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Next Morning…

May 1, 1999

Ji Won began to stir. He woke up finding Min Sung holding onto him tightly. Ji Won widened his eyes and gently unraveled Min Sung’s arms and legs off of him. The guys already called Min Sung gay and he didn’t want them to think he’s gay too. He sat up and saw 5 of the SechsKies leaders laying on the floor.

Then Sung Hoon began to wake up. He sat up and looked around. “Gross! How the hell did I end up down here?” Ji Won shrugged his shoulders. Then Jae Duc woke up. “Damn, my butt hurts. It feels like someone kicked it last night.” Then one by one everyone woke up. “P.U.!,” yelled Jae Jin. “This floor stinks!” Everyone started laughing.

“Sorry you guys,” said Ji Won laughing. “I must have done a 360 and kicked you all off.”

“How come you didn’t fall off Min Sung?” asked Ji Yong.

Uh, oh, I thought. “I did,” I answered him. “But I got back up and went to sleep on the bed again.”

“Really?” asked Su Won. “I didn’t even know. I just went right on sleeping.”

Ji Won began to study Min Sung. It was weird but somehow Ji Won had a feeling that Min Sung knew he does a 360 in his sleep. ‘But that’s impossible,’ he thought to himself. ‘Only Mina knows that and why didn’t Min Sung say anything about me kicking him?’ Ji Won didn’t know what was going on with Min Sung but he knew he had to find out.

We all got up and ready to leave the room. The coast seemed clear so we walked out unarmed. Big mistake. There was a n ambush waiting for us. “Disperse!” yelled Ji Won and we all ran our separate ways. Black Dragons chased after each one of us. I lost the Black Dragon member that was chasing me but I didn’t want to go back the hotel room without Ji Won so I turned back to get him.

When I found Ji Won, he was backed up against the wall by a Black Dragon. It was the leader, Tae Won. He was telling Ji Won to bow down and beg for mercy but Ji Won ended up spitting in his face. Tae Won got angry and pulled the knife back to stab Ji Won in his throat. I ran as fast as I could and knocked Tae Won down. He dropped the knife and fell to the floor with me. As he fell, he used the handled of the knife to knock Ji Won unconscious. Tae Won got up glaring at me.

“Do you know who you’re messing with?” he asked me angrily.

I glared at him back unflinching. “I’ll make you pay for hurting Ji Won.”

“Oh you must be the gay SechsKies member I’ve heard so much about,” said Tae Won laughing. “You’re afraid your faggot leader would die leaving you alone?”

That made me really angry. I didn’t care that he called me gay but calling Ji Won a faggot ticked me off. Since he was distracted, I grabbed the hand he was holding the sword with, and made him stab himself. He cried out in shock and pain. He pulled knife out of him. Tae Won pushed me away and cuts me in the knee with his knife. I fell down and saw him raise the knife above my head. I was going to die.

Then suddenly a voice screamed out, “Gang Rape!”

It made Tae Won run off. I looked over to see who it was. It was Kyung Hee screaming for the cops. I saw her looking at me sighing and walked away.

“Kyung Hee!” I screamed for her.

Kyung Hee looked at me strangely as she approached me. “Do I know you?”

I nodded my head and motioned for her to come near me. When she did, I whispered in her ear, “It’s me, Mina.”

“Mina? But you’re a guy!” she yelled back at me.

“Look at me closely.”

When she did, her eyes widened as she grabbed a hold of me. “Mina, it is you!” I turned her back to face me. “Please help me bring Ji Won back to the hotel.” Kyung Hee made a face of disgust.

“What are you doing with the SechsKies leader and why are you dressed like a guy?”

“I’ll explain later,” I told her. We both put Ji Won’s arms around us as we carried him back. Along the way we found Sung Hoon unconscious on the ground, bleeding. I set Ji Won down gently and lifted Sung Hoon up. “Sung Hoon!” I said, shaking him. He was hurt badly. “Kyung Hee, please do me a favor. You carry Sung Hoon while I carry Ji Won.”

Kyung Hee looked at me reluctantly but then nodded. I lifted Ji Won onto my back and carried him back to the Nam Hotel. My leg was still bleeding from the cut and I was limping. “Mina, can you carry him?” Kyung Hee asked me, concerned. “I’ll be fine,” I answered her as we made it back.

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Go Mina
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more please wat happens next....
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