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Posted 2/27/09
ok here's the basic load down on what u need to know about this group......

Ok 1st:
Yes it's based on the House Night Novels by P.C. Cast
(Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, and currently coming soon Hunted)

It's basically where everyone start off as fledglings(except for professors who are full-blown vampyres)....and what a fledgling is like an almost vampyre but not quite they have not gone through the change(which by the way will most likely happens when ur a 5th or 6th former...) anyways...a fledgling can still eat regular food without really going crazy for blood....they all have a cresent moon on their foreheads that is outlined and not shaded it in(only those who've gone through the change have it shaded in).....

everyone has a special talent or affinity is what you may call it. Tecnically in can be an an affinity for Water or Earth, or for having visions......

everyone at the house of night worship the Goddess of night Nyx....

there is a group called the Dark Daughters in where special alumni are hand selected by The leader and they sorta are in charge of rituals and what not.....they are really important...just picture them as Student Council...

they also have a High Priestess who is sorta like the headmistress with a lot of power....and there's also the High Priestess in Training who is the most powerful fledgling in line for the high priestess.....

school hours are different.....normally you wake up at 8:00 am to go to school and stuff...but we are talking vampyres here so that would basically be bed time for the students....and school hours would be like 8:00 pm and so on...

girls and boys have their own dorms and have a strict rule on curfew and stuff

there is this thing about cats.......instead of you choosing a cat...they choose u to be their master and they follow and protect you and a pet......I will allow dogs too for this case

I think that's all
ok any questions?
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Posted 5/9/09
how big can the cat or dog be are do the have to be small
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