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Posted 2/28/09
Write long stories here. Enjoy!
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Posted 8/29/09 , edited 11/9/09
(P.S. This actually a real book I'm writing and I just wanted to share what I've done so far. So Please Don't steal! If you want more info on the characters or anything else check my pages on my profile or just pm for extra extra info that I haven't typed up yet)

Shiki Academy
The Elite and Prestigious Shiki Academy is an Academy for the wealthy and talented. It is known for it’s athletic & intellectual ability.

Chapter 1
The New Comers

“Ding” School started , Haru Kawaii is going to be late again. ”Sigh” Well its just the usual for her, being late that is. She pulls open the heavy white doors, and walks in. The principal is standing there, staring at Haru with no forced smile like usual..

“ You’re late again Kawaii-san” Shiki-sensei smirked.
“I said I was going to suspend you if you were late again, but I’ll let you slide today since there are two new students” Shiki-sensei explained.
“Uh huh and what does that have to do with me” Haru questioned.
“Well one of the new students, Yoru Ten-san will be in most of your classes” Shiki-sensei informed.
“Oh ok” Haru replied.

This is going to be interesting we rarely get new students, Haru thought to herself.

Haru’s eyes darted toward the window that let you see into the principals study

There were two boys in there. One had black almost light blue hair, with baby blue eyes. The other had dark brown hair, and dusty blue eyes.

I wonder which is Yoru Ten-kun? Haru thought

Shiki-sensei walked over to her door and asked them to come out.

They now stood in front of Haru, and boy were they tall.

“I have someone I want you two to meet” Shiki-sensei announced. “This is Haru Kawaii-san who is a Sophomore, and will be in your classes Yoru-san” Shiki-sensei gestured.

Shiki-sensei looked at Haru as she was expecting something. Then it hit her! “Oh right” Haru accidentally blurted.

Haru stepped forward toward Yoru-kun and held out her hand. “I hope to be good friends with you, Yoru-kun” Haru chirped with her best smile.

Yoru-kun’s eyes widened in shock, then softened in rapture.

Haru blinked, did he not have many friends before or….she thought before Shiki-sensei cut her thoughts off.

“This is Hare Ten-san who is a Junior and is Yoru-san’s older brother“ Shiki-sensei explained.
“Nice to meet you” Haru shook his hand, but for some reason she just didn’t want to smile at him.

“Now then I will take Hare-san to his class and Haru-san you’ll take Yoru-san to his class” Shiki-sensei ordered.

They watched as Hare-san and Shiki-sensei walked off toward the opposite way they were going to go.

Once they were gone Haru looked up at Yoru-kun. “I think I’ve seen your brother on T.V. before” Haru pondered out loud. “Has he been on T.V.” Haru asked.

“Yeah, he’s on Teenage Life “Yoru-kun exploded with anger and jealousy.

“Oh that T.V. show” Haru began. “I still don’t understand why all the girls love that show! It‘s so….Bleh” Haru criticized in disgust.

Yoru-kun looked like he felt better after Haru said that.

Haru started leading the way toward their class.

I’ve never seen someone with dusty blue eyes Haru thought as she looked up at Yoru-kun’s eyes…

Chapter 2
The Commotion

“Sorry I’m late again, but I brought along a new student” Haru reported as soon as we entered the classroom!

“Please Sit down, Kawaii-san” Requested Aoi-sensei. “Now Class we have a transfer student, Yoru Ten-san who will be joining us” Aoi-sensei Informed everyone.

“Ten” Everyone questioned.
“Are you possibly related to Hare Ten-sama” Aka Hatori-san asked.
”Yes, he is my older brother” Yoru-kun angrily answered!
“Is he attending our school” Aka-san impatiently cooed! “Ye-yes “ Yoru-kun hissed!

“Yay” all the girls cooed while leaving the classroom without permission.

“Well everyone let us ignore the fact there are only three girls left in the class room right now” Aoi-sensei noted.

Haru blinked. Then Sat next to Kakkoii Shiki and in back of Kirai Omoi-san. The only empty seat there was supposed to be was on the other side of Haru.

“Yoru-kun come sit over here” Haru pleaded! Yoru-kun blinked repeatedly, then pointed to himself curiously.
“Me” Yoru-kun asked still pointing to himself.
“Yeah, do you see any other Yoru-kun around” Haru teased!
“Okay” Yoru-kun answered.

“Aaah, Tell us, Please” everyone heard commotion in the front office.
“Beep” “Aoi-sensei we have girls from your class wanting to know what class Hare Ten-san is, do we tell them because they said won’t leave until we tell them” One of the staff impatiently whined through the intercom.

“Just tell them, and ask Shiki-sensei if we can have a free for the students for about an hour or so” Izumi-sensei added.
“Ok Aoi-sensei” “Beep”

“This is going to be a crazier day than usual and that’s for sure” Aoi-sensei cautioned.

“Beep” “Everyone your classes are canceled only if you want for the next hour and a half, also Hare Ten-san will be signing autographs in the front Lobby” Shiki-sensei announced to the whole school. “Beep”

“Well now I can show you around the school Yoru-kun, but lets avoid the front lobby k” Haru nagged.
“Sure” Yoru-kun answered.
“Oh Kakkoii you want to come” Haru asked.
“Nah I’ll Pass I’m gonna go see what crazy things the Kuroi Twins are up to” Kakkoii responded.
”Okay, What about you Kirai-san” Haru asked.
“Sorry Haru-san, I’m going to Tennis Practice” Kirai-san apologized.

“Oh okay, well Yoru-kun lets go, you know what they say Time Fly’s” Haru joked.
“Okay” Yoru-kun replied.

“I want to show you a lot of people but we’re going to have to go past the front Lobby okay” Haru debated.
“Oh okay, but lets not go in the front Lobby” Yoru-kun begged.
“Lets get going then” Haru replied as they started walking in the hall.

As they were getting by the front Lobby they saw Zero Shiki-sempai standing by front Lobby door muttering and glaring .
“Who is that guy” Yoru-kun asked.
“Uh, Well that’s Zero Shiki-sempai, Kakkoii’s older brother, son of the principal, and used to be the most popular guy in school until Ten-san came” Haru observed. “Oh he must be really mad at Hare right now” Yoru-kun observed. Shiki-sempai noticed them.

“Who’s this, and would you care to explain why my mother did not tell me Hare Ten-san was coming to this school” Shiki-sempai complained.
“Hi to you too, and this is Yoru Ten-kun and I don’t know” Haru mocked.
“Oh…..are you his brother, and sorry for the improper greeting” Shiki-sempai apologized.
“It’s okay and I know how you feel about Hare” Yoru-kun agreed.

“Hey Kawaii-chan, what’s up” Ongaku Taiko-sempai asked as he walked up to them.
“Not much” Haru answered.
“My name is Ongaku Taiko, nice to meet you” Taiko-sempai greeted Yoru-kun.
“ It’s nice to meet you too I’m Yoru Ten” Yoru-kun replied.
“Um, Hello I am here too you know Ongaku-kun” Shiki-sempai informed us.
“Zero-kun you and Ten-kun are annoying me with trying to take away my Aka-chan” Taiko-sempai accused as his voice turned evil.
“I think I’ll be taking my leave now” Shiki-sempai muttered as he cautiously walked away.
“Uh is Aka-san your girlfriend “ Yoru-kun asked.
“No but he wishes” Haru answered for Taiko-sempai.
“Oh” Yoru-kun replied.
“What will I do now that Ten-kun is here, more competition, it was already hard enough with just Zero-kun” Taiko-sempai complained!

“Well Taiko-sempai we have to go, see you later” I said slightly bowing my head toward him (Haru does this to respect the upperclassmen, it‘s kind of a rule, well more like it shows high disrespect towards them if you don‘t). Yoru-kun following Haru’s lead did a slightly deeper bow. He did this because they hardly know each other.

“Yo-” Haru paused, what am I doing, calling him by his first name with out asking Haru thought!
“Ten-kun, I’m so sorry for not addressing you properly” Haru sincerely apologizes while bowing her head and back to show how sorry she is.

“It’s alri-”Ten-Kun tried to explain that he liked being called Yoru, then by his last name which was the same as his brother Hare, and he also wanted to ask if he could call her Haru instead of calling her Kawai which means cute, before Haru cut him off.

“Well Ten-kun I think you should meet my brothers, let’s start with Natsu!” Haru exclaims.

Only moments later due to Haru sprinting and pulling Yoru all the way outside to the tennis courts “area“.

“So Ten-kun are you used to going to a wealthy kids kind of school?” Haru curiously asks while catching her breath and walking to a near by tennis court.

“Uh not really , we usually go to a regular public or private school, but our parents expected that Hare wouldn’t be so popular here with all the rich people and pretty famous people too” Ten-kun neutrally replied with a remembering voice and eyes.

“Ah!” Haru pointed. Ten-kun look in the direction Haru was pointing. A tall, Brown haired, guy with golden eyes was serving a ball in the tennis court. “That’s my brother Natsu, looks like he‘s in the middle of a practice game, but it should be over soon” Haru said.

Ten-kun watched the game intently as Haru was doing. The ball was nicely served with a perfect curve. The opponent missed hitting back the ball because of the speed it had. A few serves passed, and very short rallies. Nastu won a clean game 6-0. Natsu walked over to a bench a grabbed a towel. He wiped the sweat from his face, though you could hardly say he worked up a sweat. He picked up a water bottle and took a gulp out of it. He draped the towel on his shoulder.

“Nastu!! Come over here” Haru echoed across the courts.

© Caroline "Defense_Gurl" - All Rights Reserved
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Posted 9/8/09 , edited 9/8/09

I like it! If there is more, please put it on here!
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Posted 11/9/09
Um... I was wondering... is there more?
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Posted 11/9/09

Yuki-kyo-kira wrote:

Um... I was wondering... is there more?

"ah" *Points Up* I added a small paragraph. Sorry I haven't wrote much more. I've been super busy with school and homework.
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Posted 11/9/09

Now I added a bit more than a small paragraph
Posted 4/7/10
The Vampire’s kiss

The year was 1900. It was a time when a race-most despicable and dangerous controlled the world. The race was called P.V. It was short for “Pure blood Vampires”. They took over the whole world by sucking people’s blood. Want to know what happened? This is the world’s story…
My mother kept telling me this story while I was growing up. One day fourteen years ago on a rainy day the ground started to break from underground. Then demons started coming out. Everyone was terrified and ran away. There was a demon that stood out and said:
-We are the royal pure blood vampires from the underground kingdom! I am Lucien 1st –The vampire king!
And with those words the vampires vanished. A couple of days later the king announced that from that day on the new king will be Mister Lucien. The second later the king was killed by the new one. Days passed and King Lucy as they called him wrote new rules for the town. The humans had to sell there children as slaves to get money, but life was actually the same as before. Well all most at least.
Hello everyone I’m Jenny Mascot. Thirteen years old. Next year I am going to be sold to a vampire as a slave. To a duke I think. “A duke” is a title in the demon world for a high class vampire. For a slave the vampires pay a high price to the owners. I had two sisters and a brother, but they were all sold to vampires. I haven’t seen them in three years. Everyday day my mother gives me housework to do so that I can be a good slave. I still go to school though. This was going to be my last year. And it was going to be the last to some of my friends too. Every person was sold at a different age. My oldest sister was sold at the age of 16, my second sister was sold at the age of 17 and my brother was sold at 16 years too, because boys were more wanted. I am going to be sold at fourteen. I was going to be the youngest slave ever to be sold. So let me show you a day in my life.
The date is 1st of March 1900… 07:15 a.m.
-School…I hate school. –I said sighing
The school I was attending was a slave school. In my town there wasn’t an ordinary school that you learn how to use numbers or how to write. We were taught how to clean and stuff like that.
-Jenny, morning! –A girl yelled
-Hello Mandy. How are you today? –I asked her
That’s Mandy Denzel. And she was one of my best friends. Mandy was in my class. Tall 167 and she was 50kg. I was a little taller than her. We knew each other ever since we were babies. Our mothers are good friends.
-So what are the classes today? –She asked me smiling
-I think “moping FB” and “cleaning PR” –I answered
-Like everyday! –We both shouted laughing and walking to the changing room to change into the maid clothes.
-Hey you two don’t shout in the hallway. –A teacher said looking at us
-Sorry Mister Clause. –Both of us said again. We were like twins.
That’s Mister Clause. He was teaching the boys to be servants. Mister Clause is the most popular teacher in the school. Tall, handsome, wearing glasses that made him look really smart and cool. I think he’s around 25 years old without a girlfriend or wife. But every girl in the school was already fallen for him. But I had the Advantage, because he I knew him since I was a little girl. Clause Notre is my brother’s friend, but he wasn’t sold like the other people, because his parents sent him to work really early.
-Get to class before the bell rings you two. –He said to us holding in his right hand his book.
-Yes sir, thank you. –I said smiling
-Oh and Jenny send my regards to you’re parents after school.
-Okay, bye teacher, have a nice day.
-Goodbye ladies.
-You’re so lucky to have known Mister Clause from before! –Mandy whispered in my ear.
-You think so? I’m not sure about that. –I said whispering back to her.
-Of course you idiot. Every girl in the school likes him. You’re lucky.
-If you say so Mandy.
We went to change and the bell rang. We rushed to class in our “uniforms”. A teacher came in and said that the Miss was sick so there will be a substitute. Then she left. The class started talking and whispering.
-Who do you think will teach us now, Jenny? –Mandy asked me
-How should I know…probably the teacher of class B. –I answered her
Then the door opened. It was Mister Clause! We didn’t expect him to be the substitute teacher. The girls went crazy when they saw him. I waved to him and smiled. He saw me and waved back a little. I didn’t mind if it was him, because I knew him, but the others…especially the boys, they hated him because he took over every girl’s heart.
The day went by like any other day. It was just a minute and the bell for the last lesson to end.
-Phew finally the day is over! –Shelly yelled walking with me outside.
Shelly Matson was my second best friend. I really admired her. She was beautiful, smart, tall and the best in my class. The vampire that has bought her must be a great one.
Let me explain. When a family has a new born child they have to tell the king. When they do that they are signed in a document that permits the selling of the child. Two says later the certain family goes to the center of the town with the baby. There every vampire in town has a good look at the child. If one of them wants to buy it they leave a mark on the hand of the baby. Then when it’s time the child to be sold everyone “even the town people” gather around. Then the child that is to be sold raises his or her hand and the vampire that left the mark goes and claims the child. That’s how it goes.
-Yeah. I can’t wait to get home. –Mandy sighed
-I wish that this year would never end. –I said sighing
-Why? –They both asked me
-Well I want to keep being friends with you guys forever. And next year we will be sold.
-We will be friends even after that silly. I will have you two in my heart. –Mandy said smiling.
-Yeah, I’m the same way. So we still will be friends right Jenny? –Shelly asked
-Yes of course! –I yelled and hugged them both.
-Hey Jenny going home? – A male voice yelled towards me
-Huh? Mister Clause. Hello and yes I’m going home. –I said smiling at him
-Can I go with you? We’re the same direction.
-Um…I’m with my friends now and…
-No worries teacher. We were just separating anyway. –Mandy said and she and Shelly ran off.
-Those two… -I sighed -So going home teacher?
-You know you don’t have to call me that when you’re alone.
-Yeah I know, but I just do.
-So next year you’re going to be sold, huh?
-It must be rough when you know that graduation is 1 week a head and New Year is in two days.
-Yeah, but my parents said that there’s nothing to be scared off. The vampire that bought me was a good one.
-I hope so. –Clause said and grinned as we came closer to my house.
-We’re here so good night and see you at school tomorrow. –He said waiving goodbye
-Yes, thank you for walking me home. –I said and went home.
Time passed by like a clock ticks the minutes that pass by. New Year come and went so did the school year. The day for the flower on my right hand to come in use was very near. All of the marks were connected for something. Like the flower on my hand. The vampire that owns me has a leaf on his/hers hand. Mandy has a sun on her hand. Her master must have a moon on theirs. Shelly has rainbow on hers. Her mater must have rain drops on theirs. The day of my birthday had come. It was April 3rd 1900. Today I had to go and be the official maid of some vampire. First I went to my school to get a diploma. Every one of my friends cried for me, even the teachers. I hugged my two best friends tightly and said: “Don’t cry Mandy, Shelly. I’ll be okay.” After that I went home. I hugged my parents and we went off for the center of the town. When we got there I saw many people. For the first time for years I saw my brother and my two sisters. I hugged then tightly. They told me that there’s nothing to be afraid off. They had a wonderful life as servants.
Then King Lucy called my name. All the vampires lined up and I had to walk through, I wanted to see who bought me so much. As I walked I saw a tall and handsome vampire. Around 21 years old. But in vampire years that was 2100 years. I couldn’t see his face though. He was raising his right hand up. On his hand there was a leaf. That was my future vampire master. I ran to him. I saw Mister Clause. Was he my vampire master?! Was he a vampire?!
-Hello there miss maid. –Mister Clause said and laughed -I’m your new master and guardian.
-Mister Notre! –I gasped
-Call me Clause from now on. –He said and kissed the flower on my hand.
-Clause you’re a vampire……?
-Yes. When you were born I had a contract that I would have you as my maid and take care of you. I was your brother’s friend so I did not mind. But when I saw how you grew up into a fine lady I knew that the contract was a wonderful idea.
With those words my breath stopped. I was flattered, but surprised at the same time, because I’d never aspect that Mister Clause was a vampire. Then he suddenly whispered in my ear:
-A kiss from a vampire gives the official start of our “relationship”, did you know that?
-No. –I just said with a blushing face.
Then he kissed me. My first kiss was taken away by the man that I had a crush on for a long time. When he kissed me the mark on my hand disappeared for a second, the second later a leaf was on my hand. Our marks switched. From that day on we lived together. The kiss from a vampire gives power and influence.

The End
Posted 5/24/10
pretty orginal i like your work should keep writing
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23 / F / on the other side
Posted 8/19/10
it is just something i am working on

A moment like this

Everyone wants that moment
That moment when they take the one the one they love forever
Everyone wants a life of joy happiness and love, but for some they can not get that because sly dogs from the shadows come and snatch those things from others.

Isabella Ravenscoft was one of those victim who got there future snatch right out her hands when her fiancé decided to dump her at the alter for her best friend.

Ryan Jack is the president of Fragrance Company his late fate father left him. He had never been in love, well not physically but the truth be told he had always love Isabella but ever since she left town he hadn’t seen her.


‘I can’t believe I am hearing this….you and Chad..?’ I asked sitting down on the floor in my silk wedding dress.
‘Babe…’ Chad said touching me, I flinch and got up.
‘Don’t you babe me Chad…you said you love me, and you Kelly suppose to be my best friend. How could you?’ I cried not knowing if I wanted to hear it or not.
‘I can explain,’ Chad said.
‘Explain… ohhh, go on ahead and explain chad…but don’t expect me to stick up here and hear tat explanation,’ I cried running out the church. That was the last time I was ever going to trust a man…they are deceitful, two timing bastards.

Chapter 1

Ryan sat behind his desk reading and going over the files before he leave. He was tired but he did not want to go to his parents’ house for dinner to hear that long speech about marriage. He finally decided to leave.
It was a two hour drive to his parents’ villa. It was a while since he has been here since his father left. Everyone was having dinner here tonight because it was tradition. Ryan was not the tradition type but he did it because of his family.
When he walked through the door he was greeted by his cousin Kalian and Jordan.
‘Hey cousin….long time no see,’ Jordan said hugging him.
‘Yeah….’ He said taking off his jacket. Everyone was surprise to see him early.
‘Hey there bro,’ André said hitting him on his shoulder telling him that the guys were on the veranda. He went out the sliding door to meet his friends and cousins. Jordan and kalian came as well.
‘I thought you said guys, not half guys and half something else,’ Ryan said taking a seat.
‘Ohhh…hush Ryan,’ Jordan cried.
‘So what’s up with everyone?’ Ryan asked.
‘We were kind of hoping to ask you that Ryan,’ Daniel said.
‘Well I am okay, just tired,’ he said.
‘He doesn’t know guys,’ kalian cried.
‘Know what?’ Ryan asked looking confuse.
‘You will see later,’ kalian said telling them it was time to come in. when they were inside the door bell rang. When Jordan open it he was dumb stuck to see who walked into the door.
River Heights were known to know their neighbors well, but the two persons they know better than anything else was their Ryan Esron Jack and their Isabella Rie Ravenscoft.
She was the last person he expected to see here, in River Heights, he have not seen her in ten years and he was hoping and praying that his eyes were deceiving him because the young lady in front of him was not the Isabella he remembered.

I felt a pain in my stomach after seeing who was there standing staring at me like if I was and a ghost or something. Kalian had told me that he usually comes late so I agreed to come for a little visit. Why did I come back to River Heights? I asked my self, but then the replay of my wedding day came back to memory.
It has been two years since that happen and I had been keeping busy so that I could not think about it, but some how seeing Ryan standing there it came back. I decided that I needed to get over that jackass chad and move on with my life.
‘Bella!!’ kalian cried running to hug me, I hug her tight, I only get to see her when she comes to West Vale on business, and we try to keep in touch and update about each other. She was the only one here who knows about my wedding and the drama that went down in it.
‘Hey kalian,’ I finally said.
‘Hey Isabella, it’s been a while,’ Mrs. Jack said coming to hug me.
‘Yeah I know…busy with work and everything else,’ I said, everyone came to greet me even Ryan.
‘It is nice to see you again Isabella,’ he said stretching out his hands.
‘The same goes for me,’ I said shaking it. His hands were sweaty but I did not pay any mind to it.
‘How is life in West Vale?’ he asked.
‘Good,’ I said. I was not going to go into any details about my West Vale life, not here not now. The last thing I wanted was a bunch of River Heights people in my pot of hot water.
‘The last thing I heard about you was that you became a journalist…’ he said.
‘Yeah,’ I said. ‘I we will catch up some other time…I came here to see kalian before she goes away, bye.’
I walked away from him and went and meet kalian on the veranda. Some part of me wanted to strangle him for being so good looking, and the other wanted to reach out and touch him. What are you saying…guys like him I some of the reason why you did not get married. I told my self and force a smile on my face. I left early because I had a deadline to meet to hand in my next article.

When Ryan got home he took the longest shower ever. He climb into bed but couldn’t sleep, he kept seeing Isabella face when he close his eyes.
‘That can’t be the Isabella he knew’ he mumbled. The girl he knew as Isabella was shy, smart and playful. She used to wear the weirdest set of clothes and he used to look forward to the next day to see what see came up with. She was not the athletic type, she wore glasses and her hair was never let go. Everyone used to trouble her for lots stuff. They used to call her Mary because she was still a virgin at seventeen, they made her do alt of stuff for them and she was never invited to parties only once as a joke, all that was at school because around town she was well known. Ever y store she goes into her name will be called. Her father was a well known man, he was kind and he loved her. When he died she did not come to school for weeks. When she finally decided to come back she was completely different. Her weird clothes became baggy clothes, she kept t o herself only kalian was allowed to talk to her.
When Ryan saw her today he saw a model. Her hair was let loose and when the wind blew the scent that came out was heavenly. She wore designer marked clothing and they looked like if they were made for her. The shape that her body took now was amazing; the curve of her stomach, and her hips in those jeans was just breath taking.
The truth is, Ryan had been in love with the old Isabella, but he never told her because of what went down the day she left. No one knew about her departure to go and live with her grandmother. They started to talk her before she arrived at school, but when she did everyone was shocked of her dress cord and behavior. He could still remember that sunflower dress that was neatly put on and that yellow band in her hair. She looked her dashing in that everyone called her sunshine that day, but they were shocked when they heard she was leaving. He was disappointed because he wanted to carry her to e senior prom.
‘what the hell am I going to do about this…I wanted her a long time ago she walked out on everyone here and now she is back but why… she have a perfect life…why did she choose this year…?’ he kept asking him self but then remembered their class reunion.
‘She can’t be possible here for that …that will a shocker,’ he said then when his mind was at ease he closed his eyes dreaming about that new Isabella Ravenscoft.


Myclass reunion was tonight and I did not know what to wear. I was shocked when I got the invitation directly to the Lady’s Wear fashion building. The truth is that I am a journalist who owns a fashion line and a modeling agency. In my spear time I design clothes but I write regularly. I was busier than anyone in this world, but I did not mind. I took time off of writing, I still design. The article I had to send in the night I left kalian aunt house was for the next modeling showcase for the new design.
I finally decided to wear a white top, jeans and black boots and to top it off a black leather jacket. The invitation said that it was nothing fancy but dress nice. I took a second look in the mirror and inhale slowly.
‘Here goes nothing,’ I said leaving my room and went to the elevator. When I got out front my car was already waiting for me. I took my time a drive because I was not in a hurry to reach the garden the reunion was being held.

Ryan stood by the tree leaning against the wall that was behind it. This garden was the garden that every kid in high school came to have a good time. Kalian was the one to send out the invitation and plan the reunion so he wanted to know why she picked this place.
‘Kalian…why this garden?’ he asked her turning his head to face hers.
‘Because I want Isabella to see the place every kid in our class went to on Fridays,’ she said. Lezzy, Izy and their friends walked up by them. Ryan was not fond of lezzy and izy because they were the one who started the trouble making with Isabella.
‘Isabella is back?’ lezzy asked looking shocked.
‘Don’t look like that…’ Ryan said
‘Look like what….we haven’t seen her for ten years now…’ lezzy said.
‘I wonder if she looks the same and dress the same…..I wonder…’ she stop when she saw Isabella coming towards them. Ryan was shocked, not by her presence but by her attire. He couldn’t believe his eyes….she did look like a model, not just any model one for Lady’s Wear Agencies’
‘Hi…kalian…and everyone else,’ I said coming up to them. Everyone just stared at me like if I was a ghost
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