Night's Winterland
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Posted 2/27/09 , edited 3/15/09
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In the Kingdom of Silverdew, it is said that the Ancient Library holds powerful scripts that contain the world's most powerful and legendary spells. In conjunction, these spells are used to keep Silverdew safe from enemy attacks, as well as, to ensure that the power of the country is kept strong and under control. It was during Silverdew's most peaceful and prosperous time that they arrived.

Known as the "Cult of Shiva", a mysterious group of characters of whom no one has ever seen, these beings entered Silverdew with no opposition, and crept to the chamber of the Queen of Hearts and cast the young queen, Lalia, into a deep sleep.

Years have passed since this horrible event, and still the queen sleeps, while outside, the world darkens. Nobody has ever been able to find a counter-spell that will awaken the queen, but there is a story that has been passed from generation to generation. According to this story, a prophecy was foretold by an ancient seer of Mysidia, the old capital of Silverdew. In this prophacy, it was said that 10 guardians will one day appear and will cast out the Cult of Shiva and finally awaken the Queen of Hearts. The people of Silverdew have never put much faith in this prophecy, but suddenly, things have begun to happen--animals of Light, once expelled by the Darkness, have been spotted in the forests; trees, once withered from sunless skies, now bloom afresh; and the people, once bent over in labor and sick with disease, are standing straighter and becoming healthy. It seems that the time of the prophecy has arrived, but not without the Cult's knowing, however.



Shirayuki, the Night-Mare ~ Guardian of Death and Light
Aria, the Watcher ~ Guardian of Manipulation and of the Skies
Laphina, the Empath ~ Guardian of Emotions
Rika, the Sentinel of Fire ~ Guardian of Fire and Temperance
The Lord (or Lady) of Storms ~ Guardian of Wind, Lightning, and Thunder
The Psychic ~ Guardian of the Future
The Snow Angel ~ Guardian of Winter
The Lady of Life ~ Guardian of the Earth and of Life
The Celestial Maiden ~ Guardian of the Heavens
The Sinless Child ~ Guardian of Darkness


The Shade ~ Follower of Shadows
The Illusionist ~ Follower of Deception
The Stalker ~ Follower of Spies
The Caretaker ~ Follower of Abilities


If you wish to take part in the battle between the 10 Guardians and the Cult of Shiva, please fill out the form below.

Name (your character's name, not your username):
Age (can be any age):
Creature (can be a Guardian or a Follower of Shiva):
Character's History (you don't have to go into detail, just give a basic description):
Special Ability(s):


**A Protector is a being--human, demon, angel, etc.--that is under a Follower's command. ONLY A FOLLOWER MAY HAVE ONE!


I'll start mine...

Name of the Character: Shirayuki
Age: 12
Guardian: Guardian of Light and Death
Personality: Serious and unspeakable, she hates to talk too much. She's very quiet and yet, very cold to others. She's extremely intelligent and makes quick decisions
History of the Character: Shirayuki is a daughter of well-known royal family that was killed at the attack of Cult of Shiva. She's the remaining survivor of the attack, a lucky girl. But unfortunately according to the doctors, she should be already dead because the attack was very powerful for a young age to resist. But it only revealed to her that she can control death.
Special Ability: She can summon her two guardians- a dark Phoenix. She's extremely skilled in both death and light skills and powers. In additional, she can use other people's body as a possession, much like a ghost's skill

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Posted 2/27/09
Name of the Character: Laphina
Age: 15
Guardian: Guardian of Emotions
Personality: Very intelligent, Very kind to all, and if they piss her off, well, bye bye to them. Can be either very talkive or very quite. She cn be her own opposite at times.
History of the Character: A member of the "Cult of Shiva" tried to curse her with eternal misary, but it had a strange effect on her, instead it gave her a gift sumhow and gave her a black heart birthmark. Then it backfired on him, and gave him a long scar along his face. She's been more like a tom-boy ever since she can remeber, and she's always looked up to her dad, strong and brave.
Special Ability: She can read the emotions of others easily, and she can also shift them a bit.
Posted 2/27/09 , edited 2/27/09
Name of the Character: Rika
Age: 15
Guardian: (If you're a guardian, choose anything like guardian of life, etc.): Guardian Of Fire and Temperance.
Personality: serious and stubborn. very protective over her friends. she has alot of self control, and sometimes can help people control themselves. she can have a happy side, but when she shows it its rare. she hides her emotions from others. she is very detirmined though, if she sets her mind to something, theres almost no changing it. shes a complete tom boy.
History of the Character: her whole family was killed in a huge fire, that was caused by the Cult Of Shiva, she barley escaped herself. so now shes alone in the world without family. she learns to control fire so she can protect others from the fate of her family.
Special Ability: alot of fire magics, and can help others gain self control over themselves and their powers if something goes out of control.
Posted 2/27/09
Name of the Character:Aria
Guardian:Guardian of Manipulation and Sky
Personality:She is a quiet girl.She was immature and playful but she is now a serious and emotionless girl.She is a lonely person and have no regrets if she ever killed someone.
History of the Character:Her parents were killed when she was 6.She is still on the run from somebody who is after her blood.Her parents were killed in a fire or rather they were stabbed to death to protect Aria.
Special Ability:She can manipulate people at her own will and can use the Sky.She seems to be able to control Illusions as she has been illusing herself unconsiously by accident more and more often.
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Posted 5/28/09
Guardian:Guardian of the Future
Personality:Silent, observant, intelligent, strong, and fearless, he keeps to the shadows not because he wants to, but to survive. He doesn't show that he cares about what happened so far, but maybe it's because he knows the future.
History:His family tried to kill him at the age of six after finding out his identity. He got away, but was blinded. Six years after, he came back and killed them all. For the last four years, he's been traveling. He likes to use a large sword.
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