Can you help me fix my errors?
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Ok! my teacher told me to do whatever I want un less if it's something FreeWriting so he knows how are we doing when doing.Is my writing skill good or bad?

Dear Jane

How are you? On February 25 something hapenned in my school.The girl I sat next to me on my
third period class has admit she likes me.I didn't know what to do when she admit her love
to me.That takes a lot of courages for a girl to do such thing, don't know all about the girls
at your school they may think it's disturbing for a girl admitting their love to a
a guy.What would you do if you had this situation? that y ou want to confess your love to anyone?

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The General Help thread

Edit: Not going to help you, unless you post in that thread.

Read the rules before posting, please.
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Sorry but no personal threads allowed. Use the General Advice thread given above instead please

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