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For filipinos, do you think EDSA 1 was a mistake?
Posted 4/26/10 , edited 4/27/10
Hmm... after EDSA 1 what?

1. Bankrupt Nation
2. Corruption
3. Kudeta
4. CARP = Paper (Hacienda Luisita was not even partitioned or affected)
5. Weakened Armed Forces
6. Slums and Squatters become rampant
7. Weakened Nation
8. Main objective of the Revolution was partially realized

Asking me if the revolution was a mistake, it was!
Posted 5/2/10 , edited 5/2/10
TPAM = i agree

BTW Marcos is not the one who's dirty

its his wife IMELDA!! RAWR! :3
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22 / F / dubai
Posted 5/11/10 , edited 5/12/10
I dunnO ~ i dont think i was even born when Edsa 1 was held~^^
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Cassiopeia conste...
Posted 7/20/10 , edited 7/20/10

shiki_2007 wrote:

Well for me in my opinion, I think it was a mistake. I think the Philippines would be better off in martial law or being governed in an iron hand. Well look at the state of our country right now, there is corruption, poverty, terrorism in Mindanao, protests, economic meltdown, impeachment hearings that never end and bickering over at the Senate. There is unrest in our country. If EDSA 1 didn't happen, Marcos didn't get sick, we would have no corruption, less poverty, less crime, no rebels, a great economy. Let's say Marcos didn't steal money from the government we would less of these problems we have in our country. There is no such thing as absolute freedom. Those people like Cory Aquino and the other EDSA protesters emphasize when they took to the streets in 1986. There is not much significance to EDSA 1 anymore. It didn't bring much hope to our country after 23 years. People Power Revolution isn't the solution to our problems in our country. I think we should help each other as a nation to improve our country.

So that's my opinion. What's yours I'd like to know. If there is another thread like this please remove it then.

i kinda agree. (?) during the Marcos Administration, the Philippines wasn't like in the state it is right now. the Martial Law helped(?) the Philippines in some ways too :] like blah blah blah what u js said :]
but Martial Law being was very strict (curfews, military soldiers patrolling streets, ppl banned from meeting[e.g. conspiracy, rebel], can't hold strikes and etc.) no wonder ppl felt like theyre rights were stripped and violated.
personally, i think that Philippines being under Martial Law did good to it some ways, but i dislike the fact that human rights were being violated, ignored, and etc. and Marcos exploiting money from the government funds did not help at all.

Harnett wrote:

i think EDSA 1 was great....

i believe that EDSA 2 was the mistake....

and having EDSA 3 will just be plain excruciating.....

i agree :]

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Posted 10/18/10 , edited 10/18/10
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Posted 7/10/11 , edited 7/10/11
nope... it was to oust the marcos administration(that's what my father said)
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