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The Battle
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Posted 2/23/09 , edited 2/23/09

35th wrote:

I want to change The battle of the brains to The ultimate battle of the brainless.

Wouldn't that just be another zombie movie?
Posted 2/23/09 , edited 2/23/09

Dee_corp wrote:

Baka-Master wrote:

Dee_corp wrote:

Lol. Something's can be assumed; that still doesn't change the fact that you missed a WWII event. Want another lesson? It's "write" for future reference, not "wrote".

want me to teach you a another lesson ^__^

it's wrote because it referred to she/he is just thinking finally i can make random idiotic worthless threads
but yeah it don't change the fact i missed a WWII event =3=

Lol, your grammar sucks ass. You cannot just jump back a millennium and refer to something said ages ago. How is someone to make sense of what you are referring to? You said "wrote that in your FP noob and i wouldn't wrote that ^____^ ". The first "wrote" might pass, but the second still fails.

~sigh~ i knew my english sucks ass XD i need to work moar on it :3
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