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26 / F / In Your Dreams, B...
Posted 2/25/09 , edited 1/28/10
This is where u answer opinionated questions. This can also help u make a decision! U don't have to answer them all!
Here r the questions:

1) Your best friend and/or lover killed your parents. What would you do?

2) Your friend cheated on a test and you saw 'em do it. What would you do?

3) You see a fight. Your friend is the one getting hit. What would you do?

4) You see a fight. Your friend is the one beating up your classmate. What would you do?

5) Your friend steals money from you and you know that your friend did it. What would you do?

6) Your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you and he/she is caught. He/she says they will never do it again. What would you do?

7) Your best friend is getting abused. What would you do?

8) One of your friends is picking on another of your friends. What would you do?

9) The whole class is picking on one girl/boy. You think it's wrong, but your best friend is the ring-leader. What would you do?

10) Your teacher is sexually harassing your classmates. They come to you for advice. What would you say?


11) What would you do if you found a bag on the street?

12) What would you say if your friend asked you if you liked his/her outfit but you thought it was horrible?

13) If you met someone at the pharmacy who needed to buy medicine inorder to survive, but the price was too high, what would you do?
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23 / F / Where Life Takes Me!
Posted 4/2/09 , edited 4/3/09
1] I would be angry and call the police, requesting they be put into jail for eternity

2] I wouldnt do anything. A lot of people cheat.

3] I step in to help and demand some passerby to call the police/teachers/parents

4] Demand them why they are doing it. Then, tell someone if it was a bad reason

5] Maybe confront them

6] Nothing. Just pretend that Im not angry and sad, and yes, this situation has happened to me before

7] Call police

8] Ask them to stop

9] Defend the victim, ill talk about it with my friend later

10] Call the police on the teacher. Durr
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28 / M / some where over t...
Posted 4/3/09 , edited 4/3/09
1. no clue, but i am sure a blood bath is in order
2. if its a test, good job as long as they don't get caught
3.jump in and kick the other persons ass!
4.stop the friend, ask why, then if the reason is good help.
5.confront them, ask why, and talk to them
6.dump them, since he/she is lying
7.ask them why, talk to them and if it continues call dss
8.break them up and make a deal that if they love me they will stay away from each other <3 (this actually works)
9.again break it up, smack my friend a good one
10.go to the principle if continues to the proper agency

(when you go for help if you don't go the proper root, nothing will be achieved)
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30 / M / Hell
Posted 5/15/09 , edited 5/15/09
1) get revenge
2) tell him you saw him and tell him that he should never cheat again
3) stop the fight
4) stop the fight
5) confront the friend
6) get revenge
7) get the friend to go to the police
8) stop the friend
9) talk to the kid and become friends with him no matter the cost
10) get evidence and go to the school board to get hi/her fired for harassment and hope the teacher goes to jail!
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28 / F / IN MY ROOM ALL AL...
Posted 3/8/10 , edited 3/8/10
1. get my revange on them for killing my parents and i would not care to be in jail
2.nothing cause i know she would not tell on me either if she is by best friend im with them till the end in the good and the bad
3.ill jump in and kick the persons ass for messing with my friend
4.stop the friend and ask her why she is hitting him or her
5.confront my friend and say why they did it
6.break up
7.try to talk to my friend and make sure they go to the police ill be with them the intire time
8.try to reasone with them and tell them not to get near each other so ther wont be any more problems
9.ill talk to my friend about why she is mesing with the kid and become friends
10.well tell them to talk to their paretns.the principle and call the police ill be helping them on the way
11.just leave it their i would not know where it was
12.ill tell them the truth
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