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Posted 2/24/09 , edited 6/24/09

Part I

"Yuichi, the time has come for to me to take me leave."

"Great, first Sirberius and Dante, then La'rac, and now you! Damn IT! If anyone else leaves there will be no-one to protect this place!" She tool a deep breath before continuing. "I'm sorry Mewt, it's just that all the things that's happened in the last few days has me a little stressed."

"I understand fully, i mean it's not everyday you become Grand Mystic, am i right?" I smiled nd chuckled to lighten her mood.

She returned the smile, "Well, i guess your right."

"Besides, he chose you because you are the must trusted and the most capable. So please, relax and be happy, the dangers have past and we are in your good hands. I must now begin my journey, to another time Yuichi-dono." I bowed my head, turned around, and left the council chamber.

Once i left left the Hall, I headed over to the market and purchased several set of rations. I put them away in my backpack and began walking towards the south exit.The sun was in the sky with a few clouds for company. Today was the best day i've seen in a while. Nobody was dying and there was peace throughout the land. I would like for this peace to last for eternity, but i knew better, good things never last forever. As I left, the guards waved goodbye. Everyone took their leader's demise differently, some good and others bad. The one who took it in a good way, believed it to be a blessing from the Elder Gods and Sirberius a righteous hero martyr sent by them them. Kinda true. The other half believed it was an ignorant choice on his part and that Draethius could have been banished another way. A small portion didn't care, they were just happy with Draethius being being defeated and their being peace once more. I believe that we lost a great leader, I also believe that he is still alive in that hellhole. He's like a cockroach, it doesn't matter how many time you stomp on him, he keeps coming back alive. I strongly think he'll be coming back after a while.

My first stop was Zelcova, the city of hybrid refugees. I'm expecting a package when i arrive in a few days. I asked an old friend of mine for a favor he owed me a long time back. I looked at the sky and seen tat the sun was setting. With my hands, I dug a small bowl-like shape in the ground. I found some rocks and twigs nearby, i put the rocks around the top of the bowl and the twigs inside. I then used two stone to throw sparks on the twigs.After a few tries, I finally set the twigs ablaze. I cooked one of my rations and had dinner, afterward i went to bed. I awoke the next day before sunrise. I made a new fire and cooked anther ration to have breakfast. Once i was finished, i closed the bowl as if I had never made it. The next two days were the same. The third day I arrived at Zelcova. It was nothing I expected.

I think there were more mixes here then a bartender knew. Every now and then I seen a human, but they were scarce. I sought out the towns smith, which I found on the edge of town in a stone house that had a huge chimney in the middle of the roof with black air emitting from it. I open the door and instantly felt the heat with the added smell of a mixture of things. I walked through the humid room a few feet and stopped. Icould have cut the air and ate it like cheese, or so it felt... The blacksmith was a bald, bulky man with his beard being the only hair on his head. He wore goggles and a pair of overalls as he beat a slim rod of metal flat with a hammer. With every connection, sparks escaped from the rod and made their way to the floor. They never made it. I watched as he took the orange glowing, now flattened peice of metal, and dropped it into a barrel of water. A cloud of steam erupted from the barrel, when all the steam dissapated, he took off the goggles.

"May I help you with something?" He said still eying the water. "Huh?"

It took me a second before I realised he was talking to to me, " Um, yeah-right, a package?"

"So your Mewt eh? If ye don't mind me asking, whadya do for Grimm that he owes you this huge favor?" He with curiosity spread across his face.

"I settled one of his debts a while back. He said that if there was anything I needed, to let him know and he'd get it for me." There was a brief pause before I spoke again. "So wheres the package?"

"Right, one sec." He walked into a backroom and emerged with a neatly wrapped package. "It's heavier then it looks." he said as he handed it to me. I reached into my pocket for a few coins, but he motioned me to stop. "That won't be necessary, Grimm payed for everything."

He went back to the flat piece of metal and stuck into an oven as I left. I located the nearest inn and purchased a room for the night. I sat on the temporary bed and opened the package i had just received. Inside was two pistols laid in a yin-and-yang position, on top was a letter.

Mewt M. Morakami,

If your reading this letter then you received the gifts, how do you like them so far? They were specifically designed for you, so noone else will be able to use them. If you can't tell already, their very unique weapons. Unlike normal pistols that run off of bullets, these run off of the energy inside you. Thus means that they won't work unless you possess a certain amount of energy. This makes them more of an extension of you then a weapon for you. Like your rendering abilities, the same goes for the pistols but with you charging them with a fraction of your energy instead of flesh, bone and blood. Also, for easier mobility and stealth, they were given the ability to return into liquid metal. A good friend of mine that goes by the name of Valentine came up with this idea. He spent a great deal of time working on metals, embedding them with varies hexes and alchemy recipes. At a simple thought, it will return to liquid and reenter your body. While it's inside your body simply think about it and it will exit your body and form the guns. The metal was given Exact Form Recalling, which means it will only form the guns, nothing else. To utilize this ability, you do the same as you would with your other weapons. My debt is now paid off and we're even, so anything else is gonna cost. Have fun with your new toys and remember that they are not simply weapons, but extensions.

P.S. The guns will hurt when entering and exiting your body for the first time.

Grimm Degas

I picked them up and twirled them. They were about thirteen inches in length and seven inches tall, chrome, and had three rotating barrels apiece. To my amazement, they were lighter then what I was expecting, especially for their size. I decided to take them in. As said, i did what I do with my other weapons to take them in. The dual pistols slowly melted with the help of heat. As they melted, my hands absorbed them. As soon as they were both absorbed, I felt a pain that felt as if the liquid pistols were trying to escape from under my skin by pushing away from me. It caused me to doubled over and fell on the floor. The pain began at my arms and slowly made it's way throughout my body. The pain lessened some, but became more unbearable due to it being spread to every inch of my body instead of being condensed and concentrated in one spot. I let go of a pain induced yell. When it stopped finally, I was left in a fetal position, out of breath and breathing hard.

"F***!!!" I said as I took a few more breaths before standing up. When my head finally cleared, I went outside in an attempt to enjoy the rest of the day.

I took my time walking so I could pull my mind away from the thought of the second wave of pain. Not paying attention, I ended up in the town center. I knew I was there, because a billboard caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I made my way to it. There was a single wanted poster, it possessed a picture of a female and it read:

Wanted Alive for murder and several other high crimes. Her name is Jazmine Sage, and her age appears around the mid-twenties, early thirties. The reward is 1,000 Gold for bringing her in to the City Hall alive. She was last seen at the Spitting Cobra tavern on the southwest edge of town.

I looked at the picture for a few minutes trying to remember who I've seen that looks like this. I couldn't come up with anything. In the back of my mind I knew I've seen this girl before. After a while I decided to just go and collect my bounty.

After asking around in that general area, I finally found it. It was a small, old-looking tavern. Above the door was a picture of a cobra spitting venom out. I walked in. The insides looked as if there had been one to many bar-fights. I sat down at the bar and the bartender came over to me.

"What may I getcha?"

"Yeah, the whereabouts of Jazmine Sage."

"I'm a bartender, not someone's keeper."

"I know you know, so allow me to jog your memory."

"I beg your par-" Before he could finish and look up, I had a hold of the collar of his shirt with both hands. I then pulled him closer so my face was a few inches in front of his. I heard movement behind me, so I turned my head slightly so I could see. More then half the tavern stood up and were looking at me. I turned back to the bartender.

"Now I'll ask again, you've had ample time to think on the matter, where is she?"

"Oh... thaaaat Jazmine Sage, well now, I believe she will be at the other tavern. The Wine Cellar is it's name, It's on the south east part of town."

"Thanks. See? Now wasn't that easy?" I gave a slight chuckle before shoving him backwards.

Less then breath later, I was hit in the side of the head with a chair. I stumbled aside before being being swung around and catching a fist to my jaw. Once again, I stumbled aside but this time I returned the favor, he flew backwards and landed on a table that broke in half from the impact. I turned left and punched a guy with scaly skin with my right. He stumbled and knocked over a vampire-lycan looking guy along with himself. Instantly, I heard the sound of something breaking followed by pain in my mid-back, I turned around and found a guy with red tinted skin and three small horns on his forehead, holding the back of a chair. He dropped it and kicked me center chest with the sole of his left foot. I stumbled into a guy who grabbed me. From out of my view stepped a giant mass of muscle who looked humanoid. A nemphilem. Their rare now-a-days because Angels have changed themselves so they don't produce them. Seldom, one is conceived regardless. He began cracking his knuckles, first his left hand, then his right hand.

"Hahahahaha... I'd hate to be you right about you."A sadistic smile that stretched from ear to ear appeared on his face.

He then began tearing into me, blow after blow. It was like the beating of a drum, constant but slow. Soon my entire torso was numb. I could handle this pain better then what I felt earlier. Every seven or so minutes, I heard a rib crack. I heard eight cracks before he tired and quit.

"Finished already? Damn it. I was beginning to enjoy it." I smiled and let out a small laugh.

He instantly became angry and backhanded me. I then head-butted the guy holding me in the face. As planned, he let me go, stumbled back and fell over a chair. I took a step towards him, picked him up by the shirt, and threw him into the asshole who backhanded me. He fell back on a table which broke from their added weight. Once more a chair hit me, this over the head.


With that I picked up two chairs by their backs, one in each hand. I hit a guy on my right in the face with a chair by means of a back-handing motion. I dropped the broke remains and grabbed my other one with both hands. I then hit a guy on my left over the head with it. As it shattered, I let go of it and grabbed a third chair, which with great ease I threw into a guys chest. I watched with satisfaction as it broke into pieces and sent the guy flying into a wall.

I took a deep breath and realized that everyone except me and the bartender was laying senseless on the ground. Breathing a little heavy, I made my way to the bartender. I threw my fist into his face but stopped it before it connected. He took a deep breath in, fainted, and fell sideways. I looked one last time at the bar, I felt a little proud of myself for making a mess of it. I left for The Wine Cellar.

"All over a name...ignorant fucks"

I found The Wine Cellar a few hours later. On the walls beside the door, wine-racks with wine on them was painted. I walked in and there she sat. I walked over and sat down opposite to her. If she noticed me, she gave no sign of it.

"Trouble's your middle name isn't it?" I asked, jesting

"You wouldn't be here if it wasn't." she joked back.

"True... so why aren't you running?"

"Because I'm tired of running, and following lord Draethius' orders." I was shocked by her saying this. "You could say I've made some pretty stupid mistakes in my life. Ones I wish nobody else makes."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked, hoping she'd give an explanation.

"When my parents died long ago, I left my brother to be on my own. This was a dumb idea, because when I wanted to find him, I couldn't. I eventually gave up and stopped searching after twenty-four years of it. Blaming myself, I found a place to by myself,vowing to never hurt anyone ever again."

"So why this life of trouble?" I asked not understanding what this had to do with her being a criminal.

"Because my Master orders it. And I owe him as long as I live." She said this staring away nonchalantly.


"As i said, I made some pretty stupid mistakes that I wish on no-one. See, when I finally got deathly ill, he came to me. Said that he could make me well again. He clarified by stating "for eternity". He said the only catch would be following his orders. I gave It lots of thought, and figured I could find my brother with all that time." She stopped and took a drink.

"Did you find him?"

"No, I searched for so long I lost track. After a few years, Draethius beckoned. I was trained and taught the way to kill without anyones knowledge. My first target was a human that owed big time. After I killed him i felt sick..."

"But you got used to it right?"

"Yeah...slowly. Come on, enough bullshitting" She then got up and went outside, I followed. When I arrived outside she was fixing her boots.

"Don't worry, these mortals can't keep me in their cages and if i die, I'm a hell runner five times over ." She gave a slight laugh to herself. " That last bit might be making my debt with Dreathius worst. Oh well." She then entered a fighting stance.

As soon as I got ready, she dashed forward and hit with a left, right, then uppercutted. It sent me four feet into the air, and seven feet through the air. As i landed, I rolled back and pushed myself into the air with my hands. I landed on m feet and dashed towards her in a attempt to connect with a kick. Before I could make contact she moved away just enough for me to barely miss. She then began spitting forth arcane syllables faster then I could keep up with. Her eyes rolled back and she began glowing with a cloud white aura. Behind her two trees came to life like zombies. The leaves turned brown, crumbled like ashes, and was blown way by the wind. The roots rose free from the ground that held them in bondage. They grew gnarled, dysmorphic faces that reflected their ancient age. It looked as if pain was etched in their every feature. I felt pity for these poor souls. For only a split second, I turned my attention to Jasmine, who was levitating about three feet off the ground in a crucified form. She was now muttering the syllables to what sounded like a control spell. I brought my attention back to the two Treants who outstretched their hands, from them erupted a swarm of vines towards me. I dived to the left as fast as I could, but to no avail, one wrapped itself around my right ankle and lifted me into the air. Without thinking, I rendered a machete-like-sword and freed myself from the Treant's grasp. I was hanging upside down, but as I fell, I righted myself so I landed on my feet. As soon as I touched the ground, I began running towards the Treants. When I was close enough, I jumped and severed an arm on one of them. I took in my weapon and launched a fireball at the one I had just attacked. It was engulfed in flames in a matter of seconds. I decided breaking her concentration on the spell was the best choice. I picked up a rock the size of my fist and threw it at her chest. She stopped instantly and grew silent as she fell backwards. The remaining Treant reverted back into a tree. I made my way over to the limp body of Jasmine. A foot away, she swept her feet in a pinwheel motion and knocked me down on my back.

"You didn't think it would that easy did ya?" She asked this with a grin while laughing slightly

" not really, at least I was hoping it wouldn't be." I gave a little laugh.

"Good because it isn't gonna be."

I rolled back and pushed myself into the air, landing on my feet once more. She rose herself a few inches off the ground and began hovering again. Within the same second she started speeding towards me. She hurled balls of energy at me, one after another. Before long, I was running backwards, dodging them.

"How did you know I was considering fighting with you?" I manage to ask as I jumped off a tree.

She gave a quick laugh, "It was obvious, no-one goes through the trouble you went through to find me. You must of went through hell to get them to tell you were I was. Not only that, but everyone around here knows better then to pick a fight with me, unless your new that is."

"It was really that obvious huh?" I chuckled a little, "Well thats one thing I need to work on."

I jumped off another tree and as I launched off, she threw another energy ball at me, it missed, exploded and left a blazing hole in it's place. Deciding that playtime was now over, I rendered several throwing daggers and introduced them to Jasmine. She covered her face with her arm, four embedded themselves in it. The others were caught with her chest. She dropped to her knees, and began pulling them out of her arm. Before she knew it, I was behind her with a bone mace. A slight hit to the back of the head sent her lying on the ground unconscious. I put a binding spell on her and slumped her over my shoulder. She awoke a few miles later, after I healed her wounds.

"Why tell me the things you did back their, if you knew I was after your bounty?" I asked her, setting her down on her feet in front of me.

"So someone can understand the reasons behind these sins I commit. People see my poster and instantly think of me as a monster. However, I grow sick whenever Draethius calls me into service. I am truly repentant of the deeds I've committed. I just wish my repentance can lead to my freedom."

"Two people can give you freedom, Draethius and the Elder Gods. If you are serious, then I can help can you on your path to recovery."

She shook her head, "Yes, I am", I unbound her and continued.

"Then go to Glycosa and search out a man by the name of Nyon Zenger. Tell him I sent you, then explain your story and he will help. From here on, you must make the choices to continue."

She then ran to me, hugged and kissed me on the cheek. "Thank you so much Mewt, I owe you my life..." She turned around, stopped, and turn back around to face me again. "Almost forgot their, here." She handed me a bag of coins.


"Because you didn't come here to say hello, you came here to fight and collect your bounty. And for number two, I'd never forget my brother, never, even if he forgot me." She giggled, " Remember now big brother, that this is not goodbye, but hello after many long years. I found my brother at last, after so long, i finally found him." She said this last bit to herself before she turned around one final time, and left. I was to shocked to stop her or to even speak for that matter.

Once she was out of sight, Memories i fought long and hard to keep buried, surfaced. I just remembered my time after I was consecrated, nothing before because I fought to forget it. Wanted to forget it, but were now coming back, strong and clear.
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Posted 2/24/09
Very nice. Good ending. The fighting was too condensed in that one large paragraph but good. Some grammar mistakes
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