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Posted 2/24/09 , edited 2/25/09
Here is the place where you can give us the banner you made for our profile! We would be glad if you can make some for us! if you want to make, please write exactly same thing as the ones we have now but it can be any theme/design!

1. The banner must have these on it :Welcome banner, About us, Rules, We Offer, Positions, Events, Goals, Support us
2. If you dont know what do write on the banner, please look at the profile and type it
3. It has to have your copyrights name on it

Fill in the form:
1. Username:
2. Name
3. Positions
4. All the banners you made for the profile:
5. Would you like Free -Avatar Workshop- ID or a avatar?

Thank you for your help, You can get a free -Avatar Workshop- ID card or a avatar
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