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Posted 2/27/09
Now today in WWE some new guys debut and creative team gives them this "Undefeated Streak". This Streak helps them to be pushed into the Big Leagues you don't believe look at Umaga. Now, The Samoan Bulldozer, who is still undefeated at that time, challenged John Cena for the WWE Championship at New Year's Revolution 2007 that's when he suffered his first loss. Ever since that loss his career has been nothing losing to Lashley at WM 23 (Also responsible for Vince's new look) and has racked up Intercontinental Championship Reigns (His FIRST singles title EVER) and d rest is history. But not all undefeated superstars get the same status as Umaga. Look at The Boogeyman he was undefeated but the poblem is he is not being used on TV at dat tym so his streak was very stale (not unlike today in ECW), Ricky Ortiz, seriously where is he these days. Even Umaga is affected by this his character grew stale on Raw that's why Umaga is now on Smackdown. I just hope this doesn't happen to Kozlov when he gets his first loss in Singles Competition so do u guys think that Undefeated Superstars' careers gets heavily affected after their first loss?????
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Posted 2/27/09
Interesting topic on the Streaks guys have tatsuhiro!

-Umaga's Streak helped (along with Estrada as his manager, a mistake to remove him from this role because he was getting over with fans) a character many thought was only workable in the 1990s when you had Hulk Hogan fighting a bunch of stereotypical villains of the time. Umaga works today even on return slowly again from injury as he's got a unique look that is missing in a lot of talent they bring up, and is allowed to run with this look (amazing since again, he can't even promo due to acting like a Samoan monster).

-Lashley FYI is now in MMA since his release, and doing quite well. Who knows, if he too gets good UFC could sign him up too like they did with Brock Lesnar who holds one part of the Heavyweight belt until he faces Frank Mir.

-Boogeyman is simply getting into this way too late into the game to learn properly. Originally he was the guy who lied about his age when they were doing Tough Enough, guys like Booker T took him under his wing when in WWE and he made this grotesque character. Now I'm not a fan of him because his in ring is so sloppy, which I guess makes him stale. Umaga is no superstar in ring but does good enough and puts a lot of effort into his in ring, not just his character.

-Ricky Ortiz is simply green and not very good even with this streak. Also his streak is against weak opposition and only mentioned in spurts. Also when vet Tommy Dreamer is dissing your line "Rally Up" and CM Punk makes fun of your XFL days, you know you're not well liked by the Creative team either so don't expect anymore push than you do on ECW.

-Koslov I hate to tell you is also HORRIBLE in ring, maybe worse than the others. Jarry Jarrett had brought him to Vince to check out before they parted ways over son Jeff and the formation of TNA. Ever since Vince gave him the big push and contract, and even as a legit wrestler he's never gotten things down like selling moves or bumping. He is also an old mold of heel from way back when, but his in ring is so bad he almost ruins any match he's in (Elimination Chamber for example recently) and HHH can't even get a good match out of him. HBK is currently being paired with him on house shows to prep for Monday since the show is live and unlike Smackdown cannot do editing. His streak is still on, but he's done nothing to shape up his in ring aside from the Push Kick.

-Funny other streaks in the past do well and also sometimes get shafted on endings. Goldberg was THE streak to help WCW until creative got stupid and gave Kevin Nash the power to book the ending of it with his taser usage during a match with Scott Hall. TNA is repeating unfortunately those mistakes (Vince Russo writer on both those shows) with Samoa Joe post streak and others. Kurt Angle and HHH had good streaks until losses to Tazz and the Ultimate Warrior and over time had to make themselves into stars. Lashley even had a streak until that was cut short.

-Of course in end we got one huge one that does mean something, maybe more than the titles right now, THE STREAK. I really hope the Undertaker's Wreslemania Undefeated Streak now simply stays that way. I was thinking maybe have a young guy go over to get the push like Orton or Edge back then, but now it's so symbolic of Taker I changed my mind and think he should have it intact forever. NOW I hear they want to match him with HBK which I'm OK, but they also have JBL and Koslov who want in and Creative is getting ideas of a 3 or 4 way match which would suck with those additions due to work rate. On top of that I fear they MIGHT have the streak end without him being pinned or submitted if it's a 3 or 4 way, just cheapening an ending again. Streaks are funny things, the end must be just as beneficial as the beginning, and not some fluke or political move as it usually ends up being. Take care!
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Posted 3/2/09
Some intresting thoughts on the whole streak angles.I agree they can help a guy get over quickly though as possible.

As for what happens after the invitable loss occurs that depends on how the fans react.If you've impressed them enough for example like the Undertaker in his early days they'll stick with you forever.As trigunkwan pointed out though sometimes ending streaks at the wrong time can really screw up your promotion.

Sadly sometimes creative behind the scenes get in the way and the old got nothing for him business occurs.Also you got to look at who the wrestler with the streak beats.Its no good crushing jobbers then losing to a main eventer 1st time of asking.Umaga benifitted in that he went over HBK and HHH before Cena beat him luckely which made people want the rematch at last years rumble.

Anyway thats my two cents on this thread.I'll post some more if any new thoughts come into mind.
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