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Posted 2/24/09 , edited 2/25/09
Shiyuri: Ok I'm Shiyuri Suzumi,Ayame's aunt and I'm the owner of this wonderful club and it was all my idea~ *Laughs evilly* Anyways this club is for satisfying the customes needs and that's where our lovely hosts and hostesses come in! Anyone can sign up for the position of hosts and hostesses but we also need customers! Now we have different types,there are:
*These are the different types of hosts*
~The Prince or Gentleman Type~

~The Cool or Mysterious Type~

~The Bad-Boy or Devil Type~

~The Playful or Shota Devil Type~

~The Sporty or Athletic Type~

*These are the different types of hostesses*
~The Angel or Innocent Type~

~The Bad-Girl or Devil Type~

~The Cute or Sweet Type~
KawaiiHimeka-chan as Ayame Suzumi

~The Daring or Outgoing Type~

~The Fun or Playful Type~

Shiyuri: That's all the types so far! Oh right,I forgot to mention that every week there will be a theme but since this is the first week that the Host Club is being held here,there will be no theme...*Sniffle* But! There will be a theme next week which will be.....a cafe theme! Can't wait to see the hosts and hostesses in their uniforms! You must fill out this form if you want to be host or hostess:
Type you want to be:
Pic (In spoiler please!):

And for the customers:
Who do you want to host you?(You can change it every now and then if you wish, but you'll have to make a new form!):

Shiyuri: I guess that's it....hm...oh right! The hosts or hostesses must make a report on who she or he hosted.This is how I want this report!
Day that you hosted (Was it a Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday etc...?):
Who did you get to host? (Please put their username):
Where did you host?:
What did you guys do?:
Did they enjoy it?:

Ayame: Can I fill in the form now Aunt Shiyuri-sama?
Shiyuri: Ok give them a sample Ayame!

Name: Ayame Suzumi
Age: 14
Type you want to be: The Cute or Sweet Type
Hobbies: Listening to music,reading and writing
Personality: Gentle,kind,caring,smart and friendly

Shiyuri: And that's the sample! And it's accepted so please hurry up and sign up so I can get the uniforms for the cafe theme ready! *Laughs evilly*
Ayame: Aunt Shiyuri-sama, you have nothing to do,do you?
Shiyuri: Nope! That's why I came up with this ingenious plan! *Laughs evilly*
Ayame: Aunt Shiyuri-sama you're a bit scary....
Shiyuri: Good! Now please fill out these forms! And have a good day~
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