Posted 2/25/09
kingdom or village:
Posted 2/25/09
name: Kai
age: 13
Kingdom or village: Village
status: Homeless/ Rouge
bio: Kai was thrown onto the streets with his pet wolf Kiba when he was just 6 years old. Kai learned to fight and steal to survive....

kiba: ( pet)

mystic sword ( that was given to him by a mysteriouse swordsman)

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23 / F / Somewhere deep be...
Posted 2/25/09 , edited 2/25/09
name: Lena
age: 16
kingdom or village: Antalasia
Lived on a island in the middle of the ocean. There, she learned the ways of a priestess. When her father took her to shore for the first time. When they ported the port was sabotaged and everything was on fire. Her father was killed and same as all the boats. She was on the streets but when the people saw the power that she had some one told the king and a noble man of Antalasia took Lena to the kingdom and became an official priestess.

Posted 2/26/09
name: Fate
age: 17
kingdom or village: Antalasia
status: Royal Knight Commander
bio: When the Darklor Kingdom attacked Fate's town she was only 3. The knights took away her parents and killed them in front of her, they wre about to kill her until a strange man she had never met appeared out of the shadows and killed them all. He then took her in and taught her the ways of the sword. One day while she left from the house they were staying in dark knights attacked and killed him. Fate was so heartbroken that she went out of control and killed all the knights. When the Antalasia king heard waht she had done he called her to the kingdom and asked her to fight for her kingdom as a knight. She said yes. She is a very laid back, quiet, dangerous when angered, wise. She likes to be left alone to think at times. And a strange power is buillding inside her, she just doesnt know what it is.
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24 / F / In Hell and Happy...
Posted 2/26/09 , edited 2/26/09
name: Arianna (But goes by Ari)
age: 16
kingdom or village: Darklor
status: Dark Knights Commander
bio: Ari dosen't remember anything below 2, All she knows is that her earliest memories started when she was 5 and lived with the Darklor king as his adopted daughter. When Ari asked what happened to her parents when she was 6 the King told her that they were killed by Antalasia knights, forming her grudge against Antalasia. Five years later when the Old King died in battle, Ari ruthlessly killed any Antalasia Knight she saw. When she came back the council asked her if she would help them in destroying Antalasia, She agreed without a second thought. Shes dangerous in the battlefield or if angry, is comfortable just about anywhere but Antalasia.

Posted 2/26/09 , edited 2/26/09
name: Masami
age: 14
kingdom or village: Village
status: Homeless/Rouge
bio:Well known as a rouge, but also known as a expert at spiritual things or a stellar priestess. She had no parents so she lived on the streets. Not knowng where to go she learned how to use martial arts. A few years after living on the streets and traveling, she learned she had weird powers. She hides them from strangers and no one knows about it, except her and her Shiki/Familiar (A demon that she captured and controls) Misa. They are really close. Masami and Misa, are known to be sisters sometimes. And they travel to both kingdoms alot. (antalasia and darklor)


Posted 2/26/09 , edited 3/23/09
name: Chi Kousetsu
age: 15
kingdom or village: darklor
status: witches and warlocks commander
bio: Was raised in Antalasia as royalty for the first few years of her life. When she was 6 she got lost while playing in a forest and was found by some Darklor warriors, who decided to take her. Since then she was trained by a warlock in black magic, which she learned quickly. Some still doubt her because of where she was born, but antalasian people despise her because she never chose to come back, so she tends to behave more like a rouge, but is loyal to darklor. She is ruthless when it comes to fighitng and duels. Chi isnt good at expressing emotions. She usually wears her cape. Oh and she has a british accent! She has a lot of energy and can use difficult spells without getting too tired. She loves snakes and dragons and other serpent like things, she woudlnt die if she were to get bit by a poisonosue snake because her body has grwon immune to them and she herself could poison someone if she wanted to by scratching htem.
Posted 2/26/09 , edited 2/27/09
status: assistint night commander
bio:His father died in the war killed by a commander in darklor. he has been living with his mom. recently joined the army to kill the commander that killed his father.
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20 / M / Rift Bar, chillin...
Posted 3/7/09
name: Sahi al' Agro
age:23 (due to youth magic)
kingdom or village:Darklor
bio: He secretly studied black magic in Antalasia and was discovered by his fellow wizards now he serves the Dark Lord with his passive auras and necrotic, and elemental magics.

He is with his love Shilla ali' Ma who is a priestess in disguise in Antalasia.

The Spell book of Necromancy:
The Scepter of Elements:
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26 / M / B.C. canada
Posted 3/9/09
name: Keiji warhammer
age: 23
kingdom or village:Antalasia
bio:Keiji has been raised in srevas to the lord sence brith and now live by the code lay down by the knight of his lord and will die to protect his lord and land

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23 / F / At that one place...
Posted 3/13/09 , edited 3/18/09
Name: Roy and Rin

Age: 17 and 10

Kingdom or village: Village

Status: Rouge/homeless

Roy's bio: His parents where right hand knights of the queen and king. He to became a royal knight as his mother and father. He's never revealed the reason why he turned away from antalasia. Like any other person on the streets, he has learned to survive on his own. He also has his skills of when he was a antalasia knight. He is a theif, and con artist. He has an apprentice named rin, that he takes care of as his own little sister.

Rin's bio: She was abondoned by her mother because her father didn't want her when she was 4. She wandered the street alone, until one day she met roy. She is now roy's apprentice, and she see's him as a big brother and master. He has taught her how to survive on the street as a con artist and theif as he does. He has also taught her how to weild a sword, and use a bow and arrow.



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