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For filipinos, do you think EDSA 1 was a mistake?
Posted 5/18/09
I'd rather live peacefully....
the gov't's creating its own image...
to me, i'm starting to think that the people and the gov't are two different things...
$money$ $money$ <<if that's what the officials are after, fyn...
money's nothing if you don't earn it through people's trust..
marcos had a chance to change the philippines' situation..
but...i guess, there are some reasons that kept him from doing it...
imagine what would it have been if he did change the philippines...
it would've been nice but then...
during that time, there were so much corrupt officials...
killing was even between politicians...
how stupid...
even if it's for good or bad, killing's still the worst exemptions..
if EDSA 1 was able to stop killing, then i'd say that it wasn't a mistake...
Posted 5/18/09
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24 / F / Philippies! But c...
Posted 5/18/09
i dont really remember what happend. but all i know is that its always traffic over there thats why my lil bro has to go to school 5am just to be in school right in time.
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26 / F / Philippines
Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09

shiki_2007 wrote:

Well for me in my opinion, I think it was a mistake. I think the Philippines would be better off in martial law or being governed in an iron hand. Well look at the state of our country right now, there is corruption, poverty, terrorism in Mindanao, protests, economic meltdown, impeachment hearings that never end and bickering over at the Senate. There is unrest in our country. If EDSA 1 didn't happen, Marcos didn't get sick, we would have no corruption, less poverty, less crime, no rebels, a great economy. Let's say Marcos didn't steal money from the government we would less of these problems we have in our country. There is no such thing as absolute freedom. Those people like Cory Aquino and the other EDSA protesters emphasize when they took to the streets in 1986. There is not much significance to EDSA 1 anymore. It didn't bring much hope to our country after 23 years. People Power Revolution isn't the solution to our problems in our country. I think we should help each other as a nation to improve our country.

So that's my opinion. What's yours I'd like to know. If there is another thread like this please remove it then.

i don't think edsa 1 was a mistake... the mistake comes after edsa one... the time when the people thought they can march on the streets carrying stuffs,thinking they can oust or impeach the administration they do not approve of... but during edsa 1, the peoples thoughts were not yet tainted with these kinds of ideas... if edsa 1 had not occurred, we would not have freedom of speech, anyone who goes against the government would go on missing, there will be more rebels since people would go against the government, our debt would reach millions, and millions of dollars... the marcos regime had more demerits than it has plus points... there will be more poverty, more crime, more rebels, and more corruption...
if marcos had been loyal and sincere to the country and its people he wouldn't have pushed through with martial law... a good leadership do not depend on the kind of system in the government but rather on how someone delivers it...
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23 / M / Antarctica
Posted 6/11/09
No, but i think EDSA two was a mistake, if it wasn't for that, PGMA wouldn't be sitting there now, but EDSA 1 had it's disadvantage, i like marcoss since he improved the military and the nation itself...infrastructure and stuff...
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22 / `dunno
Posted 6/11/09
nope not really ..
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28 / M / Philippine
Posted 6/14/09
Edsa is not a mistake, if the Marcos haven't gone out of power at that time, more suffering and corruption might occur. Even I see the significance of the martial law but the problem on that is ...they abuse that power.

Edsa 2 is not considerably a mistake, if Jospeh E. is still on power the economy of our country at that time might gone down deep. He should really be kickout at that time but the main problem is that the people never forsee what should they do next. People appointed PGMA without knowledge what catastrophe she may but then again this must be the punishment we deserve.
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24 / F / toma's cabinet XD
Posted 6/28/09
i guess there's nothing to discuss in this forum.

anyway, why make this kind of forum here in CR. CR is a site for random anime dramas movie and other things in entertainment not more of history or other stuff.

well, anyway you must be a critique when it comes to these kind of things.
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21 / F / everyone's HEART
Posted 7/12/09
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24 / M
Posted 7/13/09 , edited 7/13/09
no, don't blame neither Marcos nor Edsa 1 or 2. I still blame the worldwide colonialism. It's inevitable I know Guess some of you guys read Noli Me Tangere where corruption is widely known.Japanese and Americans made it worst our country is in debt. We mainly borrowed money from them for infrastractures, main transportations, education etc. Our country can't stand on its own feet. Many important inventions were lost which are very important to society. Guess what?, our government didn't do nothing, they leave it out and the other countries take advantage. Look at Japan, South Korea, Germany, or even Thailand now. They basically made a big gamble and made a miracle,but what about us? We made a gamble for a government hoax.Did some of you guys remember the Tasadays?Well I hope, the next president will do good and people don't make another EDSA revolution it's getting old, don't ya think? ^^
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21 / F / butts
Posted 7/25/09
I think it was a mistake.... Although I think it would be better for the purpose of EDSA 1 to be different.... Like, making the whole of Philippines to watch some plain TV!!! And things that you won't think won't hurt anything.... Plus, no more killing of people who try to defy Marcos I mean seriously, he would die eventually. Although, stealing from the Philippines' money is one of the problems these days.... Seriously, they shouldn't have done that, it's for the Philippines and was there to make the Philippines be productive. Not, just to spend for your wife's jewels.

But, during the time of Marcos, Philippines is really progressive. I think one of the most progressive in Asia.... (I don't know.... I wasn't even alive that time.... well daddy was alive that time and always tell stories about olden times)
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anywhere but there
Posted 7/26/09
nah.. hindi mali ang edsa1. ang mali ung mga tao.. kasi hindi itinuloy kung ano yung ipinaglaban nun 1986.

Maraming taong sumisigaw ng pagbabago, maraming taong dinadala ang sigaw sa lansangan. Wala akong himutok sa mga aktibista. Nariyan ang mga tibak para maging mata at boses na naglalayong gumising sa kamalayan ng mga tao. Ang punto di bista ko lang ay ito - lahat ba ng nasa lansangan na nakikipagsigawan e alam kung ano ang ipinaglalaban nila?

Ilan lang ang mga lehitimong pagtitipon sa lansangan. Nakakapanghinayang na maraming taong walang ibang alam kundi dalhin ang lahat ng bagay sa lansangan.

Bat hindi tayo magsimula sa maliit? Bat di tayo magtanong kung anong maitutulong natin?
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26 / F / Philippines
Posted 7/29/09 , edited 7/29/09
i think EDSA1 is great
EDSA 2 is good
EDSA 3 is... wth?!

okay, don't flame me or anything.
it's just what i think.
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31 / M / phillipines manila
Posted 7/29/09
Democracy is democracy politics is politics hmm this world is suck always ni chaos thats why world is no good place
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24 / M / in the middle of...
Posted 7/30/09 , edited 7/30/09
so you think edsa 1 was a mistake...
so you want a "nazi part 2 philippines edition"??
how about marcos' plundering worth $6.78-$13.56 billion...
if edsa 1 wouldn't happen he will be the most corrupt president in the history...
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