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Posted 2/28/09
Ok, so I accidentally closed my window f***.

Still alive, guys, so I decided to make another post. Technically, I didn't know what to do with this since the changes that removed most of the videos to be slowly replaced by legal viewing. Somehow my area is not on the 'video available' side, so I'm outcasted as well.

But I'm definitely watching things. Watching. You bathe. Eek. No.

You can find these by asking Google. Which was how I managed to watch them anyway, so don't complain! They are worth the search time!

Korean Movie:
- The good the bad and the weird (The title really sums itself well. It's about 3 men, one's supposed to be bad, one's on the opposite side, so suppose he is good. One's just stuck in the middle and he's weird. Set in the kind of 'cowboy' era, you have the opening scene of that weird guy robbing some rich guy of a strange map. And the bad guy discovers it, suddenly the good appears and everybody fights for the map and the rest of the movie is a football match. Kinda.)

Japanese Drama:
- mei chan no shitsuji (This is SO nice! But maybe I watch too much butler animes that's why I like this so much! You may call this a Japanese fantasy / straight out of manga and anime, because Rihito sama is SO CHARMING i tell you, in this drama! This is currently airing in Japan)

- bloody monday (Isn't new new, but like 08 or 07. It's terrorist and bio-warfare. Plus cute guy who is a great hacker. Do you need more?)

- Kiina (Seemingly idiot girl who dates gross looking nerds and is the JILTED one! She somehow also leads a one man detective team (Uh, later a man was sent to her, so it's really just 1 single man) to solve really really strange cases, using her intuition, emotions, gut feeling, astrology, lack of logic and oh, science. Did I mention she has photographic memory? So she can read 50 books in 2 hours. But that's not true in real life, photographic memory doesn't work like that. I like her voice very much for some reason.)

Korean Drama:
- Gotboda namja (Korean Hana Yori yo! Kim beom is SO HOT I died. Acting on pure lust for young boys, I know, but you definitely got to admit he has the charm. And he isn't even the main guy. If you like to see a very different feel of F4, you should try this. The girl really isn't very pretty, the 'english guy' forgot his name says english all right, just 'Hey man', and 'yo' cos you know, they didn't really focus on his character anyway. Go Jun Pyo (main lead) has a weird name, you will know, and Kim Beom is hot.)

Japanese Variety Show:
- Arashi no Shukudai-kun! (This might be difficult, because I'm watching Chinese subs and I have basic knowledge of Japanese...but hey if you can find this, it's a good way to watch japanese celebs. Of course, arashi hosts this variety show and yeah it's random fun every episode that lasts about 23 mins)
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