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Make ur Character!
Posted 3/22/09 , edited 3/22/09
Name: Miki
Clan: Abboud
Rank: Princess
Age: 16

Bio: Harsh at times,loner,only kind to friends,acts like a kid,adores her mother, more energetic than her mom. Likes to walk in the rain with her unmbrella. Usually found in the cemntary. She was cursed when she was younger. Ever 7th day of the week she turns into a 7 year old kid. She also likes to play the piano and the violine.



Vamp (she has 4 diffrent forms)

Hunting Form

Battle form


Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/23/09

KeeKee13 wrote:

Hihi! Make your character here! you dnt have to wait to be approved to Rp. cuz it may take me time to get back to you if im busy. srry! Have Fun!

Please include the following:


Name: Aqual
Clan: abbound(water)
Rank: princess?
Age: 13
Bio: aqual is a very helpful and reliable friend and is on constant lookout for playmates or godsiblings. at first sight, she seems like a very laidback kind of girl but when it comes to serious matter, a very different side of her comes out. she is still a young magister in training and require help to transform into her true self since her form now is of human due to an incident at birth. she does little battle since she believe in the best of everyone.

true form:
Posted 3/23/09

Approved! welcome to the group
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Posted 3/23/09 , edited 4/14/09
Name: Riisu
Clan: The Kappamaru Clan
Rank: prince
Age: 18
Bio: Famous for being the royal families adopted son, he was orginally in a village seperated from the world which was slaughtered because of him, leaving him the only one alive and ended up watching them die, found up a tree by the kappamaru abandoned with a calm aura circling him though his clothes were bloody, he is a calm, outgoing, loving and loyal person, but with a serious side but he is a very strong fighter and also very skilled which make him deadly when angry. his true vampire side hides a secret and he is followed by a shadow person on certain nights called marcus who is his guardian
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Posted 3/23/09
Name: Hikaru
Clan: Werewolf
Rank: Warrior
Age: Unknown (looks about 16 to 17)
Bio: Was cast out for being the beast that he is. His first clan was killed by vampires but now has found a new one. Serves and puts self before the alpha male and female. Is very voilent but quiet. Isn't afraid to kill anything.
Wolf Form

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Posted 3/23/09 , edited 4/4/09
Name: Jake
Clan: Kappamaru Clan
Rank: king
Age: 25
Bio: A couple of years before the war started Jake left for adventure. He traveled with humans and eventually blended with them naturally. He has learned many sword styles to use in combat by studying under masters for short periods. Now he is headed back home unknown to him about the war taking place. He carries with him a blade that has been passed down from generation to generation of swordsmen, in a infamous clan of blade masters. He holds this flame enchanted sword with the will of that clan to wipe out the werewolves for almost wiping them out. The sword is actuality not enchanted with flames but with all four elements of the vampire clans but Jake can only use the fire part, so far.

true form
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Posted 3/23/09
Name: Kaho
Clan: Deveaux Clan (wind)
Rank: Princess
Age: 17
Bio: When the war started, Kaho thought it was completely pointless since they had nothing to do with it, but her parents thought otherwise. As a child, she was raised to be strong and willing, and had the life of luxury but never paid any attention to it. She had also learned not to depend on others and defend herself with swordskills. She is graceful and loves to dance.
Pic: Human form:

Vampire (2 forms): Normal:

Battle form:
Posted 3/24/09

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Posted 3/24/09
Name- Kit
Clan- werewolf
Rank- warrior
age-looks 18
Bio- Kit lives for the hunt she left home to learn from the diff packs there skills and wisdom she has dedicated her life to being a warrior and is very strong and feared

Posted 3/25/09

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Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/25/09
Vampire form:

Human form:
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Some where In my...
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/25/09
Name: Sakura
Age: unknown
Cian: Werewolf
Bio: curse to rome the earth in a spirt form only to have a fiscally body when the moon is full. found by kit locked in a neckless where she free her promising to surve kit untill the curse is lifted. her powers are to heal she is every shy and always hide behind her master

Posted 3/26/09

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Posted 3/26/09
AGe:Unknown(looks about 15 to 16)
Bio:Abandoned by birth.Adopted and cared by Alpha Female so has
alot of respect for her.Usually alpha's order warriors around but Miyumi
has a kind heart and doesnt do that.Follows her around no matter
wat the cost

Posted 3/26/09

Approved! welcome to the group
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