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Posted 2/23/09
Arioka Daiki

It’s been just over a year since JUMP formed. I felt I can finally call our concert our own when it was our 3rd concert. I was able to do things that I never had done before. At least for me, it has. In the solo corner, I was able to be a DJ, and I’ve never done that before. My feelings were telling me that I want to try to be a DJ. When I finally said that out loud, I was able to do it. I never thought I’d be able to complete one of my dreams this soon… But it was a good chance. Because of this, I might just study more about DJ-ing

I can’t think of a life without music. Spending everyday without music will lower my tension, and it’ll also be really boring. So when I go out, I always carry my ‘digital audio player’ (aka an iPod). And since today’s a photoshoot for duet… jyan! (takes out laptop from bag.) If I’m going to a place where I can work, I always bring my laptop. Although I do go onto the internet, I often just go on the internet to listen to the radio. So if I listen to a song I like, the announcer on the radio can tell me who the artist and what the song is called. Very handy! Uhm, right now, in my music library on my laptop, I have 3840 songs. But this is on the smaller side. A few days ago, I sorted through my music. My laptop gets slow if I have too many songs. So I sort them every once in a while. Since it’s a waste to throw out songs that I bought on the computer, I put the songs onto my ‘digital audio player.’ I have more room for more songs on there. And also, I have 2 iPods! One is for songs, and the other is for videos… is that too luxurious!? Nono, it shows how much I need music, and how much I love music, so it’s all fine~!

Takaki Yuya

At this concert, I’m sure you all was abel to see the differences between 7, BEST, and JUMP. 7 did songs like, “Bad Girl” or like “Bon Bon.” We BEST sang our new song, and JUMP sang as a band. Children acted like children (?), adult acted like adults (?) we all have different personalities, so it was really fun. Also, the vocals for the JUMP band is me! Since there’s 10 members in JUMP, there’s always not enough time to doa solo. But since I’m one of the main vocals, I’m so happy when I’m able to sing solo for a few seconds. The concert ‘brains’ are Yabu-kun and Hikaru-kun. They always think of new stuff to do at the concert, and they’re always in the middle of it. But of course, they take other member’s opinions as well. They make an outline for everybody, with the opinions. I’m so glad we have that kind of members in our group!

During our concert rehearsal, I felt that actual musical instruments are needed to create a band. Yabu-kun and Keito-kun did the guitar, and they looked so cool while they played. Not only guitar, but everybody else who was playing the base, drums, and the keyboard looked cool. It’s also easier to make a song when you make the lyrics, and you play an instrument. Secretly, I practice the guitar… I just started so I’m not at that level where I can show off to people. In this year… no when I’m 20, I want to be at that level. Don’t be impatient (laugh) just wait!

The music that I listen to the most is Jpop. The music is cool, but some of the lyrics are in English. For me, when I don’t understand the lyrics, I get so down. Also, when I got out to karaoke with my friends, we all don’t understand it. To get our tensions up, we should sing a song that we know. I also check those songs too. I’m an artist myself, so it’s good studying musically.

Nakajima Yuuto

Another dream will come true. Guitar is Yabu-kun. Base is Hikaru-kun. Keyboard is Inoo-chan. Drums is me. Like that, a lot of JUMP members can play an instrument, so Keito-kun and I were talking about making a band someday. And then, in our concert, we got to do a play as a band, and I was really happy. In the solo corner, I did tap dancing, like I did in the spring concert and in “SUMMARY.” The reactions of the guests were really good, and I was soo glad afterwards. And also, since there are so many members in JUMP, there’s not really a lot of time to do solos. If I display what I learned, then I think I’d be able to tell the audience what I’m really like. I don’t know when the next concert will be, but I plan to challenge a few things. Because it’s only been a little over a year since we debuted. We have to run more!

I do a lot of things while I’m listening to music, not really concentrating on the music. When I read book, do chores, and also during practices, music comes on in the studio. When a song that I like comes on, my tensions goes really high and the thing I’m doing gets so much easier. But the volume has to be on the low side. When it gets too loud, I can’t really concentrate on what I’m doing. I like it when it’s played like BGM. Recently, I’m beginning to listen to more modern music. Compared to other music, the rthyme is really good, and the way the artist sings it is more adult-like, and it’s cool. Dai-chan gave me that advice, and I liked it. He’s really specific! For example, lets’ say there’s a song on the radio that you think is really good. I’ll say, “That song was really cool. I wonder who sang it?” and then Dai-chan would immediately say, “It’s OO’s song.” Indeed, he doesn’t remember what the name of the song is, but even then, it’s really great to be able to say the artist’s name that quickly.

Yamada Ryosuke

This time, in the 7 corner, just with the 7 member’s, we got together to talk, we were able to grasp the concept of our own solo songs, I was able to experience a lot of things that I never had. I said this for the request for the new song, “I want a dokun-dokun sound in the song. Nice to work with you!” Not long ago, I tried to make a song myself as practice… A, and I also said this in the other duet, but I had this dream for 4 days in a row, where I loved a person whose face I couldn’t see. I couldn’t tell who the person was, but the random doki-doki part of me was the reason why I wanted the doki-doki in my solo (laugh.) But this new song’s content has nothing to do with that, and it’s not even a love song. It has an incredible sense of coolness, and the atmosphere on the stage will be different, so I want to show that coolness up on the stage.

I have a saxophone at my house, and I really want to practice it when I have the time. It’s actually quite a good saxophone, but for some reason, nobody in my house claims it (laughs.) Before on, “shin doumoto kyoudai,” a guest payed it and I thought that it was really cool. Although it’ll be far away, but I would like to play it at a concert one day. A, but I haven’t started it at all. But you should hold your dreams big, right (laughs)? Recently, I have a song that I really like, and when I listen to it, I turn off the lights in my room, I burn this orange light and maloa, and I fall to sleep. I do this quite often. Originally, that song just transfers a man’s voice to a woman’s voice, but I get quite relaxed and I can fall asleep really easily. Oppositely, when I want to be really energetic, I listen to Akanishi-kun’s “Lovejuice.” Since it’s in English, I have no idea what he’s saying (laughs,) but it’s really cool!

Okamoto Keito

In a concert, I can really feel that I’m also an idol. Because during a TV taping, there’s all these staff members, and like now when I’m getting an interview on duet, there’s nobody that screams for me. (laughs.) Everyday, when I normally go to school, all my friend’s ask me, “Are you really a celebrity?” and I reply, “probably,” and it’s really not that different. So during a concert, my idol mode switches on. To that me, I say to myself, “I can do this kind of stuff?) (laughs) But it’s a hard to stand on that stage. Because during rehersals, I’m probably the person who gets scolded the most for messing up steps. So during the actual thing, I really feel like a champion that overcame a really long road.

At this concert, I was able to play the guitar. This time, I didn’t really say, “I want to play!” but they still let me play it. It was like “Keito=Guitar” kind of image. Iya, but I really do love the guitar. But it’s only been a little less than a year since I started. (Started at the end of November.) At the December concert in 2009, Yuuto did the drums, right? At that time, he told me, “Keito should also do something.” And then that’s how I started guitar. I bought an instruction book, and I learned it myself. Since I promised myself to practice at least once per day, I was able to teach the other members, but I’ve only been doing it for a year or so. The pressure of that image of “Keito=guitar” is a lot, but I’m still able to practice it because I want to. I want to be able to play it very well. A, but I also have to practice singing too (laugh.)

Morimoto Ryutaro

What’s the number one thing I focused on at this concert? The answer is… imagination! A, you thought that I was cutting practicing, right? It’s totally wrong! This concert’s theme was “television” so I wanted to give that kind of atmosphere where the customers could watch us on a huge screen. During our MC’s, we imitated Yannkumi from the drama “Gokusen.” At our weather forecast, whether it was rain or it was sun, we danced to its image. We danced with a lot of imagination, and grasping the image was hard. Every day, I imagine myself standing on the stage. Also, in my solo, I want to try the silhouette dance.( I’ll try my hardest with the sense of lighting and the correct use of the flow to dance my hardest. But I have doubts whether you can hear the ‘goro goro’ of the lightning… I really want my performance to be on the fan’s hearts when they leave the concert.

This year, I wrote down things that were on my mind, or impressions I got from my dreams, on a notebook. I wrote in phrases, but it’s not strictly into a song. It piled to a lot, so if you count them as songs, it’ll be somewhere around 20. You might ask why I put them in song form, and it’s because I want to sing my original song! But since the hurdle’s really high to suddenly make a whole song yourself, I’m trying just the lyric part… To be honest, I was really underestimating the making of a song… I’m so frustrated (cries.) If you think about it too much, it doesn’t go well together, and when I say that, nothing comes up in my head and it gets really boring. Aargh~, I really want to know how the composers come up with such cool lyrics! Well, it might be because they’re pros, but even then, it’s amazing… If I ever have the chance, I want to ask them their secret!

Yaotome Hikaru

At this past concert, our main image was taking the fans backstage to the TV studio. Like “Scrap Teacher,” “Gokusen” and “Hi! Hey! Say!,” the fans see us through their TV’s, so we wanted to show them the behind the scenes look. You know how some fans says, “I feel like I’m dreaming,” when they go to concerts? We want to make them feel like it’s totally reality, and not a dream. Even for the fans sitting all the way in the bank, we want to make them feel as if, “We met Hey! Say! JUMP!” Also, what I enjoyed the most was the gathering of members who could play instruments. When Takaki does his solo, “Kumo no Ito (Spider’s thread), I’m doing the base, and the vocal Takaki is right besides me, and I’m just strumming away, so don’t I look kind of bad? I want to make it feel like it’s that of a hot song. (laughs) In our concert “SUMMARY,” I was allowed to play the guitar, and in all our other concerts we had, it felt like all we did was sing, but this time, it feels really different. I get excited just by thinking about it~.

Even in private, I’m still with music. On my laptop, I make music, I play the guitar, so I do a lot of music related things. Probably in one day, I listen to about 100 songs. Since I have so many favorite artists, I can’t listen to all of their songs in one day. A, even during work, music still runs through my head (laughs.) At my house, I have a lot of novels, and I listen to music while I read. I feel as if the music sometimes fits the book’s scene really well. Then, I think, “Wow, it’s so perfect!” Don’t you think so? If it’s a love scene, even a rock type of music fits the scene really well, and I get so excited when I find something new that matches in every sort of happenings.

Chinen Yuuri

Even now, I get so nervous during concert. My heart pounds so fast and loud that it feels like I’m dying. On top of that, for me, even when I step onto the stage, that feeling doesn’t go away. I say to myself, “Watch out for that spot!” for all of my acrobatics and singing stuff during the rehearsals. Finally after that spot is safely over, I can finally forget about it. So during concerts, until that point is over, I’m totally frozen with nervousness (laughs.) You can tell when I’m nervous when I smile. During that time, it’s better to look at how I change, rather than look away (laughs.)

You know how there’s members who does the guitar, and the drums, and other instruments that the members are able to play? But I have no interest in playing an instrument. Before, Keito taught me how to play the guitar a little. I’m really lazy at that type of things. It’s such a waste to press down on the cords to make a sound, and it really doesn’t interest me so I stopped. I always say this, but my main interest is using my body in some sort of way. But, other than my body, I have no interest or strengths in using anything else. Even in sports. For a sport that uses gloves, a bat or a ball like baseball, I’m really bad at that. It’s the same for music. I’m not saying I have no interest in songs, but instruments are not good. Let’s leave that for people who can actually do it (laughs.)

It’s not like I have no interest in music. I listen to songs on my cell phone when I move around. But, all the songs that are downloaded onto the player are the songs that Dai-chan downloaded. The song that I’m listening to now is Dai-chan’s. I’ve never done it before. I’m too lazy (laughs.) Other than the songs that Dai-chan downloaded, all of my other songs are Arashi. Overall, my music scenes are Dai-chan music and Arashi!

Inoo Kei

“Every little thing we have to do carefully.” It sounds like a commercial, but every time we had a concert rehersal, it felt like that. From the type of stage we were going to use, the ten of us talked about it. Before, the only thing I’ve done for a concert is what to wear, and what songs we were going to use. But this time, we went much deeper, like where we were going to put the globe (?), what we are going to do about the encore, we talked about all the little things. So then, I felt that this was our ‘masterpiece’. Like this is how it feels like to build up a concert.

At the concert, I was allowed to have a piano concert once again. And it’s even an original song! The last piece I played, “Star Light,” had a really difficult arrangement, but this time, this is a piece that I thought myself, right? So it was easier to tackle. For a song, all I did was play the melody on the keyboard, and record that on a CD, and then built the song up on the computer from there. It was really an analog way, so there are voices in the song, which are my family speaking. It was hard erasing all that noise one by one. But, the whole experience was really fun, and I want to do it again. Actually, there’s another song that I made other than the song for the concert.

If there’s ever a chance, I would like to play that.

I learned about it just now. If you listen to a song with really good headphones, then you hear sounds that you never had a chance to hear! Before, my friend lent me their headphone. Those really expensive, good ones. And I used them, and it was amazing! The base, the drums, and the beat of the rhythm, they came on me at once. And not straight to my ears, but into my head. I even thought, “Is this really the same song?” since I heard so many different things, and I had such a different impression about the song. I was seriously surprised. Good things are good, ne.

Yabu Kota

During October, after work, Hikaru and I often hung outtogether to talk and make decisions about the concert. We took in opinions from the other members, as well as the staff members, and then that’s how we made up our newest concert. “TV” was our main theme, so we built the stage to look like giant TV. The fans are watching TV in a spacious living room… we wanted to make it feel like that. Not only did we sang singles, but we also sung our other songs as well. The fans who came definitely should have that feeling of a benefit! But even then…. Even though we planned out the concert really early, we barely just had time to squeeze in the solos. We decided about the guitar during November (weak laugh.) I think for me, I have to plan out what I do, or otherwise, I don’t do anything. The earlier it starts, doesn’t your concentration level lower as time goes on? If I think about it that way, I couldn’t get a lot of stuff at the same time done… Iya, it’s only complaining (sweat.) Members of the staff, sorry about being barely on time.

No music, no life! I have music magazines; I check for new songs on the internet, I have friends who love music. I collect music. Recently, not only do I collect music, I’ve started making my own music. But all I really do is change p the melody phrase a little. On the fast side, I can do it in about 15 minutes. But that’s really like a rough draft. I haven’t come across a song that I really wanted to edit it, and make it my own. Some day, I want to present a song of my own. But first, let’s find a song that I like. I think I’m getting lazy when I’m in water. So I try lengthening my time in the bath, I brush my teeth longer, or just think of a song to make.
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Posted 2/24/09
thank for sharing~
now one more step knowing HSJ MORE~
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Posted 2/24/09
If they were to make a band..
I would like Yamada to do the vocals!! kyaaaaaaaaaa!!
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