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Posted 2/24/09
This is a new Banner Competition! All members/helpers/mods can join! The judge will be me the creator Naomi885. This competition starts today (Feb. 24) til March 31st. If a member wins, then they can choose if they want 2 be helper or not. If there are any questions, please message me. Now lets start! please follow the rules at the bottom.

1. It have to be maked by yourselve
2. It has to have our group name on it.
3. it has to have your username on it like the copyright thing, to avoid people from stealing it.
4. No stealing anyone's work
5. The winner's work will be our support banner.
6. The theme is D.N. Angel

Now let us begin! Good luck everyone!!
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Posted 3/24/09
Okay Here's mine ^ ^
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F / coffeshoppe.
Posted 3/29/09
Here ya goes :D
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