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I'll start

Hi I'm Sochi_Sama010
16 yrs old
junior in High School (11th grade)
very smart , funny , cute , super-super friendly , I LOVE ANIME
i love my two groups : G.M.S.C & PandaAvii soo Join
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My favorite color is cornflower blue. Favorite animals are bunny, cats, and horses. I love to play rpg. Usually in the games i play I am the tank. The little brown bunny with big sword is what i am. That is were i got the nickname bunny. My username came from on of my character's name Eurhin (Eureka + hinata's name). That character was a hybrid of a zebra, ocelot and bunny.
I am friendly, sweet, forgive easily, dependable, happy-go- lucky, positive, cheerful, loyal, protective girl.

Favorite characters of all time:
Hinata (naruto)
Yuiko (loveless)
Kusano (sekerei)
Amu, miki, and Ikuto (shugo chara)
usually i like characters that are similiar to me

want to know more go to my page on my profile
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29 / F / I wonder
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IMLYING2U wrote:


Yea that is enough said lmao
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Hiya Im Bribri-chan ^ ^

Im 19 years old and I am an otaku!!!
Im a freshman in college
Im cute, friendly, silly, and I'll always cheer people up ^ ^
My Fave Colors are:blue, black, purple and silver

ok thats all for now glad to meet evreybodys
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My name is Sophia Bella Crystal ______ <<< last name is unknown to you punks! I'm an age (lol) I'm a bunny girl, but to my owner Andy I'm a kitty! um...........I make AMVs and Aviis (mostly AMVs) I use sony vegas pro. 8, adobe after effects, photoshop CS3, and um Paticle Illusion 3~ I love the colors pink, blue, red, and black (I know..not a real color)

1: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
2: Lucky Star
3: Kuroshitsuji
4: Shugo Chara (doki and first season) AMUTO FTW~~
5: *thinks* idk O.O
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22 / F / Philippines
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User Name: winterkiss18
Why winterkiss18: I made a story entitled Winter Kiss, and I like number 18.
Age: I'm 13.
Birthday: Jan.31, 1996
Nicknames: Ichigo-chan, Mari-chan, Mira-chan, Airi-chan, and Seri-chan
Likes: Anime, Mange, Stuffed Toys, Computer, Friends, Good People, Family, God, Sweets, and etc.
Hates: INSECTS(ALL OF THEM INCLUDING BUTTERFLIES), Evil People, Backstabbers, and etc.
Hobbies: Writing Stories, Making Friends, Sports, Surfing the Net, Reading Manga, Watching Anime, Making Aviis.
Colors: Blue, Green, Lavender, Black, White, and Silver
Numbers: 9 and 18.
Attitude: I can be nice, I can be evil, but surely, I'm moody.
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Hi...Im Alexander call me Alex or Ryan for short ^^
if you want to know more about me Just Click this Spoiler :P

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W E L C O M E N E W M E M B E R S ! ! !

Thanks for joining G.M.S.C
I hope you enjoy our group please help us
Achieve our goals and don't forget to invite your buddies!

- H A V E F U N

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hellooo all new members thanks for
joining G.M.S.C
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hiiiiiii!! i'm angelsforever and i'm awsome! buddy me plz
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