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Posted 2/28/09 , edited 2/28/09
Many Years, the Clans have lived in harmony, through out the years, even though some clans have unified with others, limiting contact with others. But recently, there has been very little water, and food for the crops. Many of the farmers have died and recently only the Water, Dark, and Earth Clans have been prosperous. The rumor through out the land is the Dark clan blocked the dam that allowed the river to transfer water through the Fire, Wind, and parts of the Earth clan have soon became deserted.
As a result, many of the farmers and Shinobi have died and many ninjas have been angry because of this.
(This means that the Dark Clan would have the most members because of the Mortality rate!)

Many of the Ninjas have decided to send a complant to the Head Hokages of their clans. As a result, the Hokages recently sent spies to the Dark and Water clans Land. And it turned out that the Rumors WERE true, and that the water WAS being sent to only their clans!

Because of this, all of the Family Clan Leaders are now forced to prepare for war!

The Leading Hokage, is currently sick with a dreadful poison that came from the Dark Clan, Top Ranked Members of the Wind, Water and Fire Clan are now looking for the cause of this. However, she did not know that the fury that passed throughout the lands. But she did know that the famine that swept throughout the lands. As a result each Element Clan now has 350000 yen, out generosity. 300 Sushi rolls for each member. The Lands gradually began to be relieved of their famine, but their anger was not sufficed. They began to prepare for battle, but little did they know that the Dark Clan began to call demons, of unimaginable power...

The war begins soon!
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