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Boys over flowers, Hana yori dango, & Meteor garden
Posted 4/14/10 , edited 4/15/10
There were already 4 versions! Not only 3 since there's already a Chinese version too, if you guys still don't know. From these 4 versions, I think that the Korean version is the one that's really entertaining in many many many ways. And that it has come to the point that I myself saying that this one's got what it takes than the original version which is the Taiwanese.

Ugh, I hope that people would already stopped many another version of this story. I mean the story and the ending just keeps on repeating with just a difference with the twists in the story. ;D
Posted 5/4/10 , edited 5/4/10
meteor garden - realistic, i mean realistic in the way they talk, their conversation is like regular conversation of regular people and the way sancai fights dao ming si, the way they act can happen in real life, not too much animated gestures

hana yori dango - sincere, you can get a lot of lessons from the series and the quotes! yes the QUOTES, very nostalgic. you should watch this if you just broke up with you boyfriend/girlfriend

boys over flowers - fun, it's fun watching this series, the looks the cinematography, the music. i can't stop smiling when watching this i don't know why, i think it's very cute

i don't want to point out the negative side of the version because i think all have flaws but all in all i love all the versions, i'm glad there's a lot of them because the idea of having the same story interpreted by different cultures, i think that's cute
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