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Posted 2/27/09

ummm... idk y i made this but i was bored sooo i figured i might as well post some a diary on here to amuse myself... feel free to comment or join in wahhahahaha..

Drawings are permitted.. i think??? lol :P

So are comics hee hee hee ^^
Posted 2/27/09
Well let's see how to start this.. hmmm....


Dear Diary,

Today is a fricken boring day, it's been about seven days since i've joined and i've yet to see the creator or anyone else besides Kyoluver23 and SmiileX3 (one hard username to remember.. i think i misspelled it like 4 times lol :P) on here. I wonder where everyone is. Well today is the day of no return. Both the parents in the house are leaving for China or California... hmmm.. i wonder what life will be like w/ no parents. Oh wells. School sucks.. realli boring i hve 5 hours to waste till my classes start and to top it off it's all quizzes and tests today... DWAH >.<... wahahha..

la la la la la la.. well i suppose i cn end it here for the day :P.. (might be on later though)

Signing off WoRlD... HORSE <----

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Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/5/09

Dear Diary,

School life is becoming frustrating as my grades stay the same A,B,C,D,A,A why its like only GOD knos but watever......I decided to put some stuff on the Bored groups page but i dont kno if itll help because there is no group acivity going on at ALL! Heck theres not even any group activity going on in any of my groups the groups i care bout the most tis one n my KH one......though I feel i annoyed because every time i come on CR i feel annoyed n bored because its like there is absolutely NOTHING 2 do except edit groups.

Tats it lot of babbling i did just then but cant do nothing about it!

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Posted 5/18/09
considering what the name of this group is, I dont have to say what i am for me to be here. All my budz seem to be off doing exams or busy so it seems kinda pointless these days to come on C/R. But i keep coming anyway..could be a mental disorder. Writing poems again trying to get back into the anime/drama but all i seem to be doing is reading Manga. That and banging some tunes on the life is to layed back. need challenges lol. have a good time with the rents gone Maj. & yes i am going to say it IM BORED!!!!!!!
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