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-After school, everyone went home. When Arron got home, he did his daily routine. Going into the bathroom, washed his hands, then to the dinner table, but something there today was different from usual. When he got there, his eyes widen.
YL: Dad?

AD (arron’s dad): Arron, where were you?

YL: At school.

AD: It takes you that long to come home from school? It’s
already 5PM.

YL: It always takes me that long. Besides, I have to stay
after school today. I thought you’re coming back next

AD: Nah, I decided to come back early, I miss you.

YL: Really? –touched by what his father said-

AD: Of course, you’re my son, how can I not miss you.

YL: -smiles-

AD: Oh, I want to talk about the marriage.

YL: Uhmm, the marriage is 3 years away, why do you bother
talking about it now?

AD: Arron, I decided to rearrange your marriage with Hebe.

YL: What do you mean?

AD: We’re deciding to rearrange the marriage to August.

YL: Isn’t that the month that we ARE GETTING MARRIED?

AD: What I mean is, the August this year.

YL: WHAT?!?!

AD: I know Arron, you-

YL: You promised me you will give me time until I finish
college to find someone I truly love, what do you mean I’m
getting married this August?!

AD: ARRON! I know what I’ve said. I made this promise when
you were in middle school, and now you’re in college
already. It’s almost been 6-8 years ever since I’ve made
this promise, but you still haven’t find someone-

YL: And that’s why you decided to force me to get married

AD: I don’t see what is so bad getting married with Hebe.
Her parent’s are-



YL: Who said so?

AD: What do you mean?

YL:-sigh- I was going to tell you next month since that
was when I thought you were going to come back, but since
you are here now, I’ll tell you.

AD: About what?

YL: I found… I found her.

AD: Who?

YL: The person who I truly love.

AD: Really? (happy but worried)

YL: Mm-Hmm. Dad, l finally found someone who I truly love,
can you keep your promise and-

AD: Hold on, Arron. I haven’t even met this girl yet. How
will I know if you’re lying or not? Maybe you’re lying so
I would cancel the marriage.

YL: I’m not, I promise.

AD: Well, bring her over for dinner tomorrow. And I’ll
think about it.

YL:-happy- Thanks.

AD: -smiles- Sit down and eat your dinner.

-After dinner, Arron went to sleep, and AD went to his

AD POV: sitting on the bed

“This kid has finally found someone.” –smiles happily-

-The next day.

SCENE: At school.

GG: WHAT!?!?! NO! I’M NOT-

YL: So you are saying you’re letting go the chance for me
to not marry Hebe.

GG: But Arron, I’m not ready. What if I’m not what he
expects? What if I’m not pretty enough? I-

YL: Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.

-He held her hands, and kissed her forehead.

SCENE: At Gui Gui’s house.

YL: Why did you bring me to your home? Whoa! I didn’t know
you were that open. What do you want to do to me? –covers his chest-

GG: Very funny. Help me pick out some clothes to wear.

YL: Are you kidding me, this the whole reason for you to
bring me here?

GG: The person that I’m going to be seeing in a few hours
is your dad.

YL: And soon, he will be your dad too.

GG: -blushes- Who says I want to marry you?

YL: Did anyone mention ANYTHING about marriage?

GG: I…. Just help me pick something out.

YL: Alright.. hmm…. What about this?

GG: I wear that all the time.

YL: That’s the point. What he wants to see is not someone
who got ready to see him, but what is it about the girl
that attracted his son.

GG: Well, I don’t know what attracted his son.

YL: But I do. –smiles-

GG: -blushes even more-

-After she got dressed, Arron drove her to his house.

SCENE: Arron’s dinner table.

-They sat at an oval table. Gui Gui across from Arron. AD
sat next to both of them. Gui Gui looked down the whole
time. The table was silent for total of five minutes.

YL-breaks silence- Dad, this is Gui Gui, the girl I told
you about. Gui Gui, this is my dad.

AD: Hi, Gui Gui.

GG: Hi –still looking down- Mr. Yan.

AD: Do I really look that scary?

GG: -looks up- No! You don’t look scary at all. It’s just
that, today is the first time meeting you. When Arron told
me that you want to see me this afternoon, I didn’t want
to come. Not because you look scary, it’s just that I’m
not ready yet. So I took Arron to my house to pick
something out for me to wear. I wish that I can give you a
good impression, but he randomly picked out the clothes
that I wear all the time, so I told him to pick something
else, but he forced me to wear this. After I dressed up,
he drove me here. And now I’m at your house, scared of
what you would think of me.


GG: What are you laughing at? Do I really look that funny?

AD: Interesting!! Very interesting! Arron, you have such
good taste.

GG: In what?


YL: You idiot, he means that you passed the test. He likes
you. We can be together.

GG: Really?

AD: Not so fast son.

YL: Huh?

GG: Huh? I still have to be nervous?

AD: -smiles and laughs a little- I just want to know a
little about you.

GG: About me?

AD: Don’t be scared. Just tell me about you, like what you
like and don’t like. Just be yourself

GG: Oh… okay. –Inhales, Exhales, then she stands up,
pushes in her chair-

YL: Gui Gui, what are you doing?

GG: Mr. Yan told me to be myself. I want to introduce me
the way I like to. Is that okay, Mr. Yan?

AD: -laughs- Of course.

(some infos are gonna be fake because of my storyline)

GG: Hi! –gives her hand for AD to shake, so he took it- My
name is Wu Ying Jie, nicknamed as Gui Gui. I’m born on
February 14, 1991. My height is 5ft3in. I’m sorry, but my
weight info can’t go public. My favorite food is ice cream
and strawberry. I want to be a nurse when I grow up. I
love to smile and laugh. I love things when they are
colorful. I love to be loud most of the time. What I hate
most is when people do things for themselves, but they
sound like they are giving up a lot for others. I hate it
when they don’t speak the truth, take advantage of others,
think that they are better than others. Is there anything
else that you want to know about me?

AD: Yes.

GG: What?

AD: What do you like about Arron?

-Arron looked at Gui Gui and smiled evilly.

GG: Do I have to tell you why?

AD: Well, if-

YL: Of course you do, my dad says so.

AD: -looked at Arron- I did?

GG: Can I tell you privately.

AD: Why of course you may-

YL: Not. You have to tell him now, right here.

AD: -gave Arron the “Arron, don’t do this to the little
girl” look-

YL: -replied with the “please” look-

AD: You can tell me here, there’s nothing to be shy of.

GG: -looked at Arron and gave him the “you’re gonna pay
for this” look-

YL: -Gave her the “go ahead” look-

GG: Well, when I’ve first met him, I find him not
attractive at all.

YL: What.

AD: Continue.

GG: Not only that, he is rude, obnoxious, evil, boring,

tries to be cool, and he always tries to get ALL THE GIRLS

YL: Hey! I didn’t try to do that; you can’t blame me for
being good looking.

GG: But the longer I know him, the more I know that he is
very lonely. I remember one time; I came here for our
project in school. When I stepped into the house, I thought this house was very… very…

AD: Very what?

GG: Very empty. That was when I finally know why he acted
this way in school. He’s not cool; he just doesn’t know
how to express his feelings. At that moment, I really
wanted know how someone can live like that ever since he’s
young. Wouldn’t he be lonely? I wanted to make him feel
happier. I wanted to change him. But I used the
excuse “Make others live happier” to change him, when the
real reason was that I want to make him live happier. I
didn’t know why, until Rainie, his ex-girlfriend came
back. I thought I could actually let him go.

AD: ……. Well, you only told me “how” you like Arron. You
didn’t tell me “what” you like about him.

GG: Well, I don’t like him.

YL: What?

GG: I love him.

YL: -blushes so hard, his face is as red as a tomato-

GG: I really don’t know what I like about him, maybe that
he’s very protective of others. Whenever I’m in danger or
trouble, the first thing he will do is not to save
himself, but me. When he realizes that he has done or said
something wrong, he will admit it and say sorry. Ever
since he entered my life, my life has become an adventure.
So many unexpected things come attacking me, but he will
always be there to help me, save him, be with me. You can tell when he’s lying or not. He might look like a metal on the outside, but he’s a fragile little rabbit in the inside. A rabbit that is injured, a rabbit that you want to give warmth to, a rabbit that you are willing to give up everything for. This rabbit was trapped in a maze, a maze that he thought there would be no exit to. I wanted to tell him, every maze has an exit; the problem is if you are willing to follow me, exit the maze, and win the prize.

YL: -he got up went over and hugged her- You are the exit
out of the maze, the prize is also you.

AD: -didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere, but he has to-
Well.. uhmm.. uhh…. Well.. Let’s sit down and have dinner.

-Gui Gui and Arron looked at AD, then around their
surroundings, realizing that there were maids who were looking at them. They quickly went back to their seat.

AD: So, tell me about your parents.

YL: Dad, don’t you think that’s a little too much-

GG: It’s okay.

-Arron sighed and took a drink of water.

AD: See. So, tell me about them. What does your dad work

YL:-spitted his drink out and started choking-

AD: Arron, what’s wrong?

YL: -cough cough, choke choke, cough, choke- Nothing, it’s
just that-

GG: My dad died when I was young.

AD: Ohhh, I’m sorry.

GG: It’s okay.

AD: Well, then what about your mom?

GG: She was the only one who raised me after my dad left.
She’s a waitress in a restaurant.

AD: That must be hard for her. How about you?

GG: I work at the same restaurant as she does.

AD: Wow. Let’s find a day when we can all sit down and

GG: Okay.

-The maids brought a bowl of soup for them. AD started
drinking it.

AD: What’s the restaurant’s name?

GG: GuiLun Restaurant. (lolz, couldn’t think of any other

AD: And what’s her name?

GG: Bai Yue Ai.

-Suddenly, AD dropped his spoon, and looked at Gui Gui
with disbelief.

AD: Your… your mom is Bai Yue Ai?

GG: Yep.

AD: Then, who’s your dad?

GG: My dad is Wu Heng Xing (lolz, couldn’t think of any
names, so all I did was put her surname together with the
Heng Xing, since I’m listening to the song right now)

-AD widens his eyes, then he stood up.

AD: Miss Wu, I’m sorry, but I have a meeting tonight, so I
think you should leave now.

YL: Dad-

AD: Thank you for coming, but I don’t think I will be
seeing you again.

YL: What? But-


GG: I… I’m sorry.

-She quickly ran out the front door.

YL: Dad, why did you do that? Weren’t we just laughing and
having a lot of fun?

AD: Arron, go to your room.

YL: I-


YL: -glares at him- No! Not this time! I’m not going to

listen to you.

-He runs out the front door, chasing after Gui Gui. But
she was nowhere seen.


-Gui Gui was nowhere to be seen, so he went back home,
deciding to explain in school tomorrow. When he got home,
he saw his dad sitting on the couch, reading newspaper.

AD: You’re back?

YL: You liar! You don’t have a meeting.

AD: Arron, I don’t know how to tell you this, but-

YL: But what? Huh? Just because she’s in the middle class,
doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. I remember how we were in
the LOWER CLASS before I turned 5 years old.

AD: Arron, no matter how much you love her, nothing is going to change the fact that you and Hebe are getting married. Hebe was right all along, that girl is with you fo-

YL: Hebe? You’ve met Hebe? This is the whole reason for
you to come back to Taiwan? Not because you miss me, but because she told you that I’m dating someone?

AD: Arron, you can’t blame her-

YL: How can I blame her? Oh, I don’t dare to blame her,
Mr. Yan. She’s your future daughter-in-law.

AD: Arron, you’re my son, I-

YL: Really? How come I feel like I’m something of yours
that can be exchanged for money? (a few tears starts to
come down his cheek, but he doesn’t cry, he just lets them
come down)

AD: Arron, you know I love you.

YL: Love me? Every single year, I asked you, I begged you
to come back to Taiwan to celebrate my birthday with me,
but all you say is “I have to check my schedule to see if
I have any meetings that day.” And now, all Hebe did was
called you and tell you that I’m dating someone, that
she’s not going to be your future daughter-in-law, and you
flew back to Taiwan JUST FOR HER! What kind of love do you
call that? You even cancelled all the meetings to come
back here.

AD: You will never see love Arron, love is supposed to be

YL: Really? Well, that explains a lot because I’ve never
felt ANYTHING FROM ANYONE ever since mom left me.

AD: -shocked from what he just said and slapped him across

-AD went into his room, frustrated. Arron didn’t know what
to do, he went into his room and slammed the door.

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