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Posted 2/26/09 , edited 2/28/09
Here are a few HPDM(Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy) fanfics for those who like the couple. There may be multiple couples, so it's double the fun...
It's long, yes, but it's no the whole list in my fave's. Rejoyce. And remember that this is coming from MY fave's list so it's totally RANDOM. You'll be weirded out completely. Trust me. I won't take it offencively if you think I'm insane X3

A Consorts Loyalty
Black Tears (Don't read unless you tolerate rape, incest)
The Elf Prince's Mate
Honor, Love and Dignity
The Joys of Sexual Education
The Things we Do For Freedom
Hybrid Destiny
Hybrid Legacy
No Other Way But To Love You
Life Renovations
Life Agendas
Twist Of Betrayal
The Golden Apple
Betrayals And Secrets
Hidden Bridges
The Demonic Republic
A Prince's Honor
Phoenix and Unicorn
Unexpected Visit
Change (It's one HELL of a creepy story. Still like it)
Let The Darkness Take You
History's Guardians
Shades Of Truth
Harry Potter, the Guardian and the Sorcerer's Stone
" " " and the Chamber of Secrets
Unexpected Events (incomplete) I'm writing that.

That's all. For now. All these stories can be found on For the people who didn't know.

Oh Yeah, Before I forget, these stories are all very DETAILED. I think at least 90% are. You get to read all the nasty stuff X3
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