong?" - Junpyo
"There is a snake under your feet" - Jandi
"What?" - Junpyo
"Under your feet.. under your feet.. snake" - Jandi
"Wooooooahh, I hate snakes the most" (and runs away) - Junpyo
(^__^) - Jandi

"What is this?
This is something you don't know? You fell into a trap again?" - Junpyo (when he found Jandi kissing JiHoo)

"Why did you do it?" - Yi Jeong
"I just felt like it. - Ji Hoo
"Jun Pyo liked Jan Di..." - Yi Jeong
"And I knew it." - Ji Hoo
"Yoon Ji Hoo! Even if you hooked up with my sister and dumped her after three days, I wouldn't be this mad." Yi Jeong
"You don't have a sister. - Ji Hoo
"I'm not joking. I can't tolerate you messing with a friend's girl. - Yi Jeong
"I feel sorry towards Jun Pyo. But..." Ji Hoo
"But what?" - Yi Jeong
"I can't let Geum Jan Di be kicked out of school." - Ji Hoo

Ep 7

"Get away from me you Sticky Girl!" - Jun Pyo

"Do you have a death wish?" Junpyo (to Junhee noona..then..)

"She's banned from my house!" - Junpyo (about Jandi)
"Do you want to get banned?" - JunHee (to Junpyo)

"My little brother, We may have bad tempers.
But we're really not the type to make such useless jokes, now are we?
Shut up and follow me." - Junhee (to Junpyo)

"The type of guy I hate the most?" - Junhee
"A disgraceful guy, A stingy guy, A guy that can't let go of the past." - Junpyo
"A guy that brags about himself? - Junhee
"A disgraceful guy." - Junpyo
"A guy that never forgives his friends? - Junhee
"A stingy guy." - Junpyo
"A guy that can't accept his defeat? - Junhee
"A guy that can't let go of the past." - Junpyo
"Okay, then." - Junhee

" In Gan Ung Bo Sa Pal Gui Jung (What goes up comes down. Wrong is not forever) " Junpyo
"What in the world is he saying?!" JunHee
"In Gwa Ung Bo(What goes around comes around)." woobin
"Sa Pil Gui Jung(Nothing goes uncorrected for long)" Yijeong
"My brother, You're that happy?" - Junhee
"Yes, I'm happy, Overjoyed" - Junpyo

"Yoon Ji Hoo...You must be completely mad. Not just once but twice,No, including this one, it's three times!
You must die today." - Junpyo

Ep 9

"what are you, the little match girl? why are you without your gloves?" - Junpyo
"i have gloves!" - Jandi

"Hey man, woah, woah!" -Woobin

Have you ever made kimchi before? Junpyo
What? Kim-what? - Woobin
No, right?, Then, ever scrub at a public bath before?" - Junpyo
"What are you talking about?" - YiJeong
"You never had Odeng at a street stand, either, right?
You guys know what life is?
Suckers." - Junpyo
"It was better when he got proverbs wrong." - Yijeong
"Geum Jandi's scarier than the devil." - Woobin

"There's no such thing as Jun Pyo's world or Jandi's world. Just like you and I are of the same world." -Ji Hoo
"I'm so busy that I don't even rememeber that you didnt call me for 3 days and13 hours!" -Goo Jun Pyo

I'm so sorry..."
Say that.
Didn't you hear me?
Op-pa, I'm so sorry," say that." - Junpyo

Ep 10

"Hey, if you gave them, they're all mine! Don't touch!" - Junpyo (after opening his box with cookies)

"Woah (O__o)" - Junpyo
"(^___^)" Jihoo
"Bastard, just like a ghost" - Junpyo

"Mr Jeong, buy one of those." - President Kang (Junpyo's mum)
"Yes?" - Mr Jeong
"One of those, round things they sell on the road." - President Kang
"Puffed rice cakes, ma'am?" - Mr Jeong
"Yes, that's it." - President Kang
"Are you nuts? President Kang buying puffed ricecakes on a roadside? Are you feeling sick?" - Junpyo

Ep 11

"Let's go. I'll call your parents on the way." - Junpyo
"Hey! No way!" - Jandi
"What'dya mean no way? Yes! Yes way! Don't you ever say yes for once?" - Junpyo

"Does she have an ancestor who died on a date?" - Jun Pyo

"Ultimately, her friend's more important than her boyfriend?" - Junpyo

Ep 12

Did you call 911? i am here to put out fire! - Ji Hoo

"What's this?" - Jandi
"Can't you tell? It's a necklace." - Junpyo
"Hey, this won't do. I know you have weird taste, but this is a girl's!" - Jandi
"You dummy. It's yours." - Junpyo
"What?" - Jandi
"I said it's yours. There's only one in the world, so if you lose this one, I'll really kill you." - Junpyo

"If everything can be settled by the word sorry, why would then law and police exist?" by Ji Hoo.
Scene with F4 and JunPyo's necklace. .
Eejung: What's that?
JunPyo: It's Nothing
Eejung: What do you mean nothing? -takes necklace from JunPyo-
WooBin: Just looking at it I can smell a proposal coming along.
JunPyo: Proposal?! She running around everywhere causing trouble, So I thought I would put a collar around her.
Eejung: Is Geum Jandi a pet?
WooBin: but I'm quite worried about weather you could give this to Geum Jandi without problems, especially with your personality.
EeJung: Though he says collar or whatever, Geum Jandi isn't the type to stand still either. Are we going to see another round house kick? :DD
WooBin: Geum Jandi's survival round house kick? Seeing it like that, I do miss it a little xD

Episode 12:
Jun Pyo: "I love you, Geum Jan Di." *MAJOR HEART MELTING*


Woo Bin: "They would take a nap in the sunshine!" (talking about Ji Hoo's and Jan Di's date to Yi Jung, when they were gossiping like old ladies with Jun Pyo thrashing about in his bed in the background)

Jun Pyo (writing): Goo Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di first night! (or something like that...I thought that was adorable)

Jun Pyo: HEY! THAT'S MY APOLOGY APPLE! (after Ji Hoo took a bite out of it)

Yi Jung: "I didn't do it!" (to passerby as he's trying to tell Ga Eul to quit crying on the street)

Ji Hoo: "Do you know how to make hotcakes/pancakes?" (awwww soooo cute.)

Ginger: Oh my GAWD.

Ji Hoo: "I'm your firefighter." (again, ADORABLE.)

Jan Di: "One was for my best friend, and the other was for my boyfriend!" (after she beats the crap out of Soo Pyo - or whatever Ga Eul's boyfriend's name was)


jd: i was just waiting for ga eul's boyfriend.
gjp:(angrily) why are you waiting for someone else's boyfriend?!

'She's the girl who stole my heart and wouldn't return it'
'It might seem silly, but it sure is warm.'
'Stop tantalizing me and come to me now.'
'I'll keep this until you find your soulmate.'

Jun Pyo line, 'Honestly, I wanna come, everyday.'

Jun Pyo - Because Geum Jan Di's the moon that can never leave Jun Pyo the star. Even if something happens,I'll never let go of this moon. (omg sooooo sweet!!)

Jun Pyo - Look at the star. It's sooo shiny.
Jan Di - Are you sure it's not satelite? (rofl)

Jan Di - I came to find your heart. I didn't lose it on purpose

*heart-shaped land appeared*
Jandi: It's a heart. It's really in a heart shape.
Joonpyo: Once I found a girl I like, I promised myself I will bring her here.
*Jandi turns to Junpyo in a shock*
*Joonpyo smiles naively and turns to her*
Joonpyo: Can you see it? My heart.
*Joonpyo shows the smile (that always melt us girls) in satisfactory*
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"It's the first girl I loved since I was born." -Jun Pyo

It's not really my favourite quote, but it made me cry so much.
Posted 2/24/09 , edited 2/24/09

lishajoyce wrote:

"It's the first girl I loved since I was born." -Jun Pyo

It's not really my favourite quote, but it made me cry so much.

i like this one also :))
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"JiHoo: Why are you looking at me like that?
Jandi: Just...It's amazing.
JiHoo: What is?
Jandi: Whenever there is an alarm ringing in my heart, you appear.
JiHoo: An alarm? Like when there's a fire?
Jandi: Yes.
JiHoo: Then let me do it.
Jandi: Do what?
JiHoo: Geum Jandi's honorary fireman."

"Did you call 911? I'm hear to put out the fire."

"I was going to live my life thinking I didn't need anyone else...I keep getting greedy." -JiHoo

I swear, JiHoo has the greatest lines. lol.
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QUOTES 4rom epi 13-19=]

Ep 13

JiHoo's granddad: It's Tang Pyung Chae, you idiots!
Jandi + Gaeul: Ah, Tang Pyung Chae. (various steamed and seasoned vegetable)

Kangsan: Do you think it resembles Jun Pyo Hyung?
Curly hair
Pouting lips.
JanDi's mum: What resemblance?
Since when is that kid so cute, and gentle?
The cat will get angry hearing that.

JiHoo: You have not been to the hospital?
JanDi: I went.
I went already.
He said it was alright.

JanDi: Gu Jun Pyo. Can you hear me?
While you have been away, I've thought of you everyday...
But why do I only remember us fighting?
Still, isn’t it strange?
I only remember us fighting and getting mad all the time,
but when I think about you, I laugh.
Gu Jun Pyo. you’re okay, right?
When are you going to come back and fight with me?

YiJung: Am I that handsome?
That's right, there's not one woman who doesn't get smitten at this sight.
GaEul: Who is smitten?
I came because I have something to ask.

YiJung: If it were me, I’d spend my whole life looking for my soulmate although I’m not even sure stuff like that exists.
GaEul Sunbae believes it too right?
Soulmates, may be life's one and only real love.

Jandi I know it clearly.
I’m not pretty. I’m not smart. I’m not rich.
But... There was something I liked, that I could do better than other people.
They say I have to quit. I cannot swim anymore.
What do I do now? What can I do in the future?
Everyone is walking towards their destined path.
But I don't know what I can do.
JiHoo: I will help you. Let me help you.
Let’s figure it out together.

Ep 14

JanDi Isn't it strange?
JiHoo: What is?
JanDi It feels like it was ages ago that we were together.
If he acts like he doesn't know me,
I'll wonder if I was just dreamed it on my own.
It's not a dream. If it were, it wouldn't have been so painful.
JanDi What?
JiHoo: After sending you here, I realized that...
I hadn't done anything.
By the time I came around, you were already on the plane.
So, it's not a dream.
Because right now, you're right in front of me.

(wakeup call)
Junpyo: Ah...
Ah! O...OK.
OK! That's enough!
Ah, go. Stop already.
You, really... If you weren't
the chief manager, I'd fire you.
Keep standing.

Chief Jung If you could make some time to meet your F4 friends...
Junpyo: I have no time.
Chief Jung: But they've been waiting since yesterday.
Junpyo: Am I a person who has free time?

Junpyo: Geez! Who maintains grass* like this?!
*Note: Korean word for grass is "JAN DI"

Junpyo: Girls like her don't mean anything to me now.
YiJung: Gu Jun Pyo...
So you not calling Geum Jan Di even once... You did that intentional?
JunPyo: Deliberately or not, I don't have time to think about stuff like that.
JiHoo: "Stuff like that"?
WooBin: Jun Pyo, you really mean that?
Junpyo: We meet after all this time and all you have to talk about is silly stuff?
YiJung You call yourself a man?
Junpyo: Why not? You guys meet and break up with girls all the time.
I can't be like that a little?
YiJung: Even if I've dated and break up 20 times, I've never acted like you!

YiJung: Whose fault is it that Geum Jan Di can't swim anymore?! *hits Junpyo who falls*
Stand up.
WooBin: Yi Jung, calm down.
YiJung: Do I look like I can calm down?
Listen to what that bastard is saying!
Did you start, not knowing that it would be like this?
Didn't I warn you?
I told you not to carelessly lead her on, you cowardly jerk!
Junpyo: What's with you guys?
Did you stop being my friend and all rush to be Geum Jan Di's black knights?

WooBin: After all, you are Geum Jan Di.
The night air is sooo nice!
Hey! Do you remember?
YiJung What?
WooBin What we used to do when we were young.
All: Rock, paper, scissors! *jandi wins*
F3: Rock, paper, scissors! *Jihoo wins*
Yijung + woobin: Rock, paper, scissors! *Yijung wins*
YiJung: Ji Hoo, you go that way.
Jan Di, you go that way, and I'll go this way, okay? Go!

Junpyo: As you can see, I'm doing fine.
As you know, I'm extremely busy.
Now that you know, go.
Don't bother worrying about my well-being.
Do you have anything else to say?
Jandi: Do you really mean it?
Junpyo; What is it that you want?
Surely not,
"I'm sorry", "Forgive me", "I'll be back so wait for me".
What? Were you expecting something like that?
Jandi: Why are you being like this?
I get it. I understand now.
Pretending to not see me, and not wanting to see me...
You saying that you really meant it.
So to you, I'm...
Junpyo; Like a stain I want to erase.
Jandi: That's cruel, Gu Jun Pyo. You're really cruel.
JunPyo: No. I've always been this kind of person.
I just pretended that I wasn't.
Jandi I'm leaving. Take care.
Junpyo: Just worry about yourself.

Junpyo; Let go!
Chief Jung: Young Master.
President Kang: You can leave us.
Junpyo: Are you satisfied now?
Is President Kang satisfied now
that everything's the way you want?
President Kang: I don't know.
Merely hearing about the likes of that girl doesn't make me happy.
Junpyo: She's not just "that kind of a girl".
Your SON!
She's the first girl that your son has ever loved.
President Kang: Alright.
So what are you going to do?
Do you want to throw everything away and run to her side?
Shinhwa Group, its employees, your future.
But what about your father?
JunPyo: Stop it.
President Kang: Your father, who tried his best until the end for this company, something that you would toss away without hesitation.
Are you planning on throwing him away too?
Junpyo: Stop it.
President Kang: What shall I do with that girl, Jan Di?
Should I make it so she can't live anywhere in Korea?
Junpyo: Be quiet.
I told you TO STOP!
Don't mess with Jan Di.
If you break your promise, I'll destroy everything.

Jihoo: Can this pretty lady buy an ice cream from me please? *in Chinese*
Jandi: I'm sorry, but my Chinese is not good...
What did you just say?
JiHoo: Uh, ugly girl, please buy some ice cream.
JanDi: Do you really think you can sell anything with that line?
Jihoo: But you’d still buy it, wouldn't you?
JanDi: How much is it?
Jihoo: Today.
JanDi: What?
JiHoo: Give me today as payment for the ice cream.

JunPyo: This is mine.
JaeKyung: I got it first.
Junpyo: I had my eyes on it first.
Get your hands off of it.
Jaekyung: I won't.
Junpyo: Let go.
Chief Jung: Miss, I'm sorry.
I sincerely apologize, but could you please give this one up?
JaeKyung: Why?
Chief Jung: Do you know her size?
Junpyo: Size?

Ep 15

JanDi: This shoe must have gotten sick of Macao.
It's not going to work.
I guess I'll have to take them off. (Takes them off..) Let's go.
JiHoo: Get on my back.
Jandi: Eh?
JiHoo: Or do you want me to carry you?
JanDi: Well, that is... Okay.
*Gets on his back..and they start walking..*
Jandi + Jihoo: Thank you.
JanDi: What are you thankful for, Sunbae?
I'm the one who's grateful.
JiHoo: I've earned money with my own hands for the first time in my life.
JanDi I see.
JiHoo I do a lot of things for the first time, because of you.
So, thank you.

Jihoo walks into the bathroom while Jandi is sitting on the toilet
JiHoo: You didn't lock the door

Jihoo leaves the house and Jandi goes down to have breakfast..
Jihoo left a memo saying: [Memory deleted]

JanDi: First?! Is this First Class?
How expensive... I can just fly "regular". Please exchange it for me.
JiHoo: Regular?
Do you mean Economy, by any chance?
My legs are too long, so I can't fly Economy class.
JanDi: What?
His legs are really long. I can take Economy though.

JiHoo: Do you like them?
JanDi: How did you know?
JiHoo: I wanted to get you something with the money that I earned myself.
JanDi: Sunbae...
*Suddenly Junpyo comes.. and JiHoo walks over to him*
Jihoo: Why did you come?
Junpyo: I don't want to hear that from you.
What do you think you are doing?
JiHoo: Do you think you have he right to ask me this?
Junpyo: Yoon Ji Hoo!
JiHoo: I gave in because you are my friend.
And I gave up because she was a friend's girl. Even until the very end I have you a chance.
But I'm not going to hold in anymore.
*Junpyo hits Jihoo*
JanDi: Stop it!
Why did you come? Do you have something to say?
Well, I got it.
I'm leaving.

JiHoo: May I get some of the milk?
JanDi: Sunbae!
JiHoo: Did something good happen?
JanDi: How did you know?
JiHoo: It's written all over your face.
JiHoo: Geum Jan Di.
Are you crazy? You are really crazy.
Everyone will call you crazy, but... Finding something you want to do, do you know how hard it is?
What do you care what other people say. Geum Jan Di I know never cared about things like this.
JanDi: Sunbae...
JiHoo: If you want to do it... Then just do it.
JanDi: No matter what it takes?
JiHoo: No matter what it takes.
JiHoo: Cheers to Geum Jan Di's new goal!
Jandi: Cheers!

President Kang: I would like to introduce you my son's fiancée and the future mistress of Shinhwa Group.
YiJung: What? Fiancée?
JunPyo: What is the evil witch talking about?
President Kang: And here she is. The daughter of the JK Group investment company.
Miss Han Jae Kyung!
JaeKyung: Let me go!
Hey! I hate this kind of festivity.
Engagement?! What engagement?
Let go! Alright, I'll go on my own! Ah! Let go!
JunPyo: Shoes?!
JaeKyung: Huh? You!

JunPyo: Are you stupid? Why did you come just because she told you to?
Woobin: Jun Pyo. don't do it here. Go somewhere talk with her.
Jandi: I don't have anything to say to him.
President Kang: That's right. You finally understand.
What could she say to another woman's fiancé?
JaeKyung: Excuse me... But this engagement thing is no joke? Are you for real?
President Kang: I'm sorry for not telling you.
But your parents already accepted.
Jaekyung: I've never heard of this...
Junpyo: Hey, shoes! Just keep quiet.

Ep 16

Junpyo: I came here only because your house was the closest.
Because of the fight we had in Macau, Yi Jung would have something to say.
And at Woo Bin's place, the women are too noisy.
Jihoo: What about me getting punched?
What are you gonna do about that?
Junpyo: Uh... fine. Hit me!
If I take one, then we'll be even.
Hurry up and just punch me.

JunPyo: But you!
It's your friend's birthday so why don't you give a present?
Quickly give it to me, the present.

Jandi: What?!
Do you have something to say?
Junpyo: Why aren't you swimming?
JanDi: I gave it up.
Junpyo: Why would a swimmer give up swimming?
Jandi: None of your business.
This is what you followed me to say?
Junpyo; I can't tolerate being unfairly wronged.
So I have to clear up what needs to be cleared up.
JanDi: What?
Junpyo: The engagement or whatever… none of it has anything to do with me.
Jandi: It has nothing to do with me either.
Gu Jun Pyo, you've become a lot friendlier. Explaining something like that to the stain that you want to erase.
Over there. Your fiancée's coming.
Junpyo: Why is that monkey here again?
*Jandi runs towards Jihoo sunbae who is sitting on his bike*
JanDi: Sunbae!
Can you give me a ride?
JaeKyung: Seeing the two of you together, it was almost like it was planned!
Jan Di and Jun Pyo, you two are really close, huh?
Oh... this person...
JanDi: This is Ji Hoo sunbae.
JunPyo: Why are you introducing my friend?
Hey, monkey. This is my friend
Yoon Ji Hoo.
You like him?
At least you can spot the good looking ones.
Jaekyung: I understand.
Junpyo: What?
JaeKyung: It's this person, right?
Jandi: Uh... what?
Jaekyung: Jan Di, the person that you like!

YiJung: I've known plenty of women.
But this is the first time I've met someone like her.
GaEul: So what do we do now?
That unni... we can't do anything about her.
WooBin: We have no other choice, except for the last emergency method.
GaEul: Emergency method?
Woobin: Forget about Miss Monkey and get the two idiots together.
GaEul: The two idiots?

WooBin: Yo. Geum Jan Di, what's up?
Jandi: Sunbae, Gu Jun Pyo. Where is Gu Jun Pyo?
Jandi: Gu Jun Pyo!
Junpyo: Hey!
*Jandi shouts and runs out*
Jandi: Oh, Sunbae!
WooBin: You asked where he was. You didn't ask what he was doing.
Junpyo: What the hell are you doing?
WooBin: I wonder how long Ga Eul will take…
Two days? No, he could probably finish her off in a day.
Jandi: One day?
WooBin: Geum Jan Di, you didn't know that Yi Jung's nickname is “5 seconds kill,” right?
Jandi: “5 seconds kill”?
WooBin: (shows how it's done.. and Jandi follows + get an image of YJ + GE in her head)
YiJung: Ga Eul…
JanDi: NO…
Junpyo: Is Yi Jung on drugs?
To date Ga Eul…
JanDi: What's that supposed to mean?
To be honest, Ga Eul is definitely not Yi Jung's type.
Yi Jung won't date anyone, unless she has a body like Lee Hyori and a face like Kim Tae Hee.
But with Ga Eul? Isolate them in a room for 3 nights and 4 days, and see if anything happens.
Woobin: No, he actually said that there's something really cute about Ga Eul.
Jandi: See! Now what do we do?

Junpyo: Although he's my friend, Yi Jung's really the player of all players.
How can he come all the way to the hotel?
I was wondering why he would be skating.
Man, I didn't realize there was such planning behind it.
JanDi: Shut up!
Be quiet. I can't hear what they're saying!
Junpyo: Do you know how many stars this hotel has…
Do you think you'll be able to hear them?
JanDi: Then what?
Junpyo: Why don't you go outside and stand guard.
Jandi: Oh, alright. Alright.
JunPyo: Hey.
Jandi: Gu Jun Pyo! Gu Jun Pyo!
Junpyo: What's wrong?
JanDi: Hey. Hurry, hurry, hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Junpyo: Why?
Jandi: What do we do?
Looks like Yi Jung sunbae prepared that.
Do something!
Junpyo: What?
Jandi: That's definitely an operational prop.
We can't let it go into the room.
Let's bring that here.
Junpyo: What?
JanDi: Hurry! Hurry!
*junpyo just stand still and jandi gets annoyed*
Go quickly.
*Junpyo gets it done.. he payoff the roomservice guy*
Junpyo: Thank you.

Jandi: Congratulations.
Junpyo: Thanks.
Jandi: Though it's late, happy birthday.
Junpyo: Though it's late, thanks for the present.
Jandi: You got the present?
Junpyo: Although it's the cheapest present
I've ever received,
I've accepted it because it's the thought that counts.

Junpyo: You wouldn't be Geum Jan Di if you didn't piss me off.

Hotel worker: That's right. Master Jun Pyo is in one of the rooms.
President Kang: Jun Pyo is in the hotel right now?
Hotel worker: Yes.

Jihoo finds Jandi at the "local hospital" cleaning even though she said she was at home.. after almost getting hit by Junpyo's mum..
JanDi: Sunbae.
Jihoo: This place has become Geum Jan Di's home.
JanDi: I couldn't sleep at all and...
I thought I could get some air and get some studying done…

Ep 17

JunHee: That's enough!
Jun Pyo, go outside.
President Kang: I'm not done talking.
Jun Pyo, as of tomorrow, you will act like Ha Jae Kyung's fiance and mean it.
You can't answer me?
Junhee: Didn't I tell you to get out? (Junpyo walks out of the room)
Was I not enough?
President kang: Don't get involved.
Junhee: Need a hotel, sell a daughter.
Need investment, sell a son.
The next time you need something, what will you do then? Since you don't have any more children.
President Kang: Everything has been for your sake.
JunHee: And who decides that?
Who the hell says that everything is for us?
I have never once thought, that you've done anything for our sake.
President Kang: Your world of happiness, who do you think gave it to you?
JunHee: Happiness, you say?
Do you even know what happiness is?
Junhee: Jun Pyo... Please let him be.
President Kang: I already told you that this is none of your business!
JunHee: This time... I will not just sit back and watch.

JanDi: Gu Jun Pyo.
You can’t swim.
Junpyo: I can now.
JanDi: What happened?
Junpyo: I learned.
Instead of letting some other guy save you, I realized I'd rather die.
So I learned for you.

Ep 18

YiJung: Song Woo Bin, You better hurry and come down from there
Wooobin: Hey, So Yi Jung.. Why are you my friend?
YiJung: What?
Woobin: Tell me the truth, It's embarrassing to have me, son of the mafia, as a friend, right?
YiJung: Stop talking nonsense and get down from there now!
WooBin: I'm embarrassed, so I can only imagine what it must be like for you. It's because of you I get by.
The others from "great" families don't even consider me a person, even I know that.
YiJung: Song Woo Bin, you really...
WooBin: But, I'm...only embarrassed in front of you guys.
My path...
I don't care what others say, but to you, in front of you,
I'm occasionally embarrassed. I get so annoyed for being embarrassed.
Did you know that? Did you even know that?!
YiJung: You jerk!
To you, is that all we mean to you?!
Do you think we're better off than you?!
If you're like this, then what about me? Us?
If you're embarrassed once in a while, can't you show that to your friends?
Is that so? Does that really make us friends? Brothers? F4?!
Tell me, you bastard!

Junpyo: According to Woo Bin, your hand...
YiJung: It's over.
Junpyo: Seriously?
Yijung: The swimmer had to give up swimming because of a bum shoulder
The potter has to give up pottery because of a broken hand.
Doesn't it seem like some documentary about overcoming obstacles?
Junpyo: What's that supposed mean?
Are you talking about Geum Jan Di?
YiJung: Is there any other swimmer
we know besides Geum Jan Di?
Junpyo: So Yi Jung.
Be straight with me.
What do you mean by a bum shoulder? Was this what you were talking about in Macau?
YiJung: Come to think of it, you really came to your senses in Macau.
For people like us, stuff like love or innocence was never meant to be from the start.
Junpyo: I told you to tell it to me straight!
YiJung: Do you remember when she got hit by the chair meant for you?
You don't know how much Geum Jan Di cried after hearing she couldn't swim anymore, do you?
Junpyo: Is that...really true?
YiJung: No matter how you tackle it, the result is always the same.
People like you and I have nothing to give the women we love but pain.

Junpyo: Hey, delivery girl!
Give me a milk carton.
Hurry and toss over my milk.
KangSan: Jun Pyo hyung-nim?
Jandi: Hey, Gu Jun Pyo!
What are you doing here?
Junpyo: Why?
Is it strange seeing me at my own house?
JanDi: Your house?
Junpyo: I decided today that I'll live here.
Jandi: Why?
Why would you live here?
Junpyo: To experience being independent.
Should I call it ‘standing on my own'?
Jandi: Why would you do something like that here?
Junpyo: Don't you ever watch dramas?
Usually for thoughtful royal family or clans, the heirs must go through trainings like this.

Jandi: What? Why?
Junpyo: Yours looks tastier.
JanDi: I didn't cook it separately. It's the same as that.
Junpyo: Give that to me. Hurry up and hand it over!
Junpyo: This is so good! Little brother, isn't there anymore?
Jandi: I only ate one chopstick full because of you.
Junpyo; Hey, you guys are keeping this delicious food all to yourselves?
That's a petty way to treat your neighbour.

Junpyo: (he is not used bugs etc.. since he is from the upper class..and when he sees them he goes like this)

*Jandi finds Jihoo taking a nap in the library..*
JiHoo: Is this a new way of interrupting someone's nap?

Ep 19

Junpyo: (to Jaekyung) Did you fry and eat your mobilephone?

Junpyo: (to Kangsan) Dongseng, this woman here is a food god. Block her now.
Junpyo; Why aren't you eating?
Kangsan: Well because I always eat ramen.
Junpyo: Aside from ramen then, what would you want to eat?
Kangsan: Pizza!
Pizza for days until I grow bored of it and I won't have any more cravings!
Junpyo: What kind of a guy has a wish like that?
JaeKyung; Why isn't Jan Di coming? Hey Dongseng call her!
Kangsan: She doesn't have a mobilephone.
Junpyo; WHAT! She doesn't have a mobilephone!?

Junpyo: What kind of woman are you to spend the night out!
Jandi: Oh.. that...
Why is he mad!? Did I do something bad?
Hey, that's my lifestyle ok!
Do you not know what privacy is?
Junpyo: Hey Gum Jan Di if you're going to use it, use it properly.
It is not privacy. It is p-r-i-d-e.
Do you not know pride?
Jandi: What...!?
Junpyo: Hey, you! Where do you think you're going when I'm still speaking?!
Jandi: Privacy or Pride...
JunPyo: HEY! Are you not going to tell me what you've been doing!?
JanDi: NO!!

Junpyo: A human is talking to you.

Junpyo: I'm not in the mood to play with you.
Just go home.
JaeKyung: Oh, really?
I was going to ask if you wanted to go Jan Di’s house with me.
But I guess not.
Then I'll just go alone.
Junpyo: What?
Where are you going?
Jaekyung: Jan Di’s house.
Remember we ate ramen together there last time.
I have to give this to her.
Junpyo: Well... If you insist, I can go with you.

JiHoo: Jun Pyo. If the person you love is having a hard time because of you, would you let her go?
Junpyo: No. I won't let her go. I can't let her go.
I'm going to hold on to her tightly... and make her happy.

Jandi: Woo Bin sunbae.
Woobin: Me?
Jandi: If F4 were girls, who would you marry?
WooBin: What?
GaEul: I'm really curious, Who would it be?
WooBin: No way. I wouldn't have any.
I wouldn't allow it.
Obnoxious (Junpyo), strange* (Jihoo), and a cold-blooded Casanova (YiJung)
You want me to live the rest of my life with these people?
I'd rather just go live at a monastery.

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Posted 3/22/09 , edited 3/22/09
I love Ji Hoo moments and his lines <3

I want him to be my firefighter D:<
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Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/24/09

hyunjoongie wrote:

I love Ji Hoo moments and his lines <3

I want him to be my firefighter D:< soo cute how he's like he's jandi's firefighter
Posted 4/9/09 , edited 4/9/09

hyunjoongie wrote:

I love Ji Hoo moments and his lines <3

I want him to be my firefighter D:<

haha^^ Me too!!

I also like this:
"The most beautiful meeting is a meeting with the handkerchief. It can wiped your sweat when you're tired, and wipe your tears when you're sad..." -Jan Di [from a book]

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Posted 4/21/09 , edited 4/21/09
GaEul: Yijung sunbae, take your hand off me please.
Yijung: Acting is just an acting. If you take it seriously then we have a problem.
(Gaeul feeling terrible)
Yijung:I'll keep this until you find your soulmate.

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"If everything works out by saying sorry, then why would there be laws in the world and why would there be police."--Gu Jun Pyo
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Posted 5/3/09 , edited 5/3/09

I'm so sorry..."
Say that.
Didn't you hear me?
Op-pa, I'm so sorry," say that." - Junpyo

hahaha.. Jun Pyo is really funny!!
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Posted 5/3/09 , edited 5/3/09

Jun Pyo - Because Geum Jan Di's the moon that can never leave Jun Pyo the star. Even if something happens,I'll never let go of this moon. (omg sooooo sweet!!)

Jan Di - I came to find your heart. I didn't lose it on purpose

naaah, its so sweet!
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Jun Pyo: I want to come to your house.
Jan Di: did you ever ask?
Jun Pyo: Im serious i want to come...
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akternisha91 wrote:

Jan-di: “Why are you doing this?”
Jun-pyo: “I’ve started to wake up to reality, that’s all.”
Jan-di: “All right, I understand now. Then you really did intend to act like you didn’t see me, and to avoid meeting me. To you, I’m—”
Jun-pyo: “A stain I want to erase.”
Jan-di: “That’s cruel of you, Gu Jun-pyo. Really cruel.”
Jun-pyo: “No. I’ve always been this kind of guy. I just pretended I wasn’t.”

***this scene hurted me soooo much..poor JANDI

omg ive been looking everywhere for this. which episode is it? please tell me :D
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