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Posted 2/27/09 , edited 7/4/09

Fira Appeared and Kagomi Arrived

Friday 27/02/2009

Otara - tell me what happened to my sister
Ironoside - do you know why I can’t rest today? I wish today was like yesterday
(Otara get ready to shot another arrow)
(Ironoside noticed so he went so fast in front of her, and he caught the arrow)
Ironoside - this won’t work on me girl
Otara - I know that
(and from the ground a wood come out like a tree it was growing up so fast and Ironoside’s legs was captured by that wood and he could not move )
Ironoside - what?
Otara - I am a wood ultimate power user Lv2 and I can't lose in front a kid like you
Ironoside - it’s impossible that I can’t get a ride of wood
(Ironoside draw one of his sword and he cut the wood that entangled his legs)
Otara - not bad but as you observe we are in a forest and the soil is very good and I can attack you anywhere you went
Ironoside - what? You say you can defeat me? hey girl don't be very pleased
(Ironoside draw his second’s sword and attack Otara)
(when Ironoside want to slash her with swords, a piece of wood come toward Ironoside from her body)
Ironoside - oh no
Otara –too late
(it was hard for Ironoside to avoid the attack from Otara so he defend himself with his two sword)
(the wood hit Ironoside swords and push him back .....because the attack was very strong Ironoside couldn't stop it)
(so Ironoside and his swords was shoved’s back with high speed from that attack ...Ironoside’s back hit a tree and he stopped there)
Ironoside - {what is this power? Where did she come from with this power? }
(the wood that attacked Ironoside disappeared )
Otara - so kid speak…tell me what happened there
Ironoside - is this the power of Lv2 Ultimate power user?
Otara - yes answer my question kid
Ironoside - then if I beat you mean I can defeat all Lv2 too?
Otara - you defeat me?
(Ironoside moves himself a little, then he prepares himself for attacking Otara again)
Otara – what are you going to do kid?
Ironoside – you tell me what do you think? You believe I will submit myself to a girl? It’s impossible I rather die to do that
Otara - then I will make you do that
Ironoside - then try
(in one second the trees behind Ironoside moved and caught Ironoside's legs, hand, all his parties were restricted so he couldn't move at all)
Otara - kid this is a forest from wood, in another word this is my best place where I can use my power to fight, I can administer all the trees and do whatever I want with them
Ironoside – so what , the meaning…..?
Otara - means your chance of winning is zero so starts talk .what happened there? Who did that to my sister? Hurry up and tell me
(in this time Kora arrived)
Otara - Kora?
Kora - princess?
Otara - what bring you here Kora?
Kora - I was a little worry about you princess.
Otara - how is my sister?
Kora - I couldn't vanish the ice that was around her as I told you it was Lv3 ice and now I am 100% sure it was Brast attack but something unusual happened
Ironoside -{Brast attack? how he know it ?}
Otara - what happened?
Kora - my master fire showed up
Otara - your master?
Kora - I know my master won’t come to do something without a reason
Otara – umm what do you mean?
Kora - I don't know what happened there but if it’s something that made my master Fire ???? I don't think it’s a normal accident
Otara - you mean something big happened there?
Kora - I don't know but we must be careful, and by the way my master told me he will take care of your sister
Otara - do you think he will be able to remove the ice from my sister’s body?
Kora - if there is one person that can do it, then I’m sure it will be my master. After all he is the strongest man in the world and his fire ultimate power is the strongest in earth now
Ironoside - {so Ren will be ok}
Otara - so what do you think we must do now?
Kora - I don't know
(Kora saw Ironoside that was tied with the wood from the trees)
Kora - is this is the boy who was with little princess?
Otara - yes but he is refusing to talk.
(Kora moved toward Ironoside)
Kora - hey kid what occurred there?
Ironoside - {now after I know what I wanted that Ren is ok I must go} you want to know?
Kora - yes? So ?
(Kora come more near to Ironoside)
Ironoside - {hmmmm how can I skip now? hmmmm ok I know what to do I will attack this man then I will attack Ren's big sister and I will take time and run}
Kora - now inform me
Ironoside - say to your little princess thanks any way
(Ironoside in one second released himself from tree and attacked Kora by his kick)
(then Ironoside looked at Otara and went toward her to attack her too)
Otara - !!!!
(When Ironoside came near Otara)
Ironoside - I am sorry for what happened to her
(but from behind a hand touched Ironoside)
Kora - this is for dare to attack princess. Full Power Fire Attack
(Ironoside body completely burned like wood that charred)
Otara - Kora stop he wasn't going to do that...........
Kora - huh? !!!!!
(Ironoside body completely burned like wood that charred to coal)
Kora - sorry I lost my control when I saw someone will attack you princess
Otara - ....
(in same time Kagomi arrived to the place and she saw his brother Ironoside like burned coal)
Kagomi - oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter11

Writer : Ironoside
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 3/14/09 , edited 3/14/09
oh nooooooo ironoside don't die man do somthing Kagomi baka
cant wait 2 see what will happen in next chapter
Posted 7/4/09 , edited 7/4/09
OH it was a nice much events made me involve on it..but T-T nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don't say he dead man I wished for hime to die when I said shenie on the last chapter , but not real o man hope u will be safe ..Where ur senses gone ...why you wasn't careful about your back ??? ....... Can’t wait to read the next chapter so exciting man..
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Posted 6/15/10 , edited 6/15/10
OH MY GOD ..NOWAY ..u cant die ironoside u cant u cant u cant uUUU CAAANT

wat gonna happen ?/ hmm
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