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The anime viewing population
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Posted 3/1/09 , edited 3/1/09

foschizzle7 wrote:

EDIT: How about this...

We'll take idiot to mean someone who is just so fanboyish and annoying and they do things that are so obnoxious that the general consensus is that they are an idiot. So, we know that there are many people like that in the world. Not "stupid" people as in lack of mental capabilities, "stupid as in they just refuse to use their mental capabilities.

So, there is a ratio of people like that, to people who aren't like that among those who don't watch anime and those who do. I'm just asking if that ratio is the same in both categories. Basically, is the anime viewing population a normal population? Or is it different? Do fairly intelligent people make the majority or do they not? Think Statistics class if you've had it.

And no, I know you're going to say this, I DON'T think highly of myself. I wouldn't put myself in that category of obnoxious-ness. That's all.

Can you give me an example?

Are you trying to say something such as "vampire knight fans"? (Not saying all of them are)
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