If you could change the ending to Liar Game or add to the Ending What would it be?
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Posted 2/24/09 , edited 2/24/09
I was disappointed with the end of Liar Game along with a few other people. So here is my ending, tell me what you think then write what yours would be.

Now the original ending was that they were both out of the game crazy guy who started the game died and we found out the girl was a pawn in the game the whole time.

Here is my ending which doesn't exactly lead off from when they were in a park they say goodbye of sorts and he leaves. My ending has what I thought was going to happen.

The game is over however a big question remains; the other players never recieved the money and Kanzaki Nao has disappeared. The players are free and talking with Fujisawa Kazuo outside. Everyone wonders where she went. The group in charge of the game comes out with a laptop and on the screen is Kanzaki Nao. She basically tells them that she new about the game the whole time and played them all and that the game is far from over. The End.

Yes it doesnt have many details but I thought it would have been more interesting. The girl in the series was to innocent for me so they could have made it with the twist at the end that she tricked him and that it was to test him not her. Not my best work I'll admit it. Please be kind with your critique.

Now it's your turn write your own ending. I love the ones that are the most ridiculus but it's up to you.
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