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26 / F / In Your Dreams, B...
Posted 2/28/09 , edited 2/28/09
Write one or two chapters of short stories! Please enjoy!
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26 / F / In Your Dreams, B...
Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/7/09
Ghostly Kisses

One day there was a strange boy at my school. I didn't know who he was and everytime I went to ask someone else who he was they'd call me crazy. The boy was my age with black hair and brown eyes. He was very cute. I couldn't stand the fact I didn't know his name, so I followed him during lunch. He went up to the roof and sat down.
"It's a beautiful day," he said.
"It is," I said.
"You can see me?" he asked.
"Of course," I said. "I'm Yuki. What's your name."
"I'm surprised that someone can see me," he said. "My name's Togi."
"Why are you surprised that I can see you?" I asked.
He smiled. "Not many people can see ghosts."
"You're a ghost?" i asked. "That's so cool!"
"It is?" he said. "Now this is shocking. People who saw me before were all afraid of me."
"Why? Because you're a ghost?" I said. "That's stupid. I think it's cool that I can see and talk to you."
"Really?" he said walking towards me.
"Yes, I love ghost stories," I said. He kissed me. "W-what? Why?"
"I think you're cute," he said. That was the last time I saw him. But one day I hope to see the ghost who share my first kiss!
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Posted 10/23/09 , edited 10/23/09
Crashed Love

One day there was a girl walking down the street. Me and my frens were playing water guns. When suddenly he accidentally squirted her.
"Why did u do that??" she said,
"I'm sorry." he said,
Then they stared in each others eyes and fell in love.
"U have pretty eyes" he said,
"So do u" she said blushing,
Then they did everything together everyday.
Then finally one day I said, " I love you"
She said, "I luv you too" (but she didn't mean it)
In school he saw her kissing another guy. His heart sank. Then she was in the street and a car came. The guy she was kissing was gonna let her get hit. But then.....
Jake said, "LOOK OUT" *then he saved her and his leg got ran over*
When they were in the hospital Jessica felt guilt.
She broke down crying and said, "I didnt even know ur name" in an ashamed sad voice.

Six Weeks Later........

Jake was walkin down the street when Jessica stopped him and said,
"Look can we start over"
"Why? So u can rip my heart out again" Jake said,
"No so i can........." Jessica said,
"So u can what?" Jake said,
*Jessica kissed his lips blushing* "So i can love u"
*Jake blushed and kissed her back*

And they lived happily ever after!!!!!!!
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25 / M / Somewhere quiet a...
Posted 10/23/09 , edited 10/23/09
Fun At The Movies

Last week Ronnie Walsh went to the movies at the Rialto Cinema in Bristol to see "Slumdog Millionaire" but because of two women loudly chatting together who were sitting in the row in front of him, Ronnie was unable to hear the dialogue clearly.
Ronnie leaned forward and said in a stage whisper, 'Excuse me ladies but I can't hear.'
'I should hope not,' stormed the woman, 'this is a private conversation.'
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Posted 12/31/09 , edited 12/31/09
some stories can be long and you never know how long u can write it could be for hours or just an hour and also u never know how many chapters u can write in one day I have written all day before .
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